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Bigger is not better

October 1st, 2009 · 29 Comments · breakfast, comfort foods, eggs, oats, polenta, sandwich, snacks

My title refers to clothes! This morning I got dressed; the forecast was low 60’s so I thought it was appropriate to wear some long pants (during the warmer weather months, I mostly sported capris, skirts and dresses). I reached into my closet and found a pair of pants I haven’t worn for a while. These used to be one of my favorite pairs because I felt thin in them.  Today – they were baggy, embarrassingly baggy. I’ve about maintained my weight for the past year and a half. These pants were purchased at some point during that time. When did they become baggy? Sometimes baggy = relaxed. When it’s paired with heels for work, baggy = tired and frumpy. Instead of feeling skinny because my pants were too big, I wanted to hide in my cube because I felt like a little girl playing in my mom’s closet. These pictures don’t truly show how laughably big my pants were. Adam called them clown pants!

IMG_7415 IMG_7416

What I found interesting is that despite feeling uncomfortable in my big pants, I am hesitant to put them in the donation bin. They are only 1 size larger than I am today! What if I gain a few pounds? If you’ve lost weight before, did you hold on to your old clothes or got rid of them as soon as they got too big? I got rid of pants that were several sizes too big, but these ones I’m struggling with… even though I feel like I’ve reached my comfortable weight (i.e. I stopped dieting and am maintaining this weight with little effort)!


Banana oats with white chocolate chips, almonds, pecans, raisins and cranberries + coffee



Warm and creamy. I gave a taste to Adam because this bowl was just extra good and he said he wanted me to make oats for him next time :)


Turkey/laughing cow/grape sammie on Nature’s Pride whole wheat + carrot sticks


The combo of creamy cheese, slightly salty turkey and super sweet grapes was divine. All of you non-vegetarians must try this sandwich!!!!



Oikos + 1/2 banana + Nature’s Path Heritage cereal (unpictured – added the cereal last minute at my desk)


Chocolate chip z-bar


100 calorie almonds pack



I haven’t had time to hit the gym again (work 👿 ) so making a healthy dinner was the only way I could “treat” myself. I followed this recipe for parmesan polenta with eggs and roasted mushrooms.  This dinner took a lot longer than the promised 20 minutes (could be my sloooow oven and only 2 burners), but it was really worth it!!! This is comfort food for me.


I am really obsessed with mushrooms and their woodsy flavor paired so nicely with the creamy cheesy polenta. We only had 1 egg left, so I decided to add shrimp to Adam’s dinner. While I was cooking the shrimp, I forgot about my egg and it cooked a little too long. No runny egg. :( I bet it would have really tied everything together. In any case, I LOVED my dinner (Adam just liked it) 😀


After dinner I watched the Biggest Loser (ok, I totally understand now who Jillian referred to as the devil… she clearly hates this girl!!!) and ate some pecans and 2 Kashi cookies. I didn’t need those; I just really wanted this food for the taste of it. I went to bed feeling quite guilty, although I know it wasn’t really about the nuts or cookies but rather a combination of feeling bluh all day (boo baggy pants), being hungry all day (I fed myself healthy snacks to remedy that), skipping the gym (need to make it a priority no matter what!) and then eating when not hungry. Every time I feel like I lose a good amount of weight and start feeling good about my body, I begin to gain. I think I felt guilty because I was scared.

How do you dress? Do baggy clothes comfort you or do you like to show off your curves?

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  • #1 - Eve

    I say get rid of the pants! I have my clients donate all clothing that becomes too big, and they find this very useful. It’s closing the chapter on the old you and not “allowing” yourself to feel like you can be that size again.

  • #2 - Kirsten

    I keep things that are big and I never wear- I’m a clothing packrat and it drives me insane!

  • #3 - Madeline @ GreensandJeans

    I sound like Kirsten, I keep everything! I break out the baggies every once in awhile, but I generally tend to wear clothes that “fit.”

  • #4 - Shelly

    Oh, the great pants conundrum! I have a problem with pants b/c I am generally in between sizes- where one size is too small and the next one is too big. I attribute this to the fact that I have small hips and an undefined waist (My figure can’t be classified as boyish though b/c my boobs are disproportionately large for my frame- I feel like most clothes look pretty strange on me, haha!). Then, if I gain weight, I tend to gain enough that I go up a full size- as in, the formerly too big size is too small but the next up size is too large. Yeesh! I’ve resigned myself to poorly fitting pants. :)
    I tend to give away my clothes that are too big unless they are particularly nice, in which case, I get my mom to help me tailor them. (We both sew, but it’s hard to pin something for alterations on oneself.)
    Right now I got a bunch of hand me down pants (and 1 pair I got a great deal on a TJ Maxx that are a size too big) that I am wearing baggy just b/c I need new pants and haven’t had a chance to visit my mom- but in general I think baggy pants make me look a size bigger. I’m wearing a pair today with a fitted top anyway though.
    I like the comfortable feeling of not having my clothes feel tight, but I recognize that they would look better and more slimming if they were fitted.

  • #5 - Christina

    I just went through the same thing having lost 2 sizes over a year ago – I FINALLY got rid of my baggy clothes and treated myself to a serious shopping trip! I ended up donating my old clothes to Goodwill which made me feel better than just throwing them away.

  • #6 - Molly

    Ah, the pants…

    I am peeking at your photo and your apartment looks beautiful!!

  • #7 - Deb

    Oh you skinny Minny! Donate the pants. They are not flattering to you any longer. There’s another pair out there somewhere you will love just as much, if not more. What is important is that your body is at a happy weight and that you are also happy with that weight!

  • #8 - Betsy

    Yay for too-big pants! I usually hang on to clothes that I pay a lot of $ for. My friends and I get together every few months and do a clothes-exchange. It’s really fun!

    Otherwise, if I do have something so big I can’t wear it then I donate it to charity. But only after I KNOW that I will never wear those pants again (usually I am in shock a good 2-3 months before I realize I am down a size).

    Love your oatmeal bowl!

    Are you excited for the race? I am but don’t feel *that* ready!

  • #9 - angieinatlanta

    I had trouble giving away old clothes after my weight loss as well. I really had to confront my fear of gaining all the weight back. But I eventually did and once I cleared out my closet, I felt AMAZING – clear-headed and unburdened. I really think my “fat” clothes were holding me back!

  • #10 - Heather

    I had a similar issue with pants…I recently lost some weight and was worried about buying the next size down because “what if I gain the weight again?” I not only would have spent the money, but it could make me feel defeated and depressed. I bit the bullet and got the pants. I love wearing them! They make me feel so proud of what I have accomplished.

  • #11 - Rose

    It’s amazing how fitted clothes can make such a difference!

  • #12 - Valerie (College Girl Eats)

    Every few months I do a complete sweep of my closet and get rid of the things that are too big. Even if it’s only one size, I don’t want to have them as a safety! I always feel a lot more confident in more fitted clothing anyways!

  • #13 - Diana

    I definitely like to show off my curves. And it just looks better.

    I’ve lost a pretty big amount of weight and I’ve recently reached a point where I have no clothes! Everything’s baggy! I actually went shopping today because I needed new pants asap. ahaha

    I definitely need to clean my closet and see what I’ll do with some of those clothes!

  • #14 - One Healthy Apple

    I have about 3 sizes in my closet and I’m terrible at getting rid of clothes that don’t fit because I have yo-yo’d for so long! I am actually wearing terribly ill-fitting pants today and my hubby definitely noticed.

    I have started to purge older clothing and will move on to the sizes next! I have always had a hard time with showing off my curves, but I agree with wearing clothes that fit!

  • #15 - chandra

    When I moved back in November I finally cleaned out all my clothes from my heavier days… with the exception of a couple pairs of jeans that kind of still fit.. but I have not worn them at all. I don’t usually like my clothes to be baggy, especially work pants (I have your above issue with my favorite pair of khakis but refuse to donate them because I can’t find another pair!)… but jeans I sometimes like a little looser, especially if I’m having one of “those” days where I just feel bloated and like I gained 10lbs over night. lol

    And I definitely hate baggy shirts… This reminds me, I need winter clothes BAD… lol

  • #16 - Alison

    I’m more comfortable in baggy clothes, but I don’t like when baggy clothes make me look frumpy.
    I tend to hold on to things. It’s hard to give away my old Size 0/2 jeans that still look great even though I never will (and never should) be that thin again.

  • #17 - Kyo

    I got rid of most of my big clothes (I first typed “pig clothes”… ) but I still wear clothes that are two to three sizes too big. I don’t mind baggy pants, even though I would prefer something that fits, but I really hate baggy shirts… they make me feel like a boy. :(

    I would probably donate the clothes that are too big can’t afford to buy anything to replace it.

  • #18 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    I like to wear clothes that fit well. I think it makes me feel more grown up, alert, and professional to dress like that. But I do love some baggy weekend jeans!

  • #19 - Tiffany

    I like my clothes to fit, which is difficult to do for the most part because of how I’m shaped. Short-waisted, big-busted, and 5’2″ does not always equal fashionista success, but on the rare days when I find a size 6-short, I’m ecstatic. And I’m really over the moon if I can fit my chest in a reasonably cute shirt.

    But I’m not gonna lie; right now I’m in my super baggy flannel pajama pants, and no matter how you cut it, no piece of clothing in existence is more comfy than those.

  • #20 - Shannon

    I don’t like wearing baggy things. I had a similar day last year where I felt really uncomfortable all day in my baggy pants. I donated those. But I have saved some nicer pants (being kindly stored in my childhood bedroom by my mom!). After I have kids, I may be glad I have some clothes in the next size up. But any clothes that are several sizes too big have been donated.

    Congrats on finding that “happy weight”!

  • #21 - sister inna

    oyyy that polenta looks soo good. i’ll take your word over adam’s hehe 😉

  • #22 - Elina

    Thanks all for your comments. I think I’ve decided to donate those pants. It’s good to move on 😀

  • #23 - sara

    I tend to hold on to clothing for too long and then always feel better when I give it away. I think it is a good choice to get rid of the pants, you don”t need them anymore. I feel so much better when I am wearing clothes that fit me properly, it is funny how sometimes the clothes you are wearing can set the tone for your whole day.

  • #24 - Bridget

    Usually I love that feeling (clothes too big) but yeah it sucks with clothes you really like!

  • #25 - Kelly

    I have a range of clothes in my closet. Thankfully even though I put on more weight (which I am now trying to lose) so I am bigger than I was in my skinny days I can still fit into most of my clothes. But I still have my “fat” jeans and “skinny” jeans.

  • #26 - Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    I know how the baggy pants thing feels! I finally gave away a big pile of the stuff that was just ridiculous looking, but I did hang on to a couple things that are still a size bigger than I’ve been wearing, mostly because I can’t afford new clothes. At this point, if it stays up, it stays in the closet! I don’t want to slide into frumpiness, but the side effect of wearing bigger clothes is that I’m not as comfortable in the form-fitting stuff that fits me properly. As much as I love cute clothes, I love being comfortable more!

  • #27 - Being bullied into PT

    […] Bigger is not better […]

  • #28 - EatingRD

    I find it hard to get rid of clothes that I don’t wear anymore and I don’t know why. Maybe because that is money that I can’t really get back? I’d say if they are baggy, bag ’em! Especially if you don’t feel confident in them, you should be so proud!!
    I love mushrooms too, what a great meal you made. I’ve also made a smoky mushroom polenta casserole that you would like and topped it with a runny egg :) Great minds think alike!
    So glad you liked the lemon pasta :)

  • #29 - Lara (Thinspired)

    I know what you mean about the big pants. I have kept most of mine, even though they look like clown pants. I don’t know, there is some comfort in keeping them. Maybe it’s time to let them go. Thanks for getting me thinking 😉
    In general, I try to wear clothes that fit but aren’t too tight. I just get uncomfortable either way (too big or too small). It makes it hard since my weight fluctuates a lot!