Apple picking at Smolak Farms 2009 + lack of planning = bad food choices

I can’t believe the weekend has come to an end… and that also means I officially have 6 days left until the B.A.A. half marathon!! At advice of an athlete co-worker, I resisted the urge to do another double digit run this weekend and ended up doing a 9 mile run on a VERY rainy Saturday morning. The run was pleasurable because I found a new running buddy – Kirstin! Over the past few days I met FOUR people that are running the same Boston half as I am, and finding Kirstin could not come at a better time. My beloved running buddy Molly was out of town, and I thought I’d have to do a long run on my own for the first time in months. Maybe it would have been good given that I’ll likely run the race on my own (and certainly there will not be any chatting even if Molly does end up running by my side!) but the rain was so miserable on Saturday morning that I was extremely happy to have someone else there. Kirstin and I felt pretty hardcore running in the rain. Random strangers commented on our dedication as we were flying by them. That’s right!! 😉 We averaged around a 10 minute mile again (chatting really slows you down but makes the experience so fun that I think it’s 100% worth it!). I hope to do better on the actual race day. We’ll see :)


When I received the Nature’s Pride bread, french toast was the first thing that came to mind. Unfortunately during the work week such breakfast appeared to be out of reach, so I decided that Sunday’s breakfast had to be french toast. Amazingly, this only took minutes, so perhaps you’ll be seeing french toast for breakfast on weekdays soon :)

I was disappointed to find out this morning that we ran out of milk. Nooo, I have to have french toast today!! I improvised, and whisked 1 egg with some cranberry juice and cinnamon powder for dipping. Perfect! I couldn’t really taste the cranberry juice but it seemed to add more body to the egg than I’m sure water would. Toppings included TJ’s nonfat European Style yogurt, local fresh raspberries, the last of the nutty topping and a drizzle of pure maple syrup.


This really is a great way to start a Sunday morning! 😀


And then I was off to apple pick!!! Man, I was excited about this one. I haven’t been buying apples just in anticipation of this trip. I wanted these to be my very first apples of the season. So glad the rain held off (actually the weather was absolutely gorgeous to everyone’s surprise!). We ended up going to the same place as last year (can’t believe I was blogging then!!) – Smolak Farms. Let the apple picking adventures begin…


We were at first disappointed with the apple selection. It seemed that they were all GONE. We purchased our bags and were ready to fill them, but the apples were hiding. Oh here they are… 😀



I look pretty hardcore with my rain boots and the reaching stick, no? 😉


After stuffing our bags with delicious apples (you better believe I was sampling the goods while picking!), we went to the farm’s store. I was absolutely starving by this point (it was probably 5-6 hours after breakfast?) so the baked goods looked particularly appetizing. I was convinced to try my first cider donut, but they didn’t have any warm ones and I was told the cold ones “were not worth it”. Too bad, I was ready to be blown away. Have you ever had cider donuts?



I ended up buying a giant pumpkin whoopie pie (which I ate on the car ride home) and a small apple cider (saved for cooking later in the week).


Oh did I mention who I went apple picking with? Jeez, my manners…

From left to right: Kelly, Rebecca, Shannon, moi, Katy, Lauren, Kerstin, Nicole. Kelly’s boyfriend and Kerstin’s husband came too. They were awesome at climbing trees and helping us reach for those high up apples. Good sports 😀


After a fun time of apple picking, the only thing I wanted was… FOOD! Katy and I were both starving at this point, so we hit up a local pizza joint, Bostone Pizza, for a few slices (did I just say that a pizza place on Newbury street was a local joint?! I love our new condo location!!!!!)

Potato bacon chicken ranch + spinach slices (I ate 1/2 of each)


This is their best seller for a reason – creamy, rich, delicious perfection. It could use more veggies though (and I’m not counting potato as a veggie!) 😉


The spinach slice was actually very spinachy. Kind of fun. Still no health food, that’s for sure :(



I was lazy, so I had some leftover bi bim bop with tofu and edamame from Friday night for dinner (I know, I haven’t posted about that one yet…).


+ strawberry cheesecake (which reminds me – last day to enter the cookie mix giveaway!!)


I also ate a bunch of chocolate covered almonds and salty sommersaults. Basically I was tired and had no desire to go grocery shopping to make a healthier dinner, and then I was bored and ate a bunch of junk. Poor planning = bad food choices. 😳 Tomorrow is a new day!

I am still not even close to being done telling you about my weekend. It was so action packed and I loved every minute of it, including some relaxing at home while my husband was away, even if it included a few unnecessary snacks :) I’m not gonna lie though, I could definitely use a day of relaxation after this weekend. Do I really need to go back to work tomorrow?!! 😉

Have you ever gone apple picking or any other fruit/veggie picking? What’s your favorite? I really loved blueberry picking but today’s apple picking really got me in the mood for fall so that made me very happy :mrgreen:

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20 comments to Apple picking at Smolak Farms 2009 + lack of planning = bad food choices

  • I love blueberry picking, that’s my favorite because it is one of my favorite fruits!

    We are going to go apple picking this year. And hot cider donuts are amazing! Fresh, soft and yet with a crips exterior and melt in your mouth goodness. My, my, my….

  • Hah I made Nature’s Path french toast this morning too!

  • I have had some great adventures apple picking, but one summer I was staying in Port Townsend, WA and we had raspberry bushes right outside of our door and eating fresh raspberries every day was AMAZING!

    I always feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

  • That looks exactly like the french toast I had at Gaslight yesterday! Sounds like a great rest of the weekend – I can’t wait for Saturday!

  • I love apple picking! I went last weekend and it’s one of my favorite fall traditions! Looks like a great day! (I love the rain boots!)

  • It looks like you ladies had a great time despite the cold donuts! I hope to join you next time 😉 P.S. I can’t wait to see what you do with the apples.

  • Great recap of the picking. I still need to put that free bread to good use, besides making lame hummus and pickle sandwiches.

  • don’t beat yourself up over the food, it happens and lucky you that your body now burns calories so well because of your great muscle!!

    good call on sticking to 9 miles, you want fresh legs

  • I LOVE APPLE PICKING!!!! The Mister and I are going super soon and I cannot wait!

  • sister inna

    i have been buggin Derek to take me apple picking for YEARS. this post will help me convince him ( hopefully hehe) so thanks!
    I had bi bim bop for the first time this weekend and it was aweeesssoooomeeeee

  • I picked raspberries once as a kid but I really wish I could do it again. That looks like it was a ton of fun!

  • Nae

    Oh wow! I think we’re both running halfs on the same day :) I bet it’s nice having running partners. I’ve never actually ran with anyone else! Does it help your training?

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  • That French toast is my kind of breakfast – yum!

    It was so great meeting you this weekend and I can’t wait to see what you make with all your apples :)

  • Tiffany

    That looks so fun! I want to go apple picking; I haven’t been since I was really young and in a church youthgroup (so it really has been years, lol). There’s something really sweet and relaxing about apple picking, drinking hot cider, and eating a doughnut. Mmmmm.

    Off topic: I totally have the shirt you’re wearing, lol.

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  • Elina

    Kelly – hummus + pickle sandwiches sound yummy :)

    Amanda – I think I heard your voice during my run yesterday when I was trying to be a speedy hero. I heard “You want to have fresh legs!!” So I slowed down. How stupid would it be to get injured days before the race on a short run? Thanks for reminding me to be smart!! 😀

    Innz – glad you tried bi bim bop. It’s definitely one of my favorite Korean dishes! Oh and I think D would actually like apple picking!

    Nae – running with a buddy is SO MUCH FUN!! We just chat the entire time and time flies. You should try to find someone. Seriously it makes a huge difference!!!

    Kerstin – it was great meeting you too :mrgreen: I hope I actually get a minute to bake. For now the apples are quickly disappearing just on their own 😉

    Tiffany – apple picking IS pretty relaxing. I think I may try to go one more time to a small organic farm I just found. Wanna come? :)

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  • Aw, you look so cute apple picking in your boots!
    Sorry for the comment overload..I am just catching up! I had 14 posts from you to read! 😉


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