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A break is right around the corner

October 27th, 2009 · 31 Comments · dessert, pizza, random favorites, sandwich, snacks, turkey

Adam and I booked an impromptu mini-vacation last night! Tomorrow I really hope to finish the report I’ve been working on (the last for this month… of course I have more stuff next month) and I feel burnt out! These long days have been killing me but I hope they are behind me (at least in the short term). I found out that I get Veteran’s Day off at work, which is on a Wednesday this year, so I’m taking Monday and Tuesday vacation and we’re going to Texas!!! Oh, did I mention we’re going next Friday?!! I am overdue for a vacation – this is beyond exciting!!!!

Ok, so here is where I need your help. We chose to go to Austin and San Antonio because we’ve never been and it’s going to be warm (and it’s relatively cheap). The problem is – we know nothing about these 2 cities!! What are you supposed to do there? Are there any amazing restaurants that just can’t be missed? I already know we’re going to the largest Whole Foods in the country – that, in my view, cannot be missed! 😉 Help! :mrgreen:

Thank you all for your comments on my previous post about making exercise a priority. I woke up this morning with a food hangover and just wanted to stay in my pj’s and eat all day. The food hangover/stomachache continued through the morning, and I almost skipped the gym and went to the Paradise Bakery instead 👿 Do you ever get in this kind of rut when you skip a workout and eat too much, and all of a sudden that’s all that you want to keep doing? This happens to me, and it’s not because I like it – the opposite actually. I feel gross and I guess I feel continuing this seems appropriate. So I almost chose to continue the mad cycle. Instead I remembered my own words (and your comments) and made sure to make it on time to a crazy hardcore abs + bootcamp class. Ask, Coco, we were both dying in the class… in a good way 😉 I loved every minute of it and was just glowing for the rest of the afternoon! I love you, exercise!! 😀


Banana oats with raisins and trail mix (cranberries, white choc chips, almonds and pecans)

IMG_7699 IMG_7700


100 calorie pack of almonds and walnuts


This is my new find. It’s really perfect for me because um, apparently someone (hint: me 😆 ) has been eating more than 100 calories’ worth of nuts lately. Yeah, portion control is good! 😀



Turkey, avocado and fresh mozzarella on whole wheat toast + snap peas and grapes. Yum! :)



A low fat rocky road cookie I received in a package today from 24carrot. Thank you!!!


This cookie is GIANT… I really can’t believe it’s only 170 calories. No really, I think they are lying on that nutritional label!


The cookie got damaged in the mail and was very crumbly, but the crumbles were SO good! It was like a brownie (yes, a healthy brownie but a yummy one) with lots of nuts and mini marshmallows. I loved the nuts. I’d buy this cookie for sure if I could trust those nutritionals. 24carrot sent me 3 other cookies, all the same size and from the same company (I think), and 2 of them said they were 2 servings and 2 said they were 1 serving – and all were roughly the same amount of calories/serving. Hmm. If it is indeed only 170 cals, this is possibly my new favorite healthy dessert! 😀 Edited to add: I looked at the other 2 cookies and they’re full fat, which would explain the discrepancy. I think I need to invest in a box of these babies :mrgreen:


Another new find – Smart Food chocolate cookie caramel pecan popcorn clusters


These were quite delicious. If you love sweet popcorn, you will love these… and the ingredients are 100% natural. Excellent. I’d still pick a baked good (or the above cookie) for a snack any day, but this is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without consuming a lot of calories (this bag was 130).



I left early today (6:45 pm!) which meant I could make dinner at home! Whoa, that’s a new concept these days. This Mediterranean inspired wrap pizza ended up being the highlight of today’s eats (except for the cookie… that was good too… ok, a tie it is)! This is a whole wheat tortilla with 2T sabra hummus, lite shredded cheese, roasted red peppers, goat cheese and zaatar. All ingredients except for zaatar are from TJ’s. Toast the wrap for a bit before adding the toppings, then toast the rest until it’s at your preferred level of crispiness. Voila!


Made me and my belly beyond happy 😀


Perfectly crispy… and disappearing fast 😉


Great eats today! 😀 Oh I just remembered, I’m going on vacation… I’m going on vacation!!!! If you’ve been or live in Austin or San Antonio, don’t be shy, comment here and share with us the cities’ gems! 😎

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  • #1 - Ali

    Yay for a well deserved vaca! I think you have some new addicted readers from BHAC :)
    I’d love to have you come to Thanksgiving day class- see if you can drag the hubby too :)
    Have a great trip and I’ll see you soon!

  • #2 - Ally

    Oh I ALWAYS get in the rut of “yesterday sucked, today may as well suck too.” It’s so hard to make yourself eat well and exercise when you feel so full, bloated, lazy, and gross.

    In my experience if I feel like this I *have* to start the day off with a super-healthy breakfast. I can’t have even one sort of ‘trigger’ food because it’ll just escalate (this means not even a smidge of peanut butter on some toast!)

    But man, is it ever hard to eat a bowl of oats and yoghurt and go to the gym when all you want to do is watch movies and eat chocolate…

  • #3 - Melissa S.

    i’m in tx now but i know nothing about san antonio and am going there for a race in two weeks! i can’t wait to see what suggestions you get!

    and you totally deserve the vaca! i hope you have a blast!

  • #4 - Lele

    I looooooooove zaatar! Where do you find it in Boston?

  • #5 - Kelly

    Yay for vacations. I’ve never been to San Antonio or Austin but I’ve heard tremendous things about Austin so I am sure you will love it. I’ve heard the food is great and have always wanted to go. You’ll also have to make a pit stop at the Whole Foods flagship store.

  • #6 - Kerstin

    Yay for a well deserved vacation – hope you have fun planning! Love your little pizza with hummus and goat cheese – yum!

  • #7 - Shannon

    Yeah!! A well deserved vacation! I wish I had suggestions for you, but I’ve never been.

    Good for you for making today a healthy day. I definitely have found myself in ruts before. When I have eaten too much and am disappointed in myself, and the day ahead is nothing I am looking forward to, I just crave more sugar. I suppose I want to wallow in my disappointment in myself and in the day ahead. It takes extra effort to decide that I won’t give in. Fortunately, nowadays, when I do overindulge and feel this way I am almost always able to get myself back on track immediately. But it sure does take effort. A vacation is going to help a lot!!

  • #8 - Kirsten

    That trip sounds awesome! I’ve heard great things about both cities :)

  • #9 - Tiffany

    Kyle raves about San Antonio. He says it’s one of the coolest cities he’s ever been to within the US. In fact, we keep talking about an mini-vacation there ourselves because he wants me to see it so badly!

    I hear there’s an amazing riverwalk in San Antonio that isn’t to be missed. And you obviously can’t go wrong with Mexican food while you’re there, so I assume you can pick one of any dozen restaurants and you’ll be golden! :)

    I know nothing about Austin. I’ve never been to that part of Texas.

  • #10 - Lauren

    Impromptu vacations are so much fun! I’ll email you my brother’s (and his wife’s) email addresses… they live in Austin and are sure to have plenty of recommendations.

    That cookie looks amazing!

  • #11 - Jac

    My sister & brother-in-law live in Austin – it’s a really great city! There are tons of great restaurants & places to hear great music. I’ve also been to San Antonio – I suggest meandering along the River Walk – more great restaurants & overall beautiful area.

  • #12 - Amy

    Hi There! Just wanted to leave a few quickie suggestions for San Antonio and Austin. I lived in SA for 8 years, and now living in Austin. In SA, you’ll definitely have to check out the Riverwalk and the Alamo. There are plenty of cool lil Tex-Mex restaurants all over the city, but if you plan on staying downtown, try out Mi Tierra’s.

    Austin is by far my fave city in Texas. There is the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike trail that you will enjoy running on. There’s the famous (or infamous, whichever you prefer) 6th Street where you can find bar, clubs, and live music every night of the week. The new 2nd St district has some great restaurants and much more mellow, so is the warehouse district (4th) and the patio district (W 6th). South Congress has great lil boutiques and restaurants as well.

  • #13 - MelissaNibbles

    The vacation sounds fun. I’ve never been to Texas, but have always wanted to visit. I can’t wait to see your recap when you return.

    Great job getting back on track!

  • #14 - Madeline @ GreensandJeans

    My best friend is from Austin and I used to go down for a couple of weeks during our winter break. I definitely ditto the Lady Bird Lake hike and Whole Foods mothership (it’s huge!). You need to dig into some great tex-mex while you’re there (not the most healthy, but freaking delicious. Chewy’s is one of the most famous, but there are a lot of great ones. I’ll ask Margaret the name of the great vegetarian restaurant we would always go to. You guys are going to have a blast!

  • #15 - kat

    I also live in Austin and you will have a blast! I definitely suggest South Congress Cafe for brunch (or any meal actually!), Trudy’s for a Mexican Martini, The Driskill Hotel for drinks or a fancy meal, Casa De Luz for some delicious macrobiotic eats, Magnolia Cafe for breakfast and diner food, the list could go on for miles! If there’s one thing Austin does not lack it’s decent restaurants!

    If you are into museums I suggest going to UT and checking out the Blanton. It has a wide range of exhibits.

    I also suggest braving the cold waters of Barton Springs Pool- a natural bottom, spring-fed haven with beautiful pecan trees. It’s right near Lady Bird Lake.

    I agree with Amy about Mi Tierra’s in SA. They have a great bakery attached!

    Have fun!

  • #16 - Coco

    Ooph I’m so glad we went to the class as well! I was feeling fabulous all day until around 6 something bad hit me and I had to get right in bed.
    If it wasn’t for your motivation over gchat I probably wouldn’t have gone so thank you!!!!
    Your going to have a blast on your trip! You deserve it!

  • #17 - Carrie @ I See Monsters

    Ooo…Austin is so fun! I’m not from there but I’ve been there for the Austin City Limits festival and it’s always a blast. I also always eat like a king while I’m there. Definitely get some Tex-Mex. Not the healthiest but oh so worth it.

    If you’re going to the Whole Foods mothership I recommend getting a sandwich at their sandwich bar. I had possibly the best sandwich of my life there. It was just a baguette with turkey, cheese, arugula, tomatoes and chipotle mayo grilled on a panini press, but I seriously couldn’t stop talking about it for a week afterward!! (We don’t have a sandwich bar at our local Whole Foods, so this was like a revelation to me. LOL.)

    Have fun!

  • #18 - Jenna

    that cookie sure does look yummy!

  • #19 - Kaytee

    AUSTIN!! I’ll be there next week too, but on the weekend. It’s really my favorite city in the whole country.

    Okay, make sure you go to Kerbey Lane or Juan in a Million for breakfast/brunch. Either way, the migas are fantastic and both are major culinary “landmarks,” if you will. If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit of a splurge, calorie-wise, go to Casino El Camino for lunch… the burgers and the verde cheese fries are amazing. Burgers are HUGE so get one and share. If you want sweets, Hey Cupcake in South Congress or Amy’s Cones are the way to go. Speaking of South Congress, I know 6th street is the famous part of town, but SoCo is the more fun, young part of town these days. If you want TexMex food… Trudy’s or Chuy’s will do the trick. My favorite “fancy dinner” spot is Wink, a wine bar with local foods. If the weather is crummy, hit up Alamo Drafthouse for movies, one of the wonderful museums, or Mozart’s Cafe for coffee. If it’s beautiful, and I’m hoping it will be, head to Zilker Park (and bring a picnic!) to enjoy the Sunshine or walk the GORGEOUS UT campus. For shopping, South Congress or The Drag on Guadalupe Street are your best bets. I’d give you links, but all of these places are Google-able.

    I wish I knew more about San Antonio, but Austin is really my thing. I know that the Riverwalk is a lot of fun, but can’t think of anywhere I’ve eaten there. I look forward to reading about your time in my favorite state! Oh… and make sure you get some Lone Star or Shiner beer. That’s a must-do. :)

  • #20 - megan

    That cookie looks amazing! I can’t wait to hear your review of the others. I may have to order some!

  • #21 - sister inna

    omg omg i’m soo jealous! you get to get away after all that stress– that is beyond cool (can you pack me in your suitcase? i need a vacay too ;P )
    hey where did you get the popcorn from?

  • #22 - Chelsea

    Hey hun! your eats all look great. I have had the smart popcorn before too. They sell it alot at Target but I saw it at CVS yesterday sold by themselves instead of a 4-6 pack!
    BTW stop by my blog and read this please!!
    I know you run and it’s super important to me since this is my friend. Send other runners with blogs to my page to read it too please!!! Get the message out :-)

  • #23 - Elina

    Thank you all so much for all the suggestions. I am taking detailed notes, and am even more excited about the vacation now!! :) Thanks!!!

    Ali – I think I’ll try to go, and bring my mom with me. 😀

    Ally – I do the same thing. You’ll see an extra healthy/chocolate free/almond butter free breakfast in the next post. I feel SO much better already!! :)

    Lele – I got it at the Sienna Farms stand at the Copley farmers market. I think Friday is their last day there, so be sure to check it out!

    Kelly – oh yeah, the WF flagship store is definitely on the list!

    Innz – I got the popcorn at a regular supermarket… and it sounds like (from Chelsea above) that they also sell it at CVS.

    Chelsea – What a crazy story. I always run with an note with my name and emergency contacts. Great reminder! I’ll try to post something on the topic tonight.

  • #24 - Diana

    Vacations are always nice eheh :)
    That wrap pizza looks delish :)

  • #25 - Shannon

    how exciting!! i’ll be jealous of your WF trip :) i’ve been to san antonio, the riverwalk was pretty neat! didn’t go to austin, so i can’t make a comparison…

  • #26 - Bridget

    Totally in a gym rut right now because I havent joined a new gym since I’ve moved!! I was going to last week, then got a cold. So I need to ASAP! LOVE your spontaneous trip to TX! I’ve never been either but what a great way to explore new places :) You should see if Giada ever did a weekend getaway there so you could see where she ate!

  • #27 - Rachel @ abundant life

    there are SO many awesome places to check out in austin…definitely my favorite town!

    south congress cafe for brunch(carrot cake french toast, need i say more?)
    huts burgers for burgers…what else
    amy’s icecream for icecream…duh
    z tejas for lunch or dinner
    cuba libre for dinner
    buenos aires for dinner
    town lake for running
    driskol hotel for the view
    4 seasons for a “bat-tini” and a view of the bats that come out at night

    that should give you a good start!!!

  • #28 - Project complete!

    […] A break is right around the corner […]

  • #29 - sarah

    definitely go to Austin. I have lived in Texas my entire life and have been to both Austin and San Antonio. Austin is beautiful and has awesome healthy food places and little cafes, live music, and hiking, biking, kayaking, basically everything! and their whole foods is AMAZING

  • #30 - Lara (Thinspired)

    HOW FUN!! I have relatives in Texas but have never been. They’re in San Antonio, actually. I’ll see if I can get some good restaurant recommendations for ya 😉
    You so deserve this. Can’t wait for pics! I hope you get some Texas BBQ!

  • #31 - Cooking Light + Nasoya = delicious, healthy, budget friendly dinner (giveaway alert!)

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