The power of a good sweaty workout

Wow, guys – looks like many of you have lost things like I did. It was really nice to read that some of you were able to find them at a later date, and most of you have put it behind them. I liked Jesse‘s comment when she said that the only thing she’s not upset about losing is weight. Hilarious! Life moves on I guess, even without some pretty earrings :)

Yesterday was a really nice day. Seriously, Fridays are my absolute favorite days of the week. Even the work day seems to fly by because I know there is something really fun at the end of it all – the weekend. Yeah! Actually I have to work this weekend because I still haven’t finished my project and so does Adam, but whatever… we enjoyed our Friday night 😀

I also had a really great workout during lunch which I swear just cleansed me inside out. I haven’t done speed work in a while, so I decided to do an indoor workout – 8×400 intervals + some lifting. The interval work was tough but man, did I feel like a rock star after finishing! I warmed up at 6.8 mph for 1/2 mile, then started on the interval work. First fast one was at 8.0, recovered at 6.7, then 8.2 (recovered at 6.5), 8.4 (recovery at 6.3), then I stayed at 8.5 intervals with recovery between 6.5 and 4.5 (those were the last 2… I was getting tired!). Sweaty mess = proud Elina :mrgreen: Since I skipped my strength class on Thursday, I finished with about 25 minutes of random chest, back, bicep, tricep and lower body moves. Oh yeah, there was also some serious ab work. I didn’t like feeling out of shape during the Wednesday abs class. I’m bringing that 6 pack back (haha, did I even ever have a 6-pack?). Anyways, this really reminded me of how strong and healthy I am, and put all those guilty feelings over yesterday’s chocolate banana bread putting to rest. A great workout is pretty powerful, isn’t it? Onto…


Breakfast: oikos with 1/2 apple, 1/2 peach, 1/2 plum + Kashi Golean cereal and nutty topping


I cut the fruit all the same size and covered in yogurt I didn’t know what was coming next. It was kind of fun :)


Mid-morning/pre-workout snack: 1/2 FFL english muffin with 1/2 mashed banana


Lunch: Mexican wraps with laughing cow cheese, black bean dip, tomatoes, avocado and cabbage


I’m not very good at making wraps… these babies were falling apart 😳


Mid-afternoon snack: 1/2 Sencha green tea bar



I liked it! Lots of nuts and seeds, but the most unique thing was that the bar was almost perfumed. I think it’s the tea. Yum :)

And then we went out to dinner. Somebody is standing over my head, telling me we have to leave, so I’ll do a separate post about our night out. Hope you have a lovely Saturday! 😀

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