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Stopping the snack monster

September 15th, 2009 · 18 Comments · Asian, chicken, Eating Well, sandwich, tofu

I’ve been in a very snacky mood tonight, and I’m doing all I can to control it. I always wonder why these things happen… I ate well all day, consuming what I believe a sufficient amount of calories, then why is the snack monster inside of me screaming for more? Sometimes I know the answer is emotional eating, but nothing is bothering me at the moment. After dinner I had a handful of (unpictured) pecans (just a handful, and then I put the bag away… no eating straight from the bag, as promised :) ), had a little chocolate and then popped a piece of gum in my mouth. This seemed to have done the trick. The minty flavor and the chewing action are keeping my mouth busy. Yay, “crisis” averted! 😎


Breakfast: 1/2 FFL english muffin with a light laughing cow wedge and wild smoked salmon + oikos greek yogurt with organic Maine blueberries




Mid-morning/pre-workout snack: Classic Glo bar from the HLS swag bag:



So much hype about this bar! I think the seeds once again freaked me out a bit. I also spotted peanut butter in the ingredients list and was really hoping for pb flavor. Nope. The bar was definitely wholesome and packed with lots of great stuff, but I wouldn’t “buy it” if I had the chance. I guess I’ve been picky lately 😉

Lunch: “cuban sandwich” – pulled chicken, ham, American cheese, pickles and dijon mustard on whole wheat bread:


I was hoping to toast it all up and let the cheese melt inside, but the toaster at my work had a different plan. It was still a yummy sandwich :)


Mid-afternoon snack: leftover cake


Today I had “real” dinner: kung pao tofu with brown rice to be exact. I followed this recipe from Eating Well pretty much to the T. I’m not sure what makes it “kung pao” tofu but it was delicious nonetheless. It was great to have a real home cooked meal. I feel like I’ve been combining ingredients lately (read: salads and sammies) rather than really cooking. This was great!


Post dinner snack: last candy bar from my trip to Israel:


By the way I completed 5 miles during the lunch break at 8:47 minute mile average pace. It was a tough run, not sure if I’m still a little weak from the flu or if it’s because I’ve been so inconsistent with my running (due to work, traveling and then the flu) over the past few weeks. Probably both. I’m pretty happy with this time overall (and that I finished it at all!). The important thing was to get my legs moving. They were sore, sore, sore.

Wednesday is tomorrow already. So excited about that.  I’m living for the weekends lately!

How do you stop the snack monster?

Oh and another random question: do you have any easy but delicious green bean recipes? I want to make some as a side dish tomorrow for dinner.

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  • #1 - Dominique

    Spicy garlic green beans in my fave. You basically fry up some garlic, add the beans, then add some chili sauce and you’re set. I like the beans slightly crunchy.

    I’ve been having a major snack monster issue lately. I eat well during the day but then I get home and eat everything in sight. Sometimes I think it’s because I “dance around” my real cravings and I’m not satisfied with whatever I eat until the craving has been satisfied. Other times it’s because my family doesn’t eat the same way I do so when I get home and see all this food around, especially at dinner time, it’s hard to stop myself.

    It’s funny because after I recovered from a very mild case of swine flu, I could barely eat anything. I had to really cut down on the portions because I felt full after a really small amount of food. It was great at the time because I managed to control my portions but I’m pretty much back to where I am: eating a variety of things without keeping my portions in control.

  • #2 - Alison

    Wow! Love that salmon bagel. And the kung pao tofu sounds really good.

  • #3 - Annabel @

    Great job on the run, gorgeous!

  • #4 - Kate G.

    That recipe is pretty simple, and it looks like it turned out well. I tried some italian spiced tempeh with marinara sauce and spaghetti squash tonight. Tempeh is so filling i love it!

    Great job on the run!! I wish i could run that far, but im working on it :)

  • #5 - EatingRD

    Oh my gosh me too!!! Usually when I’m craving something right after dinner, I take a walk or go upstairs and work on something else to take my mind off of it, but nope it wasn’t going away!! And I had a bowl of yogurt before dinner and a well-balanced dinner. I couldn’t fight the urge tonight and had to go to the store and bought some vanilla frozen yogurt and topped it with 1/2 muffin and then proceeded to grab a handful of popcorn and pb pretzels, yikes! Oh well, it’s tamed now :)
    As far for green beans I always like green beans with a vinaigrette, caramelized shallots and almond slices. simple and yummy!

  • #6 - Lauren

    Gum always works to tame the snack monster! I gave it up for a while, but hey… if it keeps me from eating more than I need to, how bad can it really be?

    My favorite go-to green bean recipe is as follows: blanche beans in boiling water until crisp-tender (about 1-2 min), then pop into an ice bath. Drain and dry the beans while you heat a skillet over medium-high heat with a splash of olive oil or a dab of butter. Add in the green beans and saute until they are slightly browned and crispy (a few minutes). Top with toasted almond slivers, and voila!

  • #7 - KellyB

    Did you watch the Biggest Loser last night? I found while watching that I was snacking, kind of defeats the purpose. UGH

  • #8 - Kelly

    I am definitely the worst person to ask about this because I have definitely fallen off the healthy eating wagon andoftwn just give in.

  • #9 - Elina

    Dominique – I think that’s why I started giving in to my cravings. At the end it prevents binges so it’s worth it for me. Not sure what was going on last night though. Thankfully I was able to keep it under control. Maybe I was truly hungry. 😕 Being sick also will of course curb your appetite. It’s good to be back to “normal”… flu is NOT fun! I’d rather eat more than be sick for sure.

    Kate G. – that dinner sounds delicious 😀

    EatingRD – maybe there was something in the air last night 😉

    Lauren – gum is my only vice despite the artificial sweeteners in it. Like you said, if it prevents me from eating unnecessarily, then it’s worth it! Thanks for the green beans recipe. I think I’m going to follow it tonight!! 😀

    KellyB – I haven’t watched BL yet (have it recorded). I’ve definitely eaten while watching the show. Maybe you were hungry.

    Kelly – sorry to hear that. I hope all that stress subsides soon and you can be back to normal :)

  • #10 - Shelly

    My snack monster usually emerges in the afternoon and sometimes I let myself snack if I’m really hungry. (Like when it’s that time of the month, I can have a snack then 20 minutes later, I’ll be so hungry my stomach hurts- over and over again! So frustrating, but it doesn’t seem to lead to lasting weight gain so I just give in and try to eat healthy stuff when it happens). When I’m not really hungry, just snacky, I first try a cup of hot tea (chamomile, herb, or decaf b/c I don’t do caffeine after lunch) which often does the trick. It’s like I’m craving a comfort ritual and food is the first thing I think of, but tea is also a good comfort ritual for me.
    Also, when I get sick, my appetite goes away, then returns with a vengeance once I’m feeling better. I usually just try to eat really nutrient dense stuff when that happens b/c I think I’m probably a bit malnourished at times like that.

  • #11 - Joanne

    Hi Elina:
    Great food! Okay – I’m not quite into smoked salmon. I keep trying it everytime I see it but something about the texture. As for fresh cooked – love it!
    You’ve got some delicious looking items there.

  • #12 - Mellissa

    For a quick green bean recipe- I cook green beans in a wok for a few minutes and then add garlic, lemon juice and a bit of water for a few minutes more and get them nice and carmalized.

  • #13 - lisa

    oh i felt the same way last night with the snack monster i chugged some water, then got some tea, then finally ate one of those Ginger Chew candies and that seemed to tame the beast. Those Ginger Chews have really been helping curb my cravings lately.

    Oh and reading your post reminded me of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer orders really spicy Kung Pao Chicken and screams Kung Pao everytime he takes a bite. Hilarious.

  • #14 - RunToTheFinish

    sometimes I swear i don’t kow how to stop it, but yes the gum helps and or having my genisoy rice crisps around, so if do eat it’s not so bad.

    now seriously send me some of that cake and way to rock it on the 5 miles, you are getting very speedy!

  • #15 - Solving problems without food

    […] Stopping the snack monster […]

  • #16 - Elina

    Shelly – drinking some warm tea is a great tip. I forget about that one sometimes, but it definitely works sometimes! Thanks for the reminder :) Interesting note on getting over sickness too. I didn’t realize that, but you’re probably right. I bet part of it is because I didn’t eat as many calories last week so now my body wants to compensate. Very smart cookie you are 😉

    Joanne – it’s ok, you don’t have to like smoked salmon. lol. I LOVE it but my husband doesn’t it. More for me. Haha. Fresh is great too!

    Melissa – thanks for this idea. I did something very similar last night. Quick and easy. Loved it! 😀

    Lisa – I have to find that Seinfield episode. I don’t remember it. Sounds funny 😆

    Amanda – not that speedy… I think I got slower actually. Working on it. Next time you’re in Boston, let’s have some cake! 😀

  • #17 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Thanks for the honest thoughts on the Glo bar.
    Sometimes I make a bowl of plain popcorn to satisfy the snack monster and hope that by the end of it I am tired of chewing. *Sometimes* it works 😉

  • #18 - Elina

    Lara – I used to eat popcorn all the time too. I think it’s been years since I’ve had any. Thanks for reminding me… I may bring it back :)