Solving problems without food

How are you guys doing today? I’ve been a busy bee. Work got crazy again. Actually it never let up, but I’m just trying to take it 1 day at a time and not let it get to me :) Well, trying is the operating word here. I have a little story in relation to this…

So it was about 2pm. I just recently finished my delicious (and very filling!) lunch, and as I’m sitting in front of my computer trying to work on my report, I get a huge craving for something warm and baked (read: a chocolate chip cookie!). I think about my lunch and how it’s sitting in my stomach a little bit like a rock, and how a cookie could not fit in it at all; yet the urge to pick up my wallet and walk over to Paradise Bakery for my crack of choice is overwhelming. Why is that, you ask? I’m worried about my project! It’s that simple. I identified this “craving” for exactly what it was, and made a conscious decision to NOT deal with my anxiety related to my project by eating a cookie. A cookie won’t help this problem – only working on my project will! I’ve done this walk to Paradise Bakery too many times. I can tell you from experience the cookie did not do my project for me 😉 About an hour later I had a snack, which I planned for later. That gave me a minute to enjoy my food (there was even a tiny cookie incorporated into the snack) without breaking my diet. Much better.

I’m making a conscious effort, as seen above, to solve my problems instead of emotionally eating my problems away. They never really do go away; there just becomes a new problem – me hating myself for overeating. Join me today, and stop the emotional eating! Solve your problems without cookies (unless the problem is that you want a cookie 😆 )!


Breakfast: Leftover apple pancakes with nutty topping


Mid-morning/pre-workout snack: 1/2 FFL english muffin with 1/2 mashed banana + 1 Barney Butter packet


Lunch: leftover kung pao tofu with brown rice


Mid-afternoon snack: 1 oikos with 1/2 pear and 1 small choc chip cookie


Dinner was almost a disaster. I planned on making a maple roasted pork tenderloin but last minute realized I was missing 2 key ingredients (1 of which was maple syrup!). Doh. Quickly scanning through my saved recipes saved the day! I found Lauren’s post on “pork fingers” and knew it was perfect. The pork fingers were made by following this recipe from Eating Well for almond-crusted pork with honey-mustard dipping sauce. I had some pre-sliced almonds on hand and decided to just leave them like that instead of pulsing them further in the food processor (excellent, 1 less thing to wash! My husband will thank me later for it :) ). I thought the crunch from the almonds was perfect… I’m glad I left them chunky like that.

IMG_7057 IMG_7058

The sauce was Adam’s favorite part. He absolutely LOVED it! Here is a quote: “I love this sauce! I want to drink it. No, I want to bathe in it. Make a note of that. Yeah, I think I’m about to start writing poems about this sauce. You need to keep it on hand at all times!” Haha. I actually found the sauce to be too sweet (even after adding a little more dijon mustard than called for) but a review like that made me happy. It was pretty yummy with the pork fingers dipped into it. A little goes a long way here…


One last note on this recipe. Both my husband and I enjoyed it, but we agreed that chicken would be a great substitute for the pork here from the economical point of view. The pork actually tasted like chicken. No need to spend the extra $$$ on the pork if you can’t taste the difference 😀

Oh yeah, I also had a glass of cabernet with dinner. Actually still enjoying it right now 😀



I took the abs + spinning classes during lunch today. The abs class kicked my butt (err abs) because I haven’t been doing much of abs exercises lately, and spinning was gloriously sweaty. I loved every minute of it! :mrgreen:

All right, I’m off to bed. This girl needs her beauty sleep 😉

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23 comments to Solving problems without food

  • My gosh, your food today looks amazing! Can you share some with me down here? 😉

    Good luck listening to what you really need!

  • Funny! Pork is often cheaper here.

    Your food today looks sooo good- and I really appreciate the reminder about not letting food solve my problems!

  • Elina, bravo for realizing what your craving was stemming from!

    I had forgotten about those pork fingers… I’ll have to make them again sometime soon. I actually DID have a pork disaster with dinner last night. I opened a package of pork tenderloin from TJ’s, and it smelled awful. Such a waste! So… we ended up eating breakfast for dinner :/

  • Tiffany

    “No, I want to bathe in it. Make note of that.”

    I can’t imagine that would be an overall pleasant feeling, but that’s just me.

    Yay for not giving in to the beast! Good job focusing your energy where it should be directed, instead of substituting a quick fix.

  • A Paradise Bakery craving is hard to fight! Good for you…mostly for identifying what the real problem was.

  • Your husband cracked me up!
    I think you are doing amazing with identifying your problems, and working to solve them. Following your blog, you can really see a change in your attitude towards emotional eating, and its great!

  • Good for you for calling yourself out on the emotional eating! I’ve really been trying to put my foot down and work on this lately too since work has been nuts.

  • I’ve made that pork recipe before! I really like it, but I never make it with the sauce. I’ll have to try that next time!!

    The eats looked great today! Thanks for sharing!

  • When I was in school and had to get something done I felt entitled to cookies. Congrats for denying yourself!

  • I just found your blog today. I loved your post on the 16th. Way to go on identifying your craving…. i look forward to reading more!

  • Molly

    Yummy food and great post!

  • Too funny about that sauce! It does look really good.

    Do you find it tough to get workouts in at lunchtime? I always tell myself I’m going to try it but it never happens.

  • I’m now officially craving waffles!

  • Darn – I meant I’m craving pancakes after seeing your pic above and a glass of red wine :-)

  • Good for you for recognizing that your desire for the cookie was not based on hunger, rather emotions. Emotional eating is a big problem for so many people, and it takes time and becoming aware of yourself to figure out what is really going on. Kudos to you!

  • So my whole thing this summer was that I was eating a little bit of ice cream…every night. EVERY NIGHT. Every freaking night I was eating ice cream!!! So I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to eat an apple with that fat free caramel dip at night, after dinner. This is working splendidly. Although I’ve switched to eating my ice cream during my lunch hour…

  • How can you resist Paradise Bakery?! I can’t! I love those cookies.
    I’ve never had a big problem with emo eating except for a hellish period at my old job.
    But boredom eating is a bigger issue. I’ve just cut out my morning snack and sometimes my afternoon snack because I realized I only at it because I wanted something. Now I wait till lunch to eat and only eat afternoon snack if I’m truly hungry. At least that’s worked for the past 4 days :-)

  • Elina

    Kate – we got the all natural, no antibiotics pork tenderloin. It’s definitely a little pricey :(

    Oh no, Lauren! That’s a bummer. Good thing you like breakfast for dinner :)

    Tiffany – haha, I bet you can “hear” Adam say that! Thanks – I’m pretty proud of myself for not giving in.

    Morgan, I really do feel more “healthy and sane” in my attitude recently. I’m glad that it shows on the blog. Thanks for noticing 😀

    Lisa – yeah, work is definitely a trigger for me. Great job on being aware as well! 😀

    Laura – I enjoyed some without the sauce today and it’s definitely still yummy. The sauce just adds a little fun to it. I like dipping stuff in 😉

    Natalie – thanks! I’m glad you like the blog. I hope you stay!! :mrgreen:

    Nicole – lunch time is my absolute favorite time to work out. My work is relatively flexible so I can take a little longer than an hour without anyone caring (as long as I get my work done at the end of the day it’s all good). I feel like I have plenty of energy during lunch, it energizes me, and breaks up the day. You should definitely try it! 😀

    Tanya – haha, I was wondering how my post made you crave waffles 😉

    Macduff – I don’t think there is a problem with eating ice cream every night if that’s a really comforting food for you and you balance it out with nutritious eats during the day. I think it’s important not to deny yourself although if the apple/caramel dip works I guess it’s a healthier alternative. Sounds like you’re missing the ice cream though…

    Alison – yeah, those Paradise Bakery cookies are definitely hard to resist. Like I said, they are my crack of choice. I just knew that I didn’t really want one, that it was the stress “craving it”. It was an important learning experience. I think it’s great that you are listening to your hunger cues more. I definitely have the same problem of “going through the motions” of eating my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, at times without actually being hungry.

    Adam – where is that poem of yours? 😆

  • Ok, all the food int his post looks especially delicious. I think I have all the ingredients to make that tofu dish tonight, but the pork looks really good too and I have been craving it lately!
    I am so, so impressed with how you are managing your cravings. You seem to really be doing well with IE.

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  • Elina

    Lara – both recipes are great! I’m happy to say I think I got this IE thing pretty much down. Hope I don’t jinx it now :)

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