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My parents rule… but does Jillian Michaels?

September 8th, 2009 · 33 Comments · breakfast, Russian

My parents are the coolest! Obviously I’ve been sick all weekend (still am… boo) and they’ve been worried. Yesterday my dad called in the morning and said my mom was making crepes for us and they bought some organic berries that they wanted to bring over. 1) I love crepes! Crepes and chocolate are probably the only things I can eat when I’m not actually hungry, which is perfect because I definitely have not been eating enough for the past few days. I’m trying, but it just hurts to chew and my head hurts, so eating hasn’t been at the top of my to-do list. 2) Organic berries?!!! My parents never buy organic produce. I think they don’t know enough on the subject and probably think it’s a waste of money (note to self: educate them more) but they know that those are the only kind of berries I eat since they really soak in all the pesticides. It really touched me that they went out of their way to go and buy all this special produce for me and my husband. (He’s sick now too, btw. So sad).

So here is today’s brunch (looks very similar to yesterday’s linner):



Mmm, buttery homemade crepes with condensed milk


Organic strawberries + raspberries (my parents also got organic Maine blueberries which I have yet to eat):


1 orange for some natural vitamin C (I don’t like juice because it’s just full of sugar and calories)


Yummy! Thanks, mom and dad :mrgreen:

Now onto something a little less awesome… did you hear that Jillian Michaels has a new weight loss pills line (thanks, Kelly, for bringing my attention to this)? I really thought she was above all of this. I KNOW people have asked her in the past about diet pills and she said they were crap. Obviously there are no shortcuts. Well I guess there may be shortcuts but if you want long term results, then you have to do your homework and really make permanents lifestyle changes to be able to lose and maintain that lower weight. Very disappointing, Jillian! What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you all for your get well wishes! I really appreciate them. 😀

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  • #1 - Nutritioulicious

    Very disappointing to see that Jillian is in the weight loss pill business now. On a brighter note, those crepes look super delish! Thanks for your post – sorry you’re still sick :(

  • #2 - Morgan

    Disappointed with Jillian. She should really practice what she preaches, this is just hypocritical!
    Feel better, crepes look great!

  • #3 - Kate G.

    i never would have thought to use condensed milk with crepes, i will have to try that!

    i can’t believe jillian has come out with diet pills. WHAT A HYPOCRITE! ugh. for me it just discredits a lot of what she has already put out there about weight loss and health in general. Very unfortunate :(

  • #4 - RunToTheFinish

    yeah for great parents!!!!

    ok i was highly ticked to learn about her pills, they just…GRRR doesn’t that go against everything she says she stands for!!

  • #5 - Biz319

    Hooray for your parents coming to the rescue! That is so nice – and you had me at crepes – that was my dad’s specialty when I was growing up.

    WTF about Jillian’s weight loss pills??!! I think that is awful!

    That being said, I can’t wait until the next season of BL – September 15!

  • #6 - K

    Aww parents are the best!! Your mom’s crepes look amazing!

    I had no idea that Jillian has weight loss pills. That seems like an oxymoron coming from her. I hope she’s not just lending her name to it to make money :(

  • #7 - Pam (Highway to Health)

    I haven’t heard about Jillian Michaels.. That is horrible. I can’t believe she would endorse something like that. What does that say about all of the other products she promotes? Is she in it just for the money now? Sorry for the rant..

    I hope you feel better!!

  • #8 - sister inna

    yuck i’m sick too.. sorry i haven’t been checkin’ on your blog as often as i’d like. i think we caught it on the plane, what do you think?
    how UNFAIR is it that you get crepes when you’re sick!!! where are mine? they look super yummm

  • #9 - Elina

    Biz319 – I didn’t know the new season is coming up. Yeah, I’m totally going to watch it too despite now questioning Jillian’s morals :)

    Innz – we definitely caught it on the plane. I was so surprised, though, because I didn’t get sick until Friday night. I felt great on Thursday (a little tired but nothing unusual given that we traveled this far the day before). There is a simple solution to the crepes – MOVE TO BOSTON 😀 Yeah, I know… wishful thinking on my part :)

  • #10 - PTG

    That looks so yummy – I hope you feel better soon though!!

    I’m very dissapointed in the pills thing. I had not heard of it, so I’m curious to read more about it…unfortunately, when you go to the website to find out the ingredients, the label gets completely blurred when you enlarge it enough to read it, so no idea what’s in there.

  • #11 - angieinatlanta

    Aw, your parents are so cute! That’s awesome! :-)

    And I am right there with you on Jillian Michaels – sell out to end all sell outs! I just don’t believe that deep down inside she believes in these pills; I really think she’s all about the $$ now and it’s disappointing. Her no shortcuts, no nonsense approach is what made me like her so much in the first place!

  • #12 - Nabeela

    Sorry to know you’re still sick. Hopefully you’ll get better soon.
    I was shocked to heard about Jillian Michaels! And I was just beginning to like her too……

  • #13 - Annabel

    Maybe I’m just old and disillusioned, but when I heard about Jillian I was certainly shocked but quickly recovered with the “eh, figures!” sentiment. I’m sure she’ll try to spin it as something else, like “these are not ‘diet’ pills, they’re ‘health’ pills! You need your vitamins to adequately fuel to lose weight!” That’s what I foresee…

  • #14 - Lauren

    Such a sweet gesture from your parents! The crepes and berries look beautiful and delicious.

    I’m wary of diet pills, so of course I’m disappointed that an inspirational role model such as Jillian is now marketing a new brand. People who don’t know better will see her name and face attached to the product, and buy it without a second thought. So sad.

  • #15 - Anne K.

    Ugh, I’m totally disappointed in Jillian. She’s always like, “you can’t phone it in! you need to WORK for results. Diet and exercise, that’s it!” And now she comes out with diet pills?? I think it’s just for the money. And they’re like, $100 too. Seriously!

    Anyway, feel better soon! Your parents are super sweet to bring you the food. It looks so yummy :) Take care!

  • #16 - Shannon

    You’re never to old to be taken care of by your parents! I love that!

    I don’t love what Jillian is doing. I hadn’t heard. Very disappointed in her!

  • #17 - Axelrod

    That looks so yummy – I hope you feel better soon though!!

    I'm very dissapointed in the pills thing. I had not heard of it, so I'm curious to read more about it…unfortunately, when you go to the website to find out the ingredients, the label gets completely blurred when you enlarge it enough to read it, so no idea what's in there….

  • #18 - Lara (Thinspired)

    I’m sorry that you’re still sick :( Awesome about the parents though. The crepes look sooo good. I wish mine were close enough to take care of me 😉

    I am also seriously disappoined in JM. I guess we all have a point when we become a SELL-OUT, huh? Still devoted to her other stuff, though 😉

  • #19 - KellyB

    Big disappointment on Jillian, you and Lara from Thinspired got me hooked on listening to her podcast and she is no longer doing it, taking some time off I guess to promote her diet pills. She was talking about a protein powder that she was formulating for woman, wonder where that stands.

  • #20 - Marina Levtov

    Unreal about Jillian! Her approach has always been no shortcuts, work your butt off and eat right. Is she now saying that you can’t lose weight without spending additional money on pills?

    Did anyone every see the Meal Plan she was trying to sell? Love how its no longer available!

  • #21 - dee (the apple hill adventurer)

    gah! that looks sooooo delish .. and decadent.

  • #22 - Pam

    Sending healing blessings your way!

  • #23 - Dotsie

    Blech to Jillian!

    Hope you and your husband get well ASAP!

  • #24 - Adam

    There are no get-thin quick schemes like weight loss pills – but there are get-rich quick schemes – SELLING weight loss pills!

  • #25 - Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too)

    Sad that JM sold out. Surprising yet sad.

    Mmm condensed milk eh? Interesting. And no doubt yummy.

  • #26 - Elina

    KellyB – I didn’t know she was working on the protein powder too! For women? What is it going to have, calcium supplements? Weird.

    Marina – Interesting about the meal plan. I think she needs to stop with marketing every single thing in sight and get back to her roots. I’m sure she’s rich enough at this point.

    Well said, honey 😉

    Deb – condensed milk is a “standard” dip for crepes in the Russian culture. It’s definitely yummy 😀

  • #27 - Vicki

    KellyB: I was wondering about her protein powder also….I heard her podcast that it would be out this fall……nothing since then and when I google…cant find anything about it.

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  • #30 - Mark Vaughan

    I find it despicable that a personal trainer can get famous spreading a message of no magic pills, and then when she ‘makes it’, she turns around and starts selling magic pills. I can’t believe that people aren’t on twitter ranting daily about the hypocrisy and the terrible advice. I really was hoping that Jillian Michaels wasn’t a sell out, but I guess I was wrong. I know I was. She is also lying about who made her detox and cleanse on twitter. You can read about it here:

  • #31 - Sandra

    I was upset about the pills too. However, if you investigate the contents of the pills, it is all natural. Like a vitamin. You can buy and and eat every ingredient from the grocery store.

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