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It’s just a material thing

September 18th, 2009 · 20 Comments · bakeries and more, breakfast, dessert, Ellie Krieger, Mexican, pizza

Sorry kiddos for being MIA last night. I had a little incident that threw me off. I lost a very nice earring that my husband got me for my birthday. 😥 I had a rough day at work and was on my way to the gym to relieve some stress and realized that one of my earrings was missing. Of course the next half hour was spent walking over and over around my work, checking every inch to see if it fell off my ear. No luck. Walked all over the mall and the farmers market where I’ve previously been. No luck. I definitely felt tears forming in my eyes and desperately just wanted to get home. No gym. Losing this earring made me really upset. I know my husband spent a lot of time, trying to pick the right gift for me, and I really loved these earrings! I wore them almost every day. But instead of crying I decided to think about all the things I’m happy about. I’m healthy; I have a husband who loves me, great family and friends. And I have you guys :) This earring is just a material thing. It can be replaced (not that it will be…). As upsetting as it is, it’s not important in the big scheme of things. So I made dinner 😉

Dinner was part of the CEiMB installment. On the menu for the night: Ellie Krieger’s mexican tortilla pizza. I actually made the black bean dip the night before. Planning ahead worked out well since I was still a little shaken up by this lost earring thing. I omitted the onions from the dip, and added cheese to the “pizza.” I told my husband we had pizza for dinner. There was no way in hell I could omit the cheese on this one. Treaky, Ellie. Don’t omit the cheese next time you present us with a pizza recipe 😆

The husband’s 2 “pizzas”





The black bean dip is definitely the star of this! It’s quite yummy. The jalapeno added a nice dimension to the dip, without being overpowering spicy. We have a bunch left, which I’m sure will be gobbled up with some tortilla chips. :)


Man this breakfast was delicious! I planned to have some yogurt with the leftover nutty topping for breakfast but waking up to a freezing cold house, I was craving something warm. The solution? Combine the 2! 😀

Breakfast: 2 Nature’s Path wildberry buckwheat waffles with Barney Butter, oikos plain organic greek yogurt, Maine organic blueberries + nutty topping



I love how the Barney Butter is oozing out. Rocking breakfast!


Lunch: leftover almond crusted pork with brown rice and Asian cucumbers



Remember these guys?


These little beasts definitely tasted like cucumber. As you can see they were quite seedy and spiky. The skin was also quite tough and a little bitter. I didn’t have too many of them. A little too intense for me :)


Dessert: Flour Bakery banana chocolate bread pudding


I was in the hood by Flour Bakery during lunch, and decided to stop by to get a tiny cookie. I almost had a heart attack because I just couldn’t decide what to get. At the end the banana chocolate bread pudding jumped out at me, although now I’m dreaming of just about everything else I saw there. Not good. I savored this guy throughout the day but to be honest I’m now feeling guilty about it. :( Too many super indulgent treats lately, and at the end I didn’t even make it to the gym! I’m going to try to eat a little cleaner today, and try limiting the crazy indulgent treats to once or no more than twice a week. I haven’t gained any weight yet but I know these can add up.

Pre-workout (that never happened) snack: 100 calorie pack of pistachios


Post dinner snacks: 1/2 FFL cinnamon raisin english muffin with pb


+ roasted almonds:


Have you ever lost a material thing? How did you handle it? The first thing my husband looked at when I told him I lost something was my hand. I guess it could be worse (although my ring is insured…) 😀

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  • #1 - KellyB

    I misplaced my engagement ring – actually my daughter did. I was in a panic – we eventually found it in a toy car in her closet (on the other side of the house from where I had taken it off) Took almost 3 hours and the help of my son to say, well I saw her playing with such and such car, when we looked in the trunk there it was. Hopefully someone picked it up at work and might said out a message.

  • #2 - Mellissa

    Could you send an email out to the building manager and your work group asking them to keep their eyes open for your earring?

  • #3 - Daria (Summer of the CSAs)

    Bummer! It’s always upsetting to lose things with sentimental value. I hope it turns up somewhere soon!

  • #4 - Eve

    Oh no – that sucks! But you are right it’s material and it’s not the end of the world. I lost one of my diamond studs, not one time, but two!! The first time I told my parents (they gave it to me), and the 2nd time I didn’t (I just went out and bought the replacement on my own!). Crazy. Now I’m so careful whenever I try on clothing that my earrings are on very securely and I check my ears afterward.

    Don’t stress about the treats, whatever happened in the past is done. You can only work on the future. The banana bread pudding does look divine :)

  • #5 - Shelly

    This Feb. I lost a gorgeous diamond ring that I had inherited from my grandmother who had recently died. I lost it at a Mardi Gras Ball and I was convinced that it had come off in the bathroom b/c the hand soap was really thick and difficult to wash off. I had a complete panic attack and drove, sobbing incoherently, back to the place where the ball was held and dug through all the trash cans. When I couldn’t find it I was crying too hard to drive, so my boyfriend had to drive me home. I then proceeded to cry myself to sleep, have nightmares about losing the ring all night long, then call my parents in tears in the morning. (My dad said “Cry when you lose a limb. This is just a thing.” My mom said “It’s better to enjoy something precious and risk losing it than keep it locked away and never enjoy it for fear of losing it.”)
    Not my finest hour.
    The upside of the story is that I found the ring in my car when I moved the seat 4 months later. It had fallen off of my hand and gotten stuck between the seat and the armrest somehow.

  • #6 - marie

    When I was 8 years old I lost one of the diamond earrings my parents had given me on the playground at school. I was crushed in that way only 8 year old girls can be. I dreaded telling my parents about it, but they were understanding and comforting. The earring was found over a year later on that same playground. It was bent and dirty, but fixable. I hope your story has a similar happy ending.

  • #7 - Courtney

    I AM SO SORRY ABOUT YOUR EARRING! I am so sentimental, that kind of stuff tears me apart. Way to stay strong. :) Love the foodie eats, especially the pankers.

  • #8 - sister inna

    holy crizzle crazzle! that breakfast looks sooo good. i can’t stand it! as does the pizza actually….
    sorry about your earring :( guess we know what you’re getting for Christmas this year hehehe

  • #9 - Tanya

    Oh man – I have lost some earrings that my mom gave me – we are not big on giving jewelery as gifts so I was crushed, but got over it because my mom is still with me and she has given me other things since.

  • #10 - Tiffany

    I lost a silver ring my mother gave me back in college; I actually lost it at the welcome back party in Allston last October. I was devastated because that ring was really special to me. I wore it every single day. I still get phantom feelings of wearing it, but when I realize it’s gone, I get bummed out again.

  • #11 - Kate G.

    ohhhh no :( i am so sorry you lost the earring! Hopefully it will show up like a couple of these other gals stuff has.
    Yummy eats as usual, love the breakfast especially!

  • #12 - RunToTheFinish

    i lost my diamond earring on the Wild West Relay and could have thrown a temper tantrum, but instead I just tried to keep focused on the amazing time I was having… it was so not easy

  • #13 - Jesse

    Your breakfast looks incredible! I have never tried frozen waffles, well not since Eggos as a four year old, but I think I’m going to have to pick some up!

    I hate losing things, anything. For example, I lost my Barney Butter shirt before I even got home from the HLS in Boston. I got really upset, I called my friends in Boston to see if I had left it, searched everywhere. It must have just dropped out of my bag in the bus. But I got really upset at myself for losing it. Then I stopped, and was like, whoa. Who cares?! I have tons of T-shirts, you really didn’t need another, who cares? Now, obviously an earring is a whole other story, but I think the point is I got more upset that it was my fault for not being more careful… I guess the only thing I don’t get upset about losing is weight.

  • #14 - Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15)

    I lost a ring recently. It made me very sad. When I lose things, I just hope to find them again–they’ll usually return when you’ve stopped looking for them.

  • #15 - Dominique

    I’m sorry to hear about your earring. I definitely know how it feels since I lose everything. Everyone knows I lose everything…from my driver’s license to my health card while applying for my driver’s license to my passport and more. Hopefully you stumble upon it somewhere or another where you might not have guessed it would be.

    This past Christmas, BF got me a really gorgeous pearl and diamond ring and I’ve almost lost it numerous times. I would just about die if I lost it considering that he’s not into jewellery at all and this is probably the only ring I’ll ever get from him (since we’re not planning on getting married).

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  • #17 - Liz

    Welcome to CEiMB! I agree that calling it a pizza without cheese is a little off… I had to put some cheese on mine too :)

    I hope you find your missing earring – that would upset me too but it’s good you are focusing on the positives.

  • #18 - Joanne

    Sorry about the earring. Know exactly how you feel. I lost a diamond earring in Tahiti that was very special. I still have the other one and the its twin was lost almost 10 yrs. ago.

    As for the CEimB pizza – so glad you made it. It looks great.

  • #19 - Rachel

    Hi Elina! Welcome to CEiMB!

  • #20 - Quick

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