Israeli goodies giveaway

I’m back at home! My trip was lovely but I missed my husband and our new condo, so I’m really happy to be back. I brought lots of Israeli snacks back home with me so I can extend the vacation (at least food wise) a little longer. Here are a few goodies I’d like to share with 1 lucky reader:


  • 1 small “Bamba” – a very popular Israeli snack. These guys are kind of like peanut flavored puffs. We used to eat A LOT of these as kids.
  • 2 mini light halvas (made of sesame tahini and sunflower butter)
  • 3 mini candies (1 Israeli “kitkat,” 1 braided milk chocolate, and 1 wafer with hazelnut cream covered in chocolate <– my personal favorite as I discovered last night)
  • 3 wild berry tea bags (they smell absolutely amazing, but I haven’t tried them yet)
  • 3 Israeli mini jelly packets (unpictured because I found them in my bag after snapping this photo :) )

Want to try these goodies? Leave a comment here saying which snack you’re most excited to try by Tuesday 9pm EST and I’ll draw a winner! (US residents only, please)

So yeah, as mentioned I did quite a bit of “sampling” of the loot last night. A mini halva was my mid-morning snack. Yum!


+ about a million candies were consumed throughout the night… 1 of these (this one is like a kitkat):


And man, I don’t even know… maybe 3-4 of these (the wafer/hazelnut filling one):


SO good!!!!!!! Oh yeah, a few Israeli cookies passed my lips (more than on this plate… again, I was chatting and kind of lost track of how much I was eating 😳 ):


I’d say some serious overindulging was happening. I blame a smaller dinner and the fact that this stuff is freaking delicious 😉


2 wildberry waffles with Barney Butter + Maine blueberries and 1/2 banana:


Farmer’s market salad: mixed greens, yellow cherry tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1/2 peach, TJ’s light organic string cheese + 1/2 FFL english muffin



All produce was bought at the local farmer’s market and was 100% organic. I loved having something so fresh after a day-long flight with nasty over-processed foods!

One Lucky Duck chocolate chip/almond raw cookie:


Farmer’s market tomato + fresh mozzarella (was made that morning!) on sourdough bread + rainbow carrots:


I drizzled some balsamic vinegar over the toast after snapping this photo, and it brought the sandwich to life. Amazingly fresh and delicious!!

Banana soft serve + choc chips:


The soft serve was really delicious and I thought it would prevent me from eating all the cookies and candy we had in the house. Apparently not so much.

We had some friends over to show off our new digs and play some settlers. I enjoyed a glass of vino while playing, chatting and eating candy 😉


Good food day. Mmm. 😀



Got these babies at the farmer’s market. The guy said they tasted like cucumber. They have little spikes on them so I’m slightly scared to eat them but I’m also excited! Do you know what this veggie is called? Have you tried it before?

Ron from NuNaturals, Inc. also sent me some Stevia products to try. I’ve never had Stevia before… I was afraid it was another new “thing” in the market to replace Sweet ‘n low and Equal but after hearing and reading about Stevia over and over I now understand it’s 100% natural. I heard some people find the taste to be a little funky. Let’s see how I feel. I tried a few drops of the clear stevia in my coffee this morning and it tasted like my usual cup with agave nectar. So far so good :)


Ron also sent me a packet with more info on these products. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I’ll share the info with you once I do. Have you tried Stevia? If so, what did you think?


Remember this toast that kind of disappointed me? I was able to redeem that negative experience at the strangest place – the airport! While waiting for our flight back to the States my sister got hungry and ordered a tuna toast. This was made NY deli style – the guy behind the glass topped the “bagel” with the exact fillings we instructed him with. Our toast had tomato sauce + spicy sauce, bulgari cheese (kind of like feta) + mozzarella, tuna salad, pickles and green olives. Then it was pressed in the panini maker to let the flavors melt together. That’s the stuff I’ve been missing! Yum.


Ok that’s enough ramblings for 1 post (believe me, I had more to say and decided to save some things for later). Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win some Israeli snacks! Good luck!! :mrgreen:

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