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Israel – day 3 – saved the best food for last

September 2nd, 2009 · 18 Comments · Israel

So this was really a quick trip because my sister and I didn’t have much vacation time left for the year. Despite that, we definitely spent a good amount of time with our grandmothers (the reason we went there!) and luckily my friends also dropped any plans they may have had for the last 3 days and hung out with me :mrgreen:

I did a whole lot of nothing, except eat and sweat, for most of my last day. Good thing this blog is about at least one of those 2 😉

I started the morning with a somewhat odd breakfast: 2 ww toasts with an eggplant/mayonnaise spread (only 1 toast pictured). I really missed the eggplant stuff so I picked up a little cup at the grocery store yesterday and couldn’t wait to see if it’s as good as I remembered.



(Sorry for the blurry photo) Yup, still as good as I remembered! The eggplant is so smokey. This stuff is good! I used to eat this by the tubful, and although they used to make the “lite” version, it’s still definitely no health food. At least I got some veggies in at breakfast, right? 😉

Lunch was another super Israeli food: 2 cheese burekasim (you may remembered I had the spinach/cheese one the day before) that I found in my grandma’s freezer and decided to bake. I added some roasted peppers + carrot and cucumber to bulk up the meal, but at the end only ate the peppers (the other guys were a little too soft… eww).



Mid-day snacks: 1 plum + about 2/3 of a green apple



At night I met up with my girlfriends again and we hung out for a bit until I was starving and requested that we immediately go out to eat. I wanted something “super Israeli.” The place I really wanted to go to was Nafis where the girls took me on my last visit to Israel 5.5 years ago. I remembered the super thick hummus and the fluffy pitas and really wanted to have something like that before I leave. Somehow we ended up at the same place again. I was really happy about that 😀 Seriously, I was practically jumping up and down when we sat down and I remembered another old favorite. I was also hungry which just made everything even more exciting!

Of course we had to split a plate of hummus for the table. Hummus with mushrooms + pitas:


Can you see how thick the pitas are? I’ve never had pitas like that in the US! The mushroom mixture had onions in it so I stuck to plain hummus, but oh man… so good! The crushed tomatoes you see in the background were there to accompany our entrees. Which brings me to the highlight of the meal: the nafis filled with yellow cheese and green olives, which is a very buttery kind of puff pastry like dough (malawach for those of you who know what that is) with stuffing.


Mmm, super cheesy goodness…


The perfect bite:


Thank goodness they don’t have this stuff back at home, because my workouts would need to get all sorts of crazy to make up for eating this kind of food everyday. Haha. Ok, I probably wouldn’t, but I’m still happy I don’t have easy access to it because it’s kind of amazing in that greasy-ish sort of way. Yum * 100. Ok, I think it’s time to sign off because now I’m being beyond cheesy 😆 This was definitely the best Israeli food this trip!

Last photo together:


And that’s how my Israeli trip ends. 3 days well spent. I’m scheduling this post to publish tomorrow so by the time you read this, I’ll definitely be up in the air on the way back home.

Question of the day: do you like reading about places you’ve never been to and possibly will never go to or do you prefer spending your time reading about recipes you can easily replicate? Be honest… I really don’t think there is right or wrong answer here – just a preference! I like reading restaurant reviews, etc. even at places I won’t visit because it gives me ideas for things to make at home or products to seek out at specialty grocers :)

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  • #1 - Pam (Highway to Health)

    Looks like you are having a fabulous trip!! Enjoy!

  • #2 - K

    I just died an went to food heaven after seeing that hummus/mushroom combo! Everything you posted looks absolutely delicious – I’m glad you had a great trip!

    I loved these series of posts for two reasons: 1. I LOVE foreign countries so learning about other places that I haven’t been is so interesting to me. 2. I love seeing what true Israeli cuisine is because I had no idea until now.

  • #3 - Alison

    I love reading about all sorts of places – I’m especially interested in reading about Iran and Afghanistan (from a cultural and travel perspective) but I doubt I’ll ever go there.
    Nafi sounds great.

  • #4 - Daria (Summer of the CSAs)

    Wowee that dinner looks good! I love the idea of adding mushrooms to hummus.

    I like reading about new places and foods. I read food blogs to make my own cooking more diverse, so the more sources for inspiration, the better!

  • #5 - Shannon

    looks like you’ve had a wonderful trip!! so glad you got to spend time with your grandmothers and friends :)

  • #6 - Kate G.

    holyyyyy freaking hummus! That looks so good!

    I just ate dinner and now i am craving hummus, dangit!!! haha

    Looks like you had a nice trip :)

  • #7 - Shira

    I don’t blame you, that restaurant that you came back to looks really great.

    And yes, things like malawach, jachnun, and burekas would do us a favour if they never existed so we wouldn’t have to resist them 😛

  • #8 - sister inna

    yum that nafis looks delish!
    good to be back though, amirite 😉

  • #9 - dee (the apple hill adventurer)

    omg, that food looks sooo delish
    i am turkish, and it kind of reminds me of foods my grandpa would make us


  • #10 - KellyB

    I love reading about everything, bring it on.

  • #11 - Pam

    Cute photo and glad you are having fun!

    Food looks yumm!

  • #12 - Elina

    Dee – you’re right. A lot of this food reminds me of Turkish food too :)

  • #13 - Kate

    I loved reading about this food- it’s definitely inspired me to try more of the Israeli food available in NZ at markets and festivals.

  • #14 - Shannon

    How can I not love reading about food that looks that good! I am full from dinner and dessert, but I am craving pita with hummus!

  • #15 - Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15)

    Mushrooms and hummus? YUM!

    Well, I love traveling, so I love looking at exotic cuisine too–and thinking up ways to make mockups in my kitchen!

  • #16 - Jumanah

    Hi! I am usually a lurker but when I saw your posts about your Israel trip I just had to come out and say hi! I havent had the chance to read your blog for the past week and when I did, I saw your posts about your trip. I am currently living in the Galilee (near Tiberias) and would loved to have met up! Maybe the next time you visit the mid east we can plan something! Glad you had a good trip!

  • #17 - Elina

    Hi Jumanah, sorry we missed each other. Next time I come to Israel I’ll try to organize a little meet up. Didn’t realize I had Israeli readers :)

  • #18 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Just catching up so prepare for a flood of comments… 😉

    I am glad you are enjoying the foods that you missed :) In general I would say I enjoy reading about things that I can relate to, however, your trip is especially unique so it’s been interesting to read about…especially the different foods!