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I’m sick

September 5th, 2009 · 20 Comments · beef, Cooking Light, man meals, sandwich, yogurt

I’m sick :( I started writing a post yesterday about how happy I am about my life right now and literally 2 hours later I had a fever, was shacking with a cold and coughing all over the place. What the hell?!! I can hardly see right now, so I’m just going to post food pics from yesterday because they were so pretty :) I’m not taking any pictures today because I’m basically sleeping all day and occasionally eating in bed. My food hasn’t been too photogenic so far.

Breakfast: yogurt with 1/2 peach, Maine blueberries, Kashi GoLean cereal and Zoe’s granola. Isn’t this plate gorgeous? I brought a bunch of antique plates from my grandma. They make me happy :)



Pre-workout snack: 1/2 FFL english muffin with Barney Butter and 1/2 peach


Workout: 4.15 mile run at 8:17 mpm average speed. The run felt pretty rough. I wonder if my cold was coming on already and I didn’t even know it 😕

Lunch: peach and cheddar cheese panini



The secret ingredient:

IMG_6828 IMG_6829

This was a really fun lunch! The sweetness of the peach was perfectly complemented by the sharp cheddar and the spicy mustard. I loved it! 😀

Something sweet: 2 Israeli cookies + wild berry tea (included in my giveaway package)



Dinner was a stuffed burger inspired by this recipe from Cooking Light. I made a bunch of modifications based on our preferences and what we had on hand. I of course omitted the onions, replaced the pancetta with kalamata olives (4 olives per burger), omitted the pesto mayo and served mine on a FFL whole grain english muffin. So at the end, dinner was a black olive/cheddar stuffed burger:



All right, I’m going back to bed. Hope your weekend is a little more exciting than mine! :)

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20 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Pam

    Welcome back home and I hope you feel better real SOON!

  • #2 - Daria (Summer of the CSAs)

    Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

  • #3 - dee (the apple hill adventurer)

    i looooove habenaro anything …
    spice in my life!

  • #4 - Deb

    Beautiful plates you got from your grandmother! Get plenty of rest and I hope you feel better soon.

  • #5 - angieinatlanta

    I hope you feel better soon! Maybe your body is still recovering from your world travels?

  • #6 - K

    That is a gorgeous plate! I hope you feel better ASAP :) Take it easy!

  • #7 - Lele

    That grilled cheese and peach is INSPIRED. I eat grilled cheese and apple pretty regularly, but I should try it with other fruits!
    And Dave’s Insanity is the most intense hot sauce ever. I had no idea the company also made mustard. Now I’m going to keep an eye out!

  • #8 - Anne K.

    Aww I hope you feel better soon. I definitely notice that right before I get sick, my workouts are off. So I’m sure the bad run was cause of the cold! That plate is beautiful, and I looove the peach sandwich. It looks delicious! Get some rest :)

  • #9 - EatingRD

    Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon, there is nothing worse than being sick and feeling like crap :( your eats do look wonderful! I love the antique plates and the gooey cheese from the burger, yum. Take care and drink lots of fluids!

  • #10 - Lauren

    Lovely eats… but a big bummer about being sick. FEEL BETTER SOON!!

  • #11 - shelly

    Wow that peachy panini looks amazing! I hope you feel better! When I’m sick, I swear by mixing white grape/peach juice with sprite (or soda water) and sipping it all day. The sugar and bubbles make me feel better. :)

  • #12 - Melissa S.

    ah, i hear ya on the sickness…i was the same way earlier in the week. hope you’re feeling better now though!

  • #13 - Kate G.

    feel better soon!!! those israeli cookies look amazingly yummy.

  • #14 - Elina

    Thanks, Shelly. I’ll try a juice/carbonated beverage combo. I hope it helps! 😀

  • #15 - Nutritioulicious

    Sorry to see you’re sick – I had a miserable cold all of last week, so I know how you feel. Get some soup! Check out my really easy soup that I made last week when I was sick Feel better!

  • #16 - Lara (Thinspired)

    So sorry you’re sick :( Yes, the food is indeed gorgeous. Especially the burger. Never thought to put black olives on a burger but it sounds heavenly.
    Rest up, lady!

  • #17 - Elina

    Nutritioulicious – thanks for the soup recipe! I’m too weak to cook right now but this soup looks yummy. I’m definitely craving hot/comfort foods.

    Lara – the olives were a really great addition. They add a nice saltiness to the burger. I highly recommend it.

  • #18 - Jesse

    Oh my goodness, that mustard looks awesome! Where did you find something like that? I am gonna stalk that down! I used to have an English mustard when I lived in New Zealand that burned like wasabi, I loved it!

  • #19 - Dominique

    I’m just updating myself on your posts now. I’m sorry to hear that you’re sick! Maybe it’s the change in weather? Hopefully it’s nothing too serious and clears up soon.

    That sandwich looks awesome! I hardly ever eat sandwiches because I can only eat deli meat if it’s nitrate-free and the organic stuff is much too expensive to be eating on a daily basis. Plus, I get tired of sandwiches but that peach/cheese combo looks awesome! I love sweet-salty so I’ll definitely have to try that out. Thanks for the idea!

    Mmm and that burger! My BF made burgers the other night and they were great. I’ll have to tell him about stuffed burgers.

  • #20 - Elina

    Jesse – my husband got this mustard at a huge liquor store called Julio’s… it’s a bit of a drive from Boston. Not sure where else they sell it. Maybe try their website? It’s definitely nice and spicy :)