I’m sick

I’m sick :( I started writing a post yesterday about how happy I am about my life right now and literally 2 hours later I had a fever, was shacking with a cold and coughing all over the place. What the hell?!! I can hardly see right now, so I’m just going to post food pics from yesterday because they were so pretty :) I’m not taking any pictures today because I’m basically sleeping all day and occasionally eating in bed. My food hasn’t been too photogenic so far.

Breakfast: yogurt with 1/2 peach, Maine blueberries, Kashi GoLean cereal and Zoe’s granola. Isn’t this plate gorgeous? I brought a bunch of antique plates from my grandma. They make me happy :)



Pre-workout snack: 1/2 FFL english muffin with Barney Butter and 1/2 peach


Workout: 4.15 mile run at 8:17 mpm average speed. The run felt pretty rough. I wonder if my cold was coming on already and I didn’t even know it 😕

Lunch: peach and cheddar cheese panini



The secret ingredient:

IMG_6828 IMG_6829

This was a really fun lunch! The sweetness of the peach was perfectly complemented by the sharp cheddar and the spicy mustard. I loved it! 😀

Something sweet: 2 Israeli cookies + wild berry tea (included in my giveaway package)



Dinner was a stuffed burger inspired by this recipe from Cooking Light. I made a bunch of modifications based on our preferences and what we had on hand. I of course omitted the onions, replaced the pancetta with kalamata olives (4 olives per burger), omitted the pesto mayo and served mine on a FFL whole grain english muffin. So at the end, dinner was a black olive/cheddar stuffed burger:



All right, I’m going back to bed. Hope your weekend is a little more exciting than mine! :)

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