Fun at Dick’s Sporting Goods + yummy eats

My flu is almost gone! To celebrate my ability to get out of the house I grabbed this baby:


What better way to spend the weekend than shop, right? 😉 I won this $100 gift card at Redhead Running’s giveaway a few weeks ago and could not wait to put it to use. Dick’s Sporting Goods is an athlete’s heaven. I was so excited on the way to the store, you’d think I was going to Disneyland. On my must to-buy list was a foam roller. I’ve been postponing this purchase (mostly out of laziness) for ages. ‘Tis was time. Of course I also wanted to buy some fun things with my gift card. Let’s see how I did…

Candid shot by the hubs:


Happy customer:


Outside the store with my purchases. I look very excited, lifting the shopping bags in the air. Too bad you can’t see that.


My purchases (total ~$81… I wanted to extend the fun to another trip):


  • Small foam roller ($25 – I’d buy the regular size but it was $40. Seemed too much $$ to spend on that)
  • Loan sleeve running shirt ($50) – it’s getting cold here. I’ll need something like this for my runs.
  • Running nutrition: Clif shot blocks, Clif shot, Sports beans (total ~$6- yikes). I’ll try the shot blocks on the run today (review to come).


It was SO much fun shopping at Dick’s (thanks again Dick’s and Morgan for hosting this giveaway)!!! I was so all over the place I even forgot some much needed mini water bottles (I don’t drink on my runs… bad. Gotta train to do that!). Good thing I still have a few $$ left on my card, so I can come back and do a little more damage there. This time probably mostly with my money. I can’t control myself in sports stores. I want to buy everything. 😀

Before and after the shopping spree (we are also looking for a futon/fold-out sofa for our 2nd bedroom, track lights, and pricing out kitchens… so it was a long day) there were some very yummy eats.

I definitely started the day on the right foot by making some of Ellie Krieger’s whole wheat pancakes with nutty topping. I saw her make these on a show a few weeks ago and have been dreaming of them ever since. These are apple pancakes, topped with a fun little mixture of nuts, seeds and maple syrup. I used mostly whole wheat pastry flour (with just a touch of all-purpose) and the pancakes came out so light and fluffy. Too bad it was raining cats and dogs outside so I couldn’t come out and take a decent picture that would do these justice. They were delicious (and I made extra topping so you’ll see it over some yogurt in the future for sure :) )



Mid-shopping run, Adam and I stopped at Whole Foods to refuel. It’s such a great place for a quick lunch. So many fresh and healthy options! I was craving sushi and veggies, but not a salad. I think I did pretty well :)


Brown rice salmon/avocado maki:


Broccolini with mushrooms and cashews (this was salt-ey!)


At WF they also had lots of samples (tried some coconut water with passion fruit and mango for the first time. Yum!) so I grabbed a few cookies to go (they were consumed later in the day and were AWESOME!)



Rich chocolate flavor. Excellent.

Dinner was at a local restaurant, which I’ve blogged about before but it still deserves another separate post. I think we’re going to become regulars there soon 😀

I’m off on a run. SOOOOOOO excited. Weeeeeeee. Hope I don’t die (that’s a joke. I plan on taking it easy).

Have you been to Dick’s? What’s your favorite sporting goods store? What would you buy with $100 there?

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