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Finally running again

September 14th, 2009 · 18 Comments · bakeries and more, dessert, pizza, running, sandwich, snacks, yogurt

I finally ran again!!!!!!!! It felt absolutely amazing. As promised I took it very easy, pace wise, and there were a ton of walking breaks. This was basically a run/walk/run kind of a run, and it was exactly what I needed. My new running buddy Molly (who I seriously think I can no longer run without!) and I were just chatting the entire time. It’s been 3 weeks since we saw each other last so we had lots to talk about :) I apologized a few times when I had to take breaks to walk but she was super understanding and just said she wanted to have fun. We certainly did that and I’m SO proud of myself. I ran/walked 11 miles (average speed 10:57) + walked probably another 1.5 miles during warm-up and cooldown. That’s a lot of miles covered for someone who just recovered from the flu. I’m just amazed at what my body can do. Yay!!!!!! (PS – when did running become so fun?! I can’t get enough of it!!!)

Pre-workout breakfast: 1 ww toast with Barney Butter and 1/2 banana + coffee


During the run I had 1 Clif shot block (strawberry flavor). I thought the flavor was really delicious (like strawberry preserves in a block) but the texture was not at all was I was expecting. I was expecting a firm gummy bear type thing, but this thing was sticky!! Really sticky. I don’t bring water with me on my run and this was a problem right away. The second I put that thing in my mouth I instantly started mentally thinking about where I could buy water. Thankfully there was a gas station only a few minutes away. I don’t know if it was the shot block or the fact that I didn’t push myself very hard, but I had plenty of energy the entire time. I’m looking forward to having more of these on my next run. I will make sure to have water with me, though. Otherwise it’s not pleasant 😆

Post-workout lunch: grilled zucchini, eggplant, roasted beets, tomato and goat cheese paninis


I grilled the veggies while getting for the run in the morning. A little planning goes a long way. This was exactly what I wanted after recovering from the run –  lots of warm veggies + goat cheese. Mmm 😀


Then Adam and I continued our sofa bed hunt (I think we’re getting a fancy futon) and I got a sugar craving. Wow that never happens 😉 I got a craving for a very specific cookie from When Pigs Fly when I realized we were in the neighborhood of the bakery, but they were out of it :( I had to get a different cookie – chocolate heath bar and this guy was nearly the size of my head!!



This cookie was actually kind of dry. It wasn’t bad, just not great. I ate it throughout the day, and at the end finished it. Not sure if it was worth the calories but I was a hungry monster all day so whatever (I burnt ~1300 calories during the run/walk!)

Mid-day snack: oikos, peanut butter granola + organic berries (raspberries, strawberries, Maine blueberries)


Open wiiiiiiide


Dinner: CPK wild mushroom pizza (on thin crust)


I swapped a slice of my mushroom with my father in law’s chicken bbq. Yummy :)


I ate 1/2 pizza at dinner, and then another 2 slices as a late night snack. The pizza seriously doesn’t taste unhealthy although I know it’s still caloric. Does running so much justify all this food? Probably not. I was listening to my body, though, and fed it. I’m cool with that.

At night, a little champagne was also consumed (I only had a few sips)…


… and a few caramel filled milk chocolate turtles:


Plus some roasted almonds and pecans (unpictured). No more nuts straight out of the bag. That’s a new rule in this house. Dangerous habit.

Do you run by yourself or have a running buddy? Which one do you prefer? I just love chatting with Molly during our runs – it makes the time fly by. Most of the time I even forget I’m exercising! :mrgreen:

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  • #1 - 24carrot

    Glad you are feeling better! I used to live in Boston and you just made me remember When Pigs Fly…tear. That cookie looks AMAZING.

  • #2 - Kelly

    Maybe that’s where I went wrong with running. I never got to the point it was fun so it was hard to make it a priority when I enjoyed other forms of exercise so much more.

  • #3 - sister inna

    i have to say my favorite running buddy so far was my sister elina. hehehe 😉 too bad i don’t do much running or get to see much of my sister these days

    that pizza looks so good, and those turtles? filled with caramel? yum (do they come in dark chocolate?)

  • #4 - K

    Way to go with the run!! That’s awesome that you’re back into it!

    Everything looks delicious – that cookie is large and in charge but I love it!

  • #5 - Daria (Summer of the CSAs)

    Congrats on getting back to running! I’m a running addict too. :)

    Those little chocolate turtles are adorable!

  • #6 - Elina

    24carrot- have you ever tried their cookies and bread pudding? I wish they had the stuff I was craving yesterday. They are MY FAVORITE!! Worth a trip from NYC 😉

    Kelly – let me know if you ever want to go on an easy jog. Maybe I’ll turn you into a runner 😆

    Innz – you’re so sweet. It was awesome running with you! I don’t think I’ll ever forget the fun of getting lost in Brooklyn on Sat morning. We have to go on a run together next time you’re in Boston. I’m a pro here 😉 Oh and I got those turtles a while ago at a random little farm. Milk chocolate was the only option. I want to top some cupcakes with them one day… if they ever last until that day 😀

  • #7 - Coco

    So glad to hear your back to running!!!! All your eats look delish. I am going to have your toast with AB and banana tomorrow for breakfast I think. It looks too good!
    Those milk choco turtles are adorable!!!

  • #8 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Holy crap! I can’t believe you ran that far after being so sick! You must really be in great shape to bounce back like that. Awesome.

    I prefer running along UNLESS I can run with one of my running buddies—there are only three people on Earth I have found I can run with and not get frustrated. I guess I’m kind of a pain in the @$$.

  • #9 - Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    OMG grilled veggie + goat cheese paninis are seriously one of my favorite things in life.

    You know, I’m not sure if I could run with someone else! (If I ran, that is.) I’m so dependent on listening to my iPod to drown out the panting. Makes me feel like I’m not working so hard. I don’t know if I could maintain a conversation!

  • #10 - angieinatlanta

    Awesome run! I can’t believe you did 11 miles after being sick! You are a BEAST!

    And you so deserved that giant cookie!

  • #11 - Pam

    Good for you on the running! Your food always looks SO good and I love the cute photo of you FEELING better….yippee!

  • #12 - Shannon

    Great job! I just did 11 miles for the first time last week. I was riding the high from that for several days! I sometimes run with my husband, but I psych myself out because I know he’s run marathons and I feel like I am holding him back. It’s silly because he could care less how hard or how fast we go. I need to ease up on my competitiveness!

  • #13 - Meredith (Pursuing Balance)

    Glad you had such a great run!

  • #14 - Elina

    Coco – it’s a good combo for sure :)

    Lara – thanks! There really were plenty of walking breaks. It sounds more impressive that it was. Although I guess I shouldn’t take anything away from myself either. Ok, I guess I’m in a decent shape 😉

    Diana – I definitely run a lot faster when I’m by myself but the company makes the run so much more pleasurable… it’s worth it to slow down a little 😀

    Angie – haha. I’m going to remember this next time my run gets tough. I’m a beast, I’m a beast… love it! 😆

    Pam – I totally look like a dork in that picture but the size of the cookie needed to be emphasized.

    Shannon – I was doing that too… I knew I was holding Molly back, but she said to just have fun. And we did. If your husband felt like you were too slow for him, I bet he wouldn’t run with you. So just enjoy this time together!!

    Meredith – thanks :)

  • #15 - Lauren

    Yay for leaving the flu in your dust! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    Your panini looks deeelicious, as does the monstrous cookie!.

    I actually prefer to run by myself. I plug in my iPod and hit the road :).

  • #16 - RunToTheFinish

    great job on the run! that cookie is rockstar! i had to talk myself out of one today because I can’t eat half, I eat the whole darn 600 calories right away

  • #17 - Stopping the snack monster

    […] Finally running again […]

  • #18 - Elina

    Yeah, Amanda. I have a hard time stopping at just half most of the time. It took some will power to put it down. Of course I polished it off later in the day 😉