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Cake for dinner

September 14th, 2009 · 23 Comments · bakeries and more, breakfast, chicken, dessert, product reviews, salad, sandwich, snacks

I’ve been dreaming of a creamy cake for days now. Not sure why. I always crave sweets, but a cream filled cake is typically not my favorite. I prefer flourless chocolate cakes and dense brownies (the more chocolate you can pack into 1 bite, the better!). The worst part about this craving is that I didn’t have a specific cake in mind. There seemed to be no easy fix to this problem, since I also had no intention of searching for the perfect recipe and baking for hours to satisfy my crazy sweet tooth. And then the stars aligned… I happened to be in the neighborhood of my favorite bakery, Tatte. The second I realized this, I knew what was for dinner: cake! :mrgreen:

Not just any cake – a chocolate mousse cake (read: creamy = exactly what I’ve been craving!!!)


My guess is that this is white and milk chocolate mousse, covered in a rich dark chocolate ganache. There is also a bottom little chocolate crust with nuts.


Absolutely perfect with a skim decaf latte!


This slice of cake was actually gigantic! I drew a line on top where half of it was, and made sure to save that half when I got to the line. I also only drank maybe one half of the latte. Too much of a good thing. While enjoying my cake, I found a fun magazine:


Can you think of a better way to spend an evening when your husband is out watching football with his friends? I can’t!! 😉




Looks like my usual Food for Life english muffin with Barney Butter and organic Maine blueberries, doesn’t it? Today there was a special little twist to my breakfast… cinnamon raisin FFL english muffin! Can you see the raisins hiding in the dough? Loved this kind too!


Mid-morning/pre-workout snack: 2 Ryvera crackers with toasted almond dessert hummus + 1/2 pear:


Lunch: mixed greens, roasted beets, pulled chicken, cucumber, goat cheese and cranberry salad:


Lots of great flavors going on here:


Mid-afternoon snack: 1/2 Koka Moka Pro Bar that I got at the Summit


I’ve seen these bars on blogs before and REALLY wanted to try them. At 360-400 calories, the bars are meant as meal replacements, packing a lot of nutritional punch on the go. There are lots of oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and chocolate in this guy. I loved all the chocolate chunks and the almonds but overall found the bar to be a little weird. The seeds with the oats made for a strange chewy consistency and I thought they were a bit bitter. I may buy this bar if I’m away from home, in a hurry and really need a meal in a bar, but I won’t voluntarily buy these for snacks (only eating 1/2 at a time of course). Just my opinion :)

Lastly, I got a little hungry later in the night and wanted a savory snack. I guess cake for dinner doesn’t totally work 😉 I made a half ham and cheese melt (with a little dijon mustard).


Say cheese! 😀


I’m off to do some foam rolling. My muscles are SORE. Took a power yoga class today that wasn’t particularly hard in general but kicked my butt legs. My foam roller came with a little video I think I’m going to watch to learn some fun stretches with that beast. I’m just so wild when my husband is gone! 😎

Cake may not be the most nutritious choice for dinner, but I ate lots of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats and whole grains during the day (+exercised) so I thought it was important to satisfy my craving so I could stay sane. 😀 How do you feel about cake for dinner (on occasion)?

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  • #1 - angieinatlanta

    Good Lord, that cake looks phenomenal! Totally worth the splurge!

    And I love that salad – looks like a great variety of flavors and textures!

    And I agree with you – while I don’t advocate cake for dinner every night by any means, when you really want it, I say go for it! Your healthy eats balance it out and if you hadn’t satisfied your craving, the rest of the night might have gotten ugly!

  • #2 - Daria (Summer of the CSAs)

    I try not to do the dessert for dinner thing much because it usually makes me feel crappy later, but every now and again I really enjoy it. Especially when it’s Ben & Jerry’s half-baked fro-yo. Mmmm.

  • #3 - Mellissa

    I truly believe cake (or dessert) should have its own dinner category!

  • #4 - Lele

    Tatte’s is soooooooooooo dangerous. Slash amazing.

  • #5 - Lauren

    Omgoodness, your breakfast looks so yummy, I’m definitely trying that tomorrow. Never thought to put blueberries with the PB, I always go with bananas.

    Cake for dinner is totally fine every now and then, I had warm apple crumble a la mode for dinner on Saturday! :)

  • #6 - Ali

    I think there should be one day out of the week that’s JUST for cake for dinner! Maybe in heaven.. ; )

  • #7 - Shannon

    Dessert for dinner is one of the great pleasures in life! When my husband is out of town, I often make a stop at a bakery for my “dinner.”

  • #8 - Eve

    Cake for dinner is totally fine once in a while! I think it’s great that you listened to your body. Personally, I always crave savory foods for meals – I wasn’t always this way. But I can see how it fits the bill for some people. You ate really well throughout the day so sometimes meals like this fit in! I also love flourless chocolate cakes, and dense brownies, and my favorite: molten chocolate cake!!!

  • #9 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Well, keep in mind that this is coming from someone who literally had popcorn and trail mix for dinner last night, but I think cake for dinner when you are craving it is awesome. I also just love how you went out and got something quality, exactly what you were craving, and alone. That is awesome for some reason. The magazine looks good..maybe because of the doughnuts 😉

  • #10 - Lara (Thinspired)

    K, just re-read that. Pardon my over-usage of the word awesome.

  • #11 - Elina

    Lauren – this combo really works with any fruit! Give it a try :)

    Ali – I like that idea 😉

    Shannon – haha. Good to know I’m not the only one 😆

    Eve – I WISH I was a savory girl. I think it’s really so much easier making healthy options this way… but maybe it’s the grass is always greener on the other side thing. Molten chocolate cake? How could I forget about that one. Definitely a favorite!! 😀

    Lara – haha. Awesome is awesome 😉

  • #12 - Coco

    Yummy eats Elina! The other day I saw those FFL cinnamon raisin english muffins in the store. It was the only flavor they had, but I was hesitant to get them. Now that I’ve seen they look so good I will def have to get them my next Whole Foods trip. Dessert for dinner sometimes is soooo good!!!!

  • #13 - Pam

    Wow, that’s a great food day!

  • #14 - Molly

    Way to go with cake for dinner! I am all for listening to your body and accomodating it in a mindful way. Besides, life is too short to not eat a slice of cake when you want to.

  • #15 - Maddy

    i need to do that more often! im always thinking i need “real” dinner before i can have dessert. who says cookies & icecream isn’t a legit dinner! =)

  • #16 - rhodeygirl

    I can’t say I’ve ever had cake or any other dessert for dinner, and I don’t think I would. I need a solid meal to feel satisfied, so even though cake would have enough calories I am sure I would go for something else afterward.

    I do, however, enjoy a rich treat now and again… AFTER dinner. I used to purposely eat a tiny salad for dinner so I could have dessert, but I learned over time that it just doesn’t work for me.

  • #17 - Alison

    I’ve had cake or ice cream for dinner/lunch several times. I figure it’s a way to enjoy a good treat without eating excess calories. As long as it’s not often, no worries.

  • #18 - Nicole (dishin')

    What a great day of food! Everything looks delicious, especially that cake.

    I like having desserts for meals on occassion, especially breakfast!

  • #19 - 24carrot

    I’ve been looking at the probar for a while and couldn’t bring myself to waste that many calories on something so small and dense, despite the great ingredients. Sounds like its not worth it?

  • #20 - Courtney


  • #21 - Katy

    I whole heartedly support cake for dinner. And as I’m usually pretty good to *deserve* to eat cake as a meal I might actually eat less crap overall.

  • #22 - Elina

    Coco – definitely give those cinnamon raisin muffins a try. Same wholesome taste with a touch of sweetness. Very delicious :)

    Molly – amen 😉

    Maddy – If I’m not too hungry, I like going straight to dessert once in a while. There is no reason to have those extra calories from the savory dinner if that’s not really what you want. That’s my take on it 😀

    RhodeyGirl – I usually need a “real” dinner too to feel satisfied. Actually I need real meals for every meal to feel satisfied. But once in a while it works for dinner. It wouldn’t work for lunch. I think it’s because I can have a slice of cake, be satisfied, and then go to bed soon after that, instead of thinking about the fact that I didn’t have a “real meal” yet.

    Alison – that’s exactly how I feel! :mrgreen:

    Nicole – I think dessert for breakfast is definitely easy… muffins, scones, etc. are just glorified desserts already. You can take it one notch up once in a while 😉

    24carrot – I think I don’t like seeds in bars, that’s what I decided. It’s a good quality bar, though. Pretty filling too. I think you can easily divide it into halves and make 2 snacks out of it. Give it a try and see for yourself. Personally, I won’t be buying more.

    Courtney – haha, your comment totally cracked me up! 😆

    Katy – I think it’s good to satisfy your true cravings. I miss you. Come eat cake with me :mrgreen:

  • #23 - kitchenbelle

    I love cake for breakfast! :-) The roasted beets in that salad look so delicious.