Bar purchasing addict

Hi, I’m Elina, and I’m a bar purchasing addict. I was going through my cupboards today and couldn’t believe my bar collection. Just look at this!!


That’s 42 bars!


Including a whole box of Larabars that I just “couldn’t pass up” at Costco because the price was too good.



What’s worse is that I have a huge list of other bars I’d like to try, and of course I have to buy the new mini larabars as soon as I find them. Sigh. Addict. I don’t even eat a bar a day. This stash is going to last me months even if I stop buying new ones! On this note, I’m declaring a ban on purchasing new bars until my bar collection is down to single digits (I’m excluding that larabar box because I don’t want to be eating the same larabar flavor day after day. That won’t make for a good blog, now will it? 😉 ) Do you have a similar addiction? Want to join me on my “eat until you can buy more” mission? Maybe I can buy a new pair of shoes this month with all that money saved on bars. Haha. A girl can dream 😆


Breakfast: raspberry peach muffin + 1/2 peach with Barney Butter + 1/2 peach with oikos and walnuts


The Barney Butter “pit” was awesome! :mrgreen:


These muffins are still amazing days after I made them… if possible, they’re even better!


Lunch: ham/cucumber/laughing cow/dijon mustard on whole wheat bread + an unpictured pickle. Nothing to write home about 😕


Mid-afternoon snack: wheat thins with black bean dip and avocado. Yum! :)


By the time I got home at 7:30pm I was starving and had little motivation to cook. I started snacking on random stuff in the kitchen. This is a recreation picture 😀 1 Kashi dark chocolate oatmeal cookie + 2 dates:


Then I realized that cookies and dates don’t make dinner, so I made the easiest “non-recipe” meal I could think of (we desperately need to make a grocery trip!) – english muffin pizzas! This is a FFL english muffin with Cabot reduced fat cheddar, TJ’s pizza sauce and kalamata olives. Simple, delicious and filling. Exactly what I needed 😀


Dessert: Lite halva from Israel


Looks like someone didn’t consume enough veggies today. This means a big salad is in store for tomorrow 😀


I almost missed my workout today! I was crazy busy at work and didn’t get to my project until 3pm!!! Somehow, though, I just got in the groove and at 5:15 I was done. I practically jumped out of my chair when I realized I could still make it to my favorite 5:30 strength class – Group Power. Yeah! This class makes me happy… and makes my arms look nice and toned. 😉

All right, I’m signing off. Gnight 😀

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23 comments to Bar purchasing addict

  • That “stuffed” peach looks awesome! I just bought eleventy billion peaches from Costco (okay, maybe not quite that many), but it’s great to get some new ideas as to what to do with them!

  • ohhh Group Power, we have that at the fitness club i work at!! I have never tried it but i have heard it’s a great class!

    Ummm i super jealous of your bar stash haha. There are so many there i want to try (lara bars especially). Im on the lookout for the Zbar S’mores flavor right now :)

  • Oh wow, I only buy a week’s worth of bars at a time, mostly because I can’t decide what I like best, but I can see how one might get “addicted.”

    Peach looks great, and so do the wheat thins with the dip & avocado.

  • I probably have at least 20, I buy a new flavor every time I am at the store! I am joining you in using my bar stash up.

  • hahaha oh my gosh, so many bars!!!! We both have a grocery store addiction hehe You could open up your own store! Looks like some great eats. That muffin sounds wonderful as well as those dates, yum!

  • I can commiserate with you seeing as though I’m a bar purchasing addict myself! My stash isn’t quite as impressive as yours, but they are overflowing on one of my pantry’s shelves.

    Your breakfast is lovely… I wish all peaches came with a Barney Butter pit ;).

  • I have the exact same problem – I have an entire shelf in my pantry devoted solely to bars! My BF jokes that I’m stocking up for winter, like a squirrel!

  • That is a lot of bars!! What are your favorites so far, besides the Larabars?

  • sister inna

    hey i’ll take some of those bars off your hands 😉 i used to have a very similar obsession with “healthy” treats (cookies/ bars/ crackers etc). and then i ran out of money hahaaahaaa

  • I NEED to try the lite halva!!!! I heart halva but its such an indulgence. The fact that there is lite is making my morning.

    Where do I get some please tell me…

  • Deb

    I too have a “bar addiction”. I have a basket in my cabinet devoted just to bar treats, must have at least 25 in there. I eventually get them all eaten before they get stale!

  • you and me both girl. I have the worst bar problem and I can’t eat them fast enough to catch up with the speed at which I am buying them!!! I want to try that Group Strength class with you. Maybe next week?

  • Hey if you want any help getting rid of some lara bars, or maybe a superfood bar or 2, holla at me! I love laras!

  • Pam

    Elina, I love having such a great assortment of bars like that…..If I was there with you…..I could help you eat them….lol!!

    Enjoy the bar!…lol!

  • aint no shame in loving all those bars! They are so easy and delicious. plus most of them look like larabars which are just out of this world delicious.

    love your sammie :)

  • Those are a lot of bars! But I totally understand. I love trying different bars. Makes for a fun snack.

  • Whoa I’ve never done the peach and PB combo, but that looks legit! I ALWAYS have a ton of bars mostly because I always want to try new flavors, but–day to day–I never actually eat them. After hearing your tally, I kind of want to go count mine! haha

  • send some of those bars my way perhaps 😉
    i love the idea of pb on your peach, looks yummy!

    • Elina

      Hehe, looks like you guys wouldn’t mind taking some of those bars off my hands. I’m going to manage for now, but I’ll let you know if I need help 😉

  • Im giving away the mini Larabars in a give-away right now! It ends tonight, so if you wanna add to you’re amazing collection you should go check it out! (and no worries, I think I have just as many bars as you do in my cupboard. They are just too easy to grab at the store! haha)

  • Liz

    I love bars too; I don’t think I have quite as many as you do, but I always end up picking up new ones that sound good. I love the Larabars the most!

  • Whew! That is indeed a lot of bars. At least you know you’re stocked in the event of some sort of natural disaster 😉
    “Olives ‘n cheese,” used to be my favorite pizza topping as a kid, so that dinner looks especially delicious.


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