Bar purchasing addict

Hi, I’m Elina, and I’m a bar purchasing addict. I was going through my cupboards today and couldn’t believe my bar collection. Just look at this!!


That’s 42 bars!


Including a whole box of Larabars that I just “couldn’t pass up” at Costco because the price was too good.



What’s worse is that I have a huge list of other bars I’d like to try, and of course I have to buy the new mini larabars as soon as I find them. Sigh. Addict. I don’t even eat a bar a day. This stash is going to last me months even if I stop buying new ones! On this note, I’m declaring a ban on purchasing new bars until my bar collection is down to single digits (I’m excluding that larabar box because I don’t want to be eating the same larabar flavor day after day. That won’t make for a good blog, now will it? 😉 ) Do you have a similar addiction? Want to join me on my “eat until you can buy more” mission? Maybe I can buy a new pair of shoes this month with all that money saved on bars. Haha. A girl can dream 😆


Breakfast: raspberry peach muffin + 1/2 peach with Barney Butter + 1/2 peach with oikos and walnuts


The Barney Butter “pit” was awesome! :mrgreen:


These muffins are still amazing days after I made them… if possible, they’re even better!


Lunch: ham/cucumber/laughing cow/dijon mustard on whole wheat bread + an unpictured pickle. Nothing to write home about 😕


Mid-afternoon snack: wheat thins with black bean dip and avocado. Yum! :)


By the time I got home at 7:30pm I was starving and had little motivation to cook. I started snacking on random stuff in the kitchen. This is a recreation picture 😀 1 Kashi dark chocolate oatmeal cookie + 2 dates:


Then I realized that cookies and dates don’t make dinner, so I made the easiest “non-recipe” meal I could think of (we desperately need to make a grocery trip!) – english muffin pizzas! This is a FFL english muffin with Cabot reduced fat cheddar, TJ’s pizza sauce and kalamata olives. Simple, delicious and filling. Exactly what I needed 😀


Dessert: Lite halva from Israel


Looks like someone didn’t consume enough veggies today. This means a big salad is in store for tomorrow 😀


I almost missed my workout today! I was crazy busy at work and didn’t get to my project until 3pm!!! Somehow, though, I just got in the groove and at 5:15 I was done. I practically jumped out of my chair when I realized I could still make it to my favorite 5:30 strength class – Group Power. Yeah! This class makes me happy… and makes my arms look nice and toned. 😉

All right, I’m signing off. Gnight 😀

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