What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Do you guys know the song “Proud” by Heather Small? It’s the Biggest Loser theme song and I absolutely love it! I feel empowered every time I hear it so that’s why before my 7 mile run yesterday (which I was very nervous about) I went to itunes and downloaded the Josh Harris Pride remix of this song (a little faster than the regular) and listened to it before my run (and at about mile 6.5).  I really wanted to title my next post the way I did and for that of course I had to kick that 7 mile run’s booty, right? Well I did it!!!!!!! I did it with no walking at all, at that! I was SO proud 😀

Strategies for yesterday’s run to ensure success:

  • Had a smallish but hearty breakfast + coffee;
  • Updated my workout playlist, which got me really pumped for the run;
  • Made sure to purposely slow down at the beginning of the run.  I felt like I was SO slow, but I knew it was necessary for me to finish strong.

And I did! My average speed was 9:01, much slower than I’ve been running but it was the best run mentally, and my goal was to finish it – I didn’t care about speed. It was hard, but I didn’t think about walking at all. And I just kept on thinking about this post and how proud I’d be to write what I’m writing :)

Oh and another small personal victory: I wore just capri pants + a sportsbra for the run. It’s been so hot and I didn’t want to overheat, so I just went for it. My clothes were cute (thanks Innz for my lululemon gear!) and my newly acquired little tan made me feel confident. I have never ever worn just a sports bra to the gym or outside, even when I was thinner. This was a huge confident booster because I felt like I was rocking that sports bra and no one could tell me otherwise. I’ll spare you the pics 😉

Onto the weekend’s eats. It was a really fun weekend! *This is 2 days’ worth of food.*




Insert a speedy 2 mile run here at 8:07 minute/miles 😀


I dragged Adam to Tendercrop Farm again to buy some grass fed lean beef to make my little burger. I also bought some corn on the cob, a large tomato, and brought 1/2 Food for Life english muffin (all I had) + 1/2 avocado (all I had). I felt a little high maintenance doing this but whatever – my body was thanking me for not consuming over processed sausages the guys were eating. I also stuck to water at the pool party; just didn’t feel like drinking light beer.




On corn: I’ve never grilled corn (never had a grill) and it was interesting to hear that everyone had their own approach to grilling corn – some left the husk on and just plopped it on the grill until the husk was charred, some took the husk off, buttered and S&Ped the corn and wrapped it in tin foil; others left the husk on and wrapped it in tin foil. We decided to test out all the methods on the grill on Saturday. The clear winner: husk on, foiled = juicier corn, less messy grilling 😎


I tried a new bar: Nature’s Path Weil Goji Moji



It was delicious, but very orangy. It says it’s cranberry and goji berry flavored but two of the ingredients were orange peel and orange oil and they really overwhelmed the rest of the flavors. Despite the mislabeled bar flavor (in my opinion) I really enjoyed this bar! *I only had 1/2 of it, so maybe when I have it again and it’s less hot (it was sitting in my purse in the heat before) the cranberry and goji berry flavors will stand out more. We’ll see…

Other food related news: our friends Kyle and Tiffany had their wedding cake at the end of the party (Kyle’s parents, hosts of the pool party, froze a piece of the cake for them). They celebrated their 1-year anniversary last weekend. Here’s is a little action shot of them tasting it. So cute 😀


Um, apparently it tasted like freezer.  Oh well 😆

Dinner was at a local pizza joint in Newburyport – Oregano.



I started with a glass of cabernet and took forever to decide what pizza I wanted. Everything sounded so good! Finally we decided to split a large – my half was the scampi (evoo, crushed garlic, fresh basil, shrimp & grape tomatoes); Adam got the sopressata topping. Oh and I asked to omit the evoo on mine :)



I had 2 slices of the scampi:



And 1 slice of Adam’s sopressata:


I loved the little fresh oregano sprinkles on it :mrgreen:


The pizza was so yummy! Maybe it was because that was exactly what I was craving but I thought it was really great. I fought hard not to eat the last piece and was happy at the end of the day that I didn’t. On the ride home my belly finally caught up with my brain and they both agreed I was satisfied and not hungry at all 😀



Leftover stir-fried tofu and bok choy in ginger sauce + quinoa:


Brownie from Tendercrop Farm; coffee from Au Bon Pain:



The brownie melted in my purse during the pool party so the caramel and pecans kind of melted into the brownie batter, making for an ugly picture – but man, this was incredible!!!! I raved about their rocky road brownie last week and this one was potentially even more amazing. I think a trip to Tendercrop Farm every time we’re near Newburyport is mandatory from now on 😀

Insert here a picture of some raw pecans. I burnt a lot of calories on my run (nearly 900, including the 1+ mile walk home after the run) but I just wasn’t that hungry (working out really curbs my hunger – weird!). Concerned that I wasn’t eating enough, I grabbed a bag of pecans and had a few handfuls. I love nuts! 😛

Dinner: TJ’s quatro formaggio tortellini with zucchini, spinach and sundried tomatoes + a little bit of garlic and evoo. Yum!



All right, I think that’s it. That was a marathon of a post 😆 How was your weekend? What have you done today to make you feel proud?

PS – I did wear my bathing suit to the pool party on Saturday (and didn’t keep it conceiled under a summer dress like on the Fourth of July). No more self doubt! It felt good and I got a sweet tan :)

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21 comments to What have you done today to make you feel proud?

  • Tiffany

    Yay for the sports bra victory! I know I’ve already told you, but your body attitude this weekend made me so darn proud of you.You felt amazing, and in turn you looked amazing. Great job!

    And yeah, boo to freezery wedding cake. What a bummer that was.

  • Congratulations on the run! I am going for my first 7-miler tomorrow.

    Those blueberries look so yummy!

  • Eve

    Your weekend sounds fabulous! Congrats on the great run, and going out in just your sports bra! No reason to cover up, especially in the heat. The brownie looks like the perfect treat. Hope you have a great Monday.

  • Great run! I’m going to check out that song after this.

    I wore a sports bra + capris for a workout in Hawaii last December. I was just feeling great that day so I did it, and I am so glad I did. It was really liberating! I’m glad I’m not the only one 😉

    I have been doing your “countdown” with bites lately with certain foods. I think it’s working!

  • sister inna

    hey congratulations on the bathing suit confidence and the sportsbra love!
    i’m glad you are owning your body these days — especially now that you are switching to a different style of “sane”.
    your food looks super yum as always.. that pizza is making my mouth water :)

  • I’m proud of my 7 miler today too! :)

    Thanks for posting about Oregano… my girlfriends and I walked by a couple of weeks ago, and thought it looked nice… and your pictures certainly confirm that!!

    Congrats on all your personal victories! You’re an inspiration!

  • K

    Way to go with the run!! That’s fantastic and your pace isn’t slow at all, mine is MUCH longer than that 😉

    Those brownies look heavenly!! That Goji Moji bar kind of reminded me of the fig newton fillings!

  • congrats girlie! I am so PROUD of you today! LOL. but also I am forcing myself to make a hour long tip to meet up with my college roomie and really good friend to sit a the pool and tan/swim at the hotel, she is in my area for a couple days with her fam picking up her sis from camp so better do it now or never and back at college we aren’t doing such things in the middle of CT! lol Proud that I am wearing a bathing suit and dealing with it! Congrats again so happy for you when i read your post

  • Elina

    Thanks, Tiffany! Yesterday was fun :)

    Lara – I like the word “liberating” for this. Guys go running shirtless all time time. We should be able to run in our sports bras!

    Innz – I’m happy about it too. I felt so good about my body this weekend. Not sure what changed but I’ll take it 😀

    Elizabeth – congrats on the 7 miler!!!!! I heard Oregano’s pastas aren’t great but the pizza definitely was.

    K- hehe, we all run at different speeds. I compare myself only to myself :) Fig newton filling? Hmm, interesting. I definitely need to eat the other half asap! 😀

    Chelsey – yay for rocking that bathing suit!! Definitely take advantage of the summer. No reason to waste it worrying about bathing suits.

  • What a positive couple of days!!!! That is so encouraging. Also, congrats on wearing a sports bra on your run. I am hoping to gain enough confidence to one day just wear a sports bra when I teach a ZUmba class.

  • Elina, congrats on an awesome run and rockin’ that outfit during it! You just motivated me to get my butt in gear, I need to get a good long run in this week/weekend.

    Proud? I got up early this morning and got a great workout in (Making the Cut by Jillian Michaels) and packed my(healthy) b’fast/lunch and snacks for the day!

  • Great job on the run! Lucky for you to have Lululemon clothes.

    Proud moment? Yesterday I went running even though I didnt’ want to.

  • awesome way to rockout your run AND bathing suit :) it’s looking like i need a trip to newburyport 😉 hehe. sounds like a GREAT weekend!!

  • I stopped procrastinating and wrote up a draft of my syllabus for this fall. I feel SO relieved. I still have a lot of work to do but somehow just having an outline makes me feel better. Yum on the grassfed beef. I have some defrosting in the refrigerator right now and am planning to make taco salad tonight. I’m not sure how far out tender crop is, but if you’re ever looking for something close by the farm I get my CSA through (Stillman’s at the Turkey Farm) is at the copley farmer’s market (Details here: http://www.stillmansfarm.com/turkeyfarmfarmersmarkets.html). So far the chicken I had was very good and am looking forward to the beef tonight. I also put in an order for some pork shoulder to pick up on Wednesday. Yum!

  • wow running in the sports bra I can do that here on the mill at home, but not outside the house…not there yet!!

  • Yay for a good run! I’m proud of myself for my recent workouts too – I did a 6 miler at a good pace this weekend. I haven’t gone that far in quite some time!

  • Elina

    Ooh, Madison – I’m definitely not there yet. Too many mirrors in that room. I bet you can rock that sports bra though 😉

    Betsy – great job!! I am SO not a morning person. I commend you for being so productive by the time you leave for work 😀

    Ttfn – yeah, we’ve gone there 2 weekends in a row- kinda funny. It was a fabulous weekend!

    Kelly – a syllabus? Interesting! I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. :) I’ll email you for more details about that meat CSA…

    Amanda – you can TOTALLY do it!!!

    Daria- congrats! Doesn’t it feel so good to know what your body can accomplish?! :mrgreen:

  • Awesome job on the 7 miler, Elina! Oh, and props for the bathing suit and sports bra – feeling confident in what you’re wearing is a great feeling.

    All of the food looks delish. I’ve been known to bring my own fare to picnics and BBQs ;).

  • Way to rock that run, Elina! Great job! That’s definitely something to feel proud about :)

    That brownie looks divine, and so does that grilled corn! Also, way to feel confident in that bathing suit. Great job!

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