Tour guide for the day?

I am so excited for the Healthy Living Summit I can barely contain myself! I don’t know how much “face time” I’ll get with my favorite bloggers but the great thing about events like this is that they provide an opportunity to meet all sorts of new bloggers and readers! I am also trying to get out of work a little early to show Chandra around Boston before the cocktail party tonight. The sun is shining and I am SO ready for the weekend to begin! 😎

Here are yesterday’s eats. I’m a little tired right now to write anything too inspirational or informative, so hopefully some of these pics will at least make you hungry 😉

Breakfast: banana/cranberry oatmeal in a Barney Butter jar + coffee



Lunch: roasted veggies (orange peppers, eggplant, zucchini) with goat cheese on sourdough bread + grape tomatoes and rainbow carrots


I guess one of the zucchini pieces wanted to come out and play. 😆

Mid-afternoon “snack”: JP Licks oatmeal cookie and chocolate chip cookie hard frozen yogurt

This was a hard decision… there are so many options!


Mmm… I <3 ice cream (or froyo :) )


Guess who happened to be at JP Licks at the same time?


Haha, I love Sammie’s son in this pic… he was very excited! 😀 This little get together was a little rushed (the girls are busy setting up for the main event!) but it was still good to see everyone.

After a little bloggie break, I went back to work for a bit. My motivation to work was not very strong at this point as most everyone was already at Vox – drinking… so I stopped pretending to be productive and followed suit 😀

I started with (an unpictured) glass of cabernet, which was making me nice and sweaty. Seriously I felt like I was going through menopause or something. I switched to a cold Magners cider after that. This is a 22oz bottle. Oh yeah, this was going to be a long night… :)


After maybe an hour and a half, we sat down for dinner. I was hoping I could order from their a la carte menu, but they presented us with a special restaurant week 3-course menu only. It was customized for our group so I just ordered like I was supposed to :)

I started with the Vox summer salad: field of greens with tri-color peppers, beefsteak tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, crumbled goat cheese and fresh herbs, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil


There was a lot of oil on this salad, so I just basically picked off the grape tomatoes which seemed to absorb the least amount of oil. Oh yeah, I also got another glass of wine at some point during this first course.

I thought the chicken was going to be the lighter option for my entree so I went with the Statler chicken rosemary: oven roasted Statler chicken breast with citrus and organic heirloom tomato risotto, drizzle of white truffle rosemary oil


The “drizzle” of oil clearly was more than a drizzle. I was a little put off by the bath of oil my entree was swimming in, but I worked around it for the most part and this dish was actually incredibly delicious. The citrus risotto was very creamy (loved the lemon!) and the rosemary aroma was prominent but not overwhelming. Delish! I ate most of the chicken and maybe 1/2 of the risotto.

I skipped the chocolate mousse cake and again chose a slightly lighter dessert option – the summer crepe: traditional crepe filled with lemon mascarpone cheese and topped with fresh berry marmalade


Actually this was quite small. It was just okay. I ate the crepe, without the whipped cream, mostly because it was in front of me and the wine (hmm, there may have been another pour into my glass at some point) was certainly not helping with the whole “eating mindfully” thing. I had a really great time, though! There were 16 of us at this dinner (even more people at drinks at the beginning) and we were all just laughing and chatting… this was exactly what I needed – just good old fun! I came home around 10pm a little tipsy, and my husband was there happy to greet me. What could be better?! :)

The idea of drinks tonight is not too exciting right now, so I’m off to sweat it all out at spin class! Hope you have a great weekend… maybe I’ll see some of you tonight! 😀

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15 comments to Tour guide for the day?

  • sister inna

    AHA! you HAVE been trying to make everyone hungry! i knew it 😉
    what’s up with the oatmeal out of BB jar? weird! you need to explain yourself lol
    that crepe looks right up my alley. good thing it’s friday– maybe i’ll have one with drinks tonight 😀

  • Um…definitely made ME hungry!! haha!

    How fun… Have a great time this weekend! I can’t wait for recaps :)

  • Yum crepes make me want to jump up and down. I love them so much! I really need to make some–I have never done that and they seem so easy.

  • Glad you’re having fun!!! :) The roasted veggie sandwich looks delicious. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Wishing I could be in Boston to hang with everyone! Enjoy the Summit!

  • aww, have fun with chandra! see you later :)

  • Have fun at HLS! I wish I could be there.
    Love the crepe.

  • K

    Dear Barney Butter – come to the Midwest!! 😀 I love your oats!

    Hope you enjoy this weekend!!

  • ohh I have been meaning to ask.. I’m trying to schedule a work trip like Aug 30-1st or something it would be great to meet up!!

  • awww damn I wish I could have been here for the JPLicks get together! How was meeting all the lovely ladies?
    Do you order your Barney Butter? that jar of oatmeal looks bomb!

  • Yummo! Hey, I’m trying to get into intuitive eating myself. Any tips? I’m sick of getting so hung up on the nutritional value of my food. I just want to be able to eat healthy, have a treat every now and then, and not be worried that I haven’t consumed X number of healthy fats that day. You seem to be having a ton of success with intuitive eating, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Any holy cow that dessert hummus looks divine!

  • I love the group photo! I hope you’re having fun at the summit–I just saw you on camera on the live stream! Hehe :)

  • hi elina! it was so good to meet you — can’t wait to read your summit recap :)

  • Elina

    Haha, Innz – eating out of nut butter jars is the new cool thing to do. Haven’t you heard? 😉 Actually it was really fun and saved washing a bowl.

    Madison – I’ve tried making crepes before. Actually I’m absolutely horrible at making them… maybe I’m missing the crepe making gene ’cause my mom is amazing at making crepes 😀

    K- I’ll add to that – dear BB, please also come to Boston! I’m sick of paying shipping fees :)

    Amanda – I’ll be traveling that weekend :( I’ll shoot you an email. Hope we can meet at some point!

    Mimi- oh man, tough question! I think I took a giant step backwards this weekend just when I thought I was starting to get in the groove of things. I’m definitely no expert! Try to listen to your hunger cues, see if you’re eating because you’re hungry and give yourself a break when it’s for other reasons. We’re human after all. It’s hard. Good luck!

    Sara – it was really nice meeting you too! :)


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