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August 18th, 2009 · 22 Comments · breakfast, chicken, Indian, salad, shrimp, smoothies, snacks

Hi guys! I’m sorry for being MIA yesterday. We’re closing on our new condo this Friday and moving on Sunday, so packing has really taken over my life. I’m trying to balance that with work, working out, cooking and still eating healthy and it hasn’t been easy. I feel like we’ve been in denial about packing for a little while now (although our apartment is already filled with boxes most of the stuff definitely still needs to be packed) but there is not much time to procrastinate any longer. Blogging may have to take the back seat for a little while and will get sporatic. Hope you stick around :)

Here are yesterday’s eats. I tried the Amazing Grass original powder and didn’t hate it! I really thought it would taste like dirt, but in a smoothie with bananas, mango, mixed berries, milk and white grape juice, it just tasted like fake protein powder. With all the amazing stuff that’s in this powder (wheat grass, barley grass, rice protein, hemp protein, acai, carrot, blueberry, goji, rose hips, maca, banana + various enzymes) it could be worth a purchase to bulk up breakfast on occasion. I have a few other samples, including the chocolate flavored kind, so we’ll see if I become an addict by the time my stash is gone 😉



This girl needs solid food with her breakfast… add organic spelt toast with Barney Butter. Yum!


Random discovery: a red grape covered in the toasted almond hummus tastes like a maraschino cherry. I’m actually a sour cherry kind of a girl but I thought it was fun :) I just had 1 of these for experimental purposes 😆


Pre workout snack: 2 medjool dates


Lunch: mixed greens, roasted veggies (eggplant, zucchini, peppers), grape tomatoes, shrimp + goat cheese.



It was a great salad, but my sweet tooth wanted to be satisfied too. I reached into the desk drawer for some chocolate and found a fudge brownie. Sweet! Totally forgot I stashed it there. :mrgreen:


Mid afternoon snack: TJ’s low carb tortilla + Barney Butter + 1/2 banana. Who said you can’t have Barney Butter twice in 1 day 😉


Dinner: healthy chicken tikka masala + brown rice and nonfat yogurt (by popular demand, the recipe for the chicken has been provided in the comments section :) )


+ juicy personal sized watermelon slices


I also overindulged on some pecans and roasted almonds straight out of their bags. Gotta stop that! 😳

Sorry for a lack-laster post. I went to an amazing restaurant on Sunday and am dying to do a restaurant review post (even if you don’t live in Boston, the pictures will make you hungry!) but that will have to wait. Hope you’re having a great week. I’ll try to post as often as I can but I can’t promise much at this point. I’ll be better next week 😀

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  • #1 - Lauren

    Oooo, I’m excited for the restaurant post!

    Did you make the tikka masala? I’d love the recipe.

  • #2 - Coco

    Yum YUm Yum! Our breakfasts our very similar!!!! This morning I had the same exact thing, but different ingredients in my smoothie.
    Yummy snack!

  • #3 - Elina

    Lauren – yes I did make it. Check your email :)

    Coco – aren’t smoothies fun? 😀

  • #4 - not sister inna

    i second lauren’s request for the tikka masala recipe if you’re willing to share it!

  • #5 - Pam (Highway to Health)

    Good luck with the move!

  • #6 - allijag

    Red grape in hummus? You are a genius! :)

  • #7 - K

    Hooray for closing – good luck with all the packing and the big move!!

    I can’t wait to hear about the restaurant!

  • #8 - Kelly

    I’ll stick around. Glad to hear that the greens didn’t suck although I have to admit, I’m so skeptical

  • #9 - Elina

    Inna – check your email 😀

    Allijag- I didn’t actually come up with it. The Crazy Camel company suggested it. It was a fun tasting :)

    K – thanks! :mrgreen:

    Kelly – have you tried the famous green smoothies? I really like them so this wasn’t too different, except for a slightly fake powder taste. It definitely didn’t taste like grass (or dirt!) though 😆

  • #10 - Julie

    Moving day is always fun, packing however, sucks! I can see why you put it off, I’d do the same!

  • #11 - Valerie

    Good luck with moving! Can’t wait to see that restaurant review!

  • #12 - kitchenbelle

    I would also love to know your healthy chicken tikka masala recipe! YUM!

  • #13 - Kate

    I’d love that recipe too. I LOVE chicken tikka.

    Good luck with moving- very exciting!

  • #14 - Elina

    Wow, looks like this is a highly requested recipe. I got the recipe from the Sapna Magazine but it’s quite old so the link to it no longer works. That’s why I didn’t post it. It is not as creamy as chicken tikka masala you may be used to in restaurants, in fact it does not taste like it at all, but it’s a good Indian dish nonetheless. Here is the recipe – I hope the magazine doesn’t mind that I’m posting it here (given that it used to be publicly available).

    235 calories + 10 g fat = Guilt Free Gourmet Makhani


    Cooking Spray
    3 tsp. of cayenne pepper
    1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into bite sized cubes
    1 tsp. of salt
    1 onion chopped finely
    1 tsp. of pepper
    1 tsp. of canola oil
    1 tsp. of cumin
    1/4 tsp. of turmeric powder
    1 cup whole milk
    2 tbs. of butter
    3 Tbs. of tomato paste
    1 tbs. of lemon juice
    1 cup tomato puree
    1 tbs. of freshly grated ginger
    1/4 plain non fat yogurt
    1 tbs. of freshly chopped garlic
    1 cup water
    1 tbs. of garam masala

    • Spray your pan with the cooking spray and sear the chicken cubes. Once done, take the chicken out of the pan and put aside
    • Sauté onion in one teaspoon of canola oil on low heat
    • Add turmeric powder and sauté for another 1 minute with continuous stirring
    • Add butter, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, garam masala, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, cumin and sauté for another 5 minutes
    • Add chicken back to the pan and cook for another 3 minutes
    • Stir in milk and yogurt to the pan
    • Stir in Tomato paste
    • Stir in tomato puree and water
    • Continue to let this simmer for 30-45 minutes, or until sauce has thickened
    Servings: 4
    *Of note, this dish is extremely spicy! I’ve cut the spices by half over the years, and it’s still spicy but does not burn your mouth off 😉 Let me know if you’re successful at making this dish creamier! Enjoy :)

  • #15 - Elina

    Julie – I hope that our moving day is fun. My previous experiences have all been pretty nightmarish but we have a good crew helping us out this time, so hopefully it will go smoothly. 😀

    Valerie – I’ll try to post it soon! 😎

  • #16 - Jenny

    good luck with the rest of your packing and moving :)

  • #17 - Ania

    Hey Elina!

    It was nice to meet you at the summit! I hope the move into your new place goes smoothly! : )

    And we finally made it to JP Licks Saturday night! It was sooo good…..half oatmeal cookie, half mocha chip….mmmm!!!

    Anddd I wrote on Lauren’s wall, but I have to tell you, the hummus from NH looks amazing!!!! I loveeeeee hummus, and cannot wait to try all six kinds!

  • #18 - Alison

    Good luck with the move! I know how crazy closing and moving can be. Hope it’s smooth as can be.

  • #19 - Melissa

    Hey Elina!! It was so great meeting you this weekend and hanging out! Thanks again for showing us the ropes at JP Licks :) I can’t wait to come to Boston again sometime (hopefully soon) LOL!

  • #20 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Congrats on closing on the condo! That is huge!
    I’m drooling over your shrimp salad. I am obsessed with shrimp this week for some odd reason.

  • #21 - Elina

    Ania – it was really nice meeting you too! Maybe we can meet up at some point next time I’m in NY :) Oh and I’m glad you enjoyed JP Licks. It’s definitely an awesome place!

    Alison – thanks! 😀

    Melissa – I was so glad to have met you as well. Good luck with your half, if you choose to do it! Definitely let me know if you’re able to come to Boston again. I can be a better tour guide next time 😆

    Lara – shrimp is pretty awesome. It’s ok to obsess over healthy food 😉