Sneaking out of work for lunch + blogging

I feel so naughty right now. I’m blogging on my lunch break FROM HOME! Did I mention that our new condo is a block away from my work? I don’t think this will ever get old. I just finished a delicious lunch in my peaceful apartment and now I get to blog (but very quickly because I do need to get back to work). So so cool 😎

Thank you all again for your happy birthday wishes to Adam. He skimmed through my last post and went straight to the comments section and was shocked to see that everyone was wishing him a happy birthday. Did you tell them it was my birthday? he asked.  Hehe, that will teach him not reading my posts in great detail 😉 Anyways, he loved it so thank you! I ended up taking him out to KO Prime – a modern steakhouse. I’m not much of a steakhouse person and Adam loves them but since I’m never really in the mood for one, it usually ends up being a treat for him on his birthday. This dinner was great, but I’ll have to do a separate post for it. My camera battery actually decided to die on me right at the beginning of dinner and I almost freaked out, but it held up enough to take 1 picture at a time, and completely died after a quick photo of dessert. Phew! :)

Here are the rest of yesterday’s eats…

Breakfast: 2 Nature’s Path buckwheat blueberry waffles with Barney Butter and Maine blueberries + iced coffee


I really liked these waffles! They did not taste cardboard-y like many whole wheat/healthy waffles taste to me, and the wildberries made the house smell amazing when I was toasting them. I think they are going to replace my previously beloved Kashi Heart 2 Heart waffles due to great taste and a superior ingredients list. :) The Maine blueberries were so tiny and cute. Loved them! :mrgreen:

Mid-morning snack: strawberry chobani (the last one from my old stash. I’m sticking to organic dairy going forward)

Lunch was with a friend at b.good. I ordered my favorite salad – the southwestern chicken: mesclun, avocado, corn, tomatoes, black beans, toasted corn, chipotle balsamic dressing

The toasted corn is the best part! So crunchy and delicious!!! I need to find a way to replicate it at home 😀

And then I decided to stop by the house to wish Adam a happy birthday in person (he was still sleeping when I left for work)… he took the day off to relax and do a little more unpacking. His parents ended up popping in at the same time and brought him a birthday cake. Sweet! 😀

I had a slice of this delicious strawberry cheesecake. This piece was tiny so I went back for seconds 😉

I’m so happy at this new place! Hopefully work will settle down in a few days. I need to get a lot done because I’m going away this weekend for 5 days… will share my plans with you soon! 😛 How is your week going? Mine is flying by!

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