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Saying no, and really meaning it

August 1st, 2009 · 18 Comments · breakfast, dessert, okra, snacks, The Best Light Recipe cookbook

Hi darlings. How was your Friday? Mine was really fun. I ate well, had a great workout and ended the evening with some friends. What more can you ask for? :) I’ll jump straight into yesterday’s eats and explain the title of my post as I go.

Breakfast was really simple: 1 piece of organic sprouted grain toast with peanut butter and blueberries + side of fresh blueberries and cantaloupe. I cut the bread into little pieces for fun, not because of the small bites tip the RD gave me (I think it will be necessary for my treats only).


Mmm, melty pb. Yum :)



Then I got to making lunch. Our fridge and freezer are starting to look bare so I couldn’t even combine any leftovers into anything worth eating. The good news: I had all the ingredients for stir-fried tofu and bok choy in ginger sauce I’ve been meaning to make from The Best Light Recipe book. I got this book from my friend Katy for my birthday and I love it!! It talks about technique, compares different healthier alternatives to each other, provides recommendations for product brands, and lastly walks you through their thought process on how they made the full-fat version recipe lighter (what worked and what didn’t). I especially appreciate this last part because I hope to start thinking like that on my own. One day :)


This is what my meal was supposed to look like. Pretty, no?


Here is what it actually looked like in a to-go container. Not as much of a looker (btw, I also made some quinoa on the side) but man, was it delicious!!!! I really LOVED this dish and cannot wait to make more meals from this book (next up on the list – blueberry muffins. Mmm)


Pre-workout snack (workout was 4.5 mile run on the treadmill + 0.5 mile walk + 16 minutes on ET. Sweaty and awesome!):


And here is the day’s treat of the day. No I did not eat the whole tray 😉 These are cookie topped brownies from Another One Bites the Crust (recipe was found through Soap & Chocolate… thanks, Diana!!) and well, you can probably guess from these mouth-watering pictures that they are awesome!



I substituted nonfat yogurt for apple sauce, thus de-veganizing this recipe a bit, but otherwise followed it to the T. I tried cutting down on sugar a bit but after tasting the batter, added the rest of it as per the recipe. It didn’t seem like a healthy treat while I was baking it, but now that I think about it, it’s definitely much healthier than your typical brownie/cookie. It’s made with ww pastry flour and there is no butter. Still quite a bit of sugar but it won’t be a treat without that. I brought most of these guys to work and packed a little piece for me.


So here is where the title of this post comes from. Mid-afternoon I enjoyed this little guy with my tea. It was delicious! I ate it at my desk but tried not to do any work while eating and really concentrated on the flavor of this and the whole experience. Literally the second I finished it, my co-worker got a package from his mom with HUGE cookies from Tom’s Mom’s cookies. These cookies looked absolutely incredible but I just finished my treat and didn’t need another cookie. Instead of being afraid that I’ll feel deprived later if I didn’t have any, I took a cookie, put it in a ziplock bag (keep them in my desk drawer for “emergencies” like this) and put it in my desk drawer to enjoy on Monday. Done and done. My co-worker tried to convince me to have some right away, but I said no and really meant it! I didn’t want it right away. I’m sure this cookie will taste better on Monday when I can truly appreciate it :)

On my way out the door, the co-worker stuffed a cookie in my purse to “take home to Adam.” It got a little beaten up so I gave the whole part to Adam and threw the cookie crumbs into a yogurt for a pre-dinner snack (I was starving and dinner was going to take 30+ minutes). Adam loved the cookie so I can’t wait to have it on Monday 😀 My little snack was perfect for me.


Oh and do you see those Oreos in the background? Adam picked them up for our Rounders “party.” If you’ve seen Rounders (and if you haven’t – go rent/buy it right away – it’s an AWESOME movie) you’ll know why. I didn’t have any! HFCS, no thanks. I wasn’t even tempted. I sent the rest of the box home with friends. No need to have them in the house.

Ok, onto dinner. The star ingredient was okra, which I picked up at the farmers market last week. These guys are pretty funky.



When I saw okra, I immediately thought of cornmeal crusted oven baked okra. Not sure why. Maybe this meal Kath had really stuck in my mind, although I actually don’t remember reading about it. I did a bit of searching for the recipe and of course stumbled upon Kath’s version of it. I decided to copy her side dish too (substituting lean ham for bacon and omitting the dates that we didn’t have) :) Here is my whole dinner:


Closeup of the “fried okra”:


Collard greens, organic kidney beans, lean ham:


I was really excited for this meal but the okra was kind of bland tasting. I added a bunch of hot sauce to the egg/milk mixture but I guess it wasn’t enough. I think you need to season the cornmeal because it’s kind of tasteless. Overall this meal was fun though :)

For accountability reasons I should also mention that while watching the movie with our friends I also had a glass of red wine, a 100 calorie pack of almonds, some reduced fat smoked gouda and roasted cashews. This was consumed over the course of the night and I was truly hungry so I feel fine with eating what seems like a lot. Looking back at my meals it’s possible that I actually didn’t eat enough during the day (although I felt satisfied throughout the day) so I think it all evens out at the end.

How was your Friday night? Have you seen Rounders? Do you like oreos?

I’m off to do a quicky 2 mile run and then get ready for a pool party. Let’s see if I get the guts to wear a bathing suit today. Hmm.

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  • #1 - Anne K.

    Glad you had such a good day! Your breakfast is so pretty. I love the little blueberry toast bites. So cute!

    The cookie brownies look fantastic, and great job saying no. That can be really hard to do :)

    My friday night was pretty chill, I’ve never seen Rounders, and I don’t really like oreos 😉 Rock that bathing suit with confidence, girl!

  • #2 - ttfn300

    rock that suit :) you’ll look fabulous, and it’s too hot not too! sounds like a you had a great friday! i’m loving those cookie topped brownies… yummy. i’ve wondered about that cookbook too, that tofu dish looks great!

    have a great weekend!

  • #3 - Daria (Summer of the CSAs)

    Nice work saying no!

    I love oreos – they’re one of those foods I pretty much always have to say no to or I’ll way overindulge. Ah well, there are better treats out there!

  • #4 - Lauren

    I love the idea of getting together with friends and eating food while watching a movie… we should plan another blogger get together to do just that!

    Yes, I’ve seen Rounders and liked it a lot… and yes, I love Oreos, but can’t remember the last time I ate one. The ingredients just aren’t worth it!

    The cookie-topped brownies look amazing :)

  • #5 - Eve

    It looks like you had a fabulous day! That was quite an accomplishment to say no to the cookie, I love that you saved it for Monday – this was a huge step in the right direction :)

    And I’m sure you were hungry after dinner b/c it was pretty light!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • #6 - Kath

    Oh man, I want that meal too now!

  • #7 - katecooks

    your breakfast looks so cute! i love the blueberry toppers on each bite. good job on the treats today :) you were able to enjoy something really delicious and now you have something delicious to enjoy at the start of next week! i think just making those choices makes your mind feel clearer and your body cleaner, you know??

  • #8 - Shannon, The Healthy Beach Bum

    That is such an amazing idea to cut up toast like that! It kinda tricks your mind that you’re eating more and it helps you savor every bite. Love it! I am definitely going to steal this tip :)

    Fried okra is amazing! :) Never seen Rounders before.. but oreos are amazing! I think I could eat an entire package in one sitting.

  • #9 - Alison

    Okra is really tasty fried. I also like it pickled.

    Great job with saying no! I definitely would’ve caved.

    I love your little toast bites. It makes breakfast fun.

  • #10 - Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15)

    I’m trying hard to let myself start eating intuitively. But it’s SO hard to stop counting calories. If you ever want to chat, please drop me a note. I’d love any IE advice!

    Teehee, I always giggle when I see Southern cooking on healthy living blogs. It is possible! Fried okra is an overrated soulfood though. Gimme greens any day!

  • #11 - nicole h

    hey i am the same way for some reason through out the day i htink i eat enough but at the end of the day i get very hungry,i look back and realize i probaly did not eat enough. so i can understand

  • #12 - What have you done today to make you feel proud?

    […] Saying no, and really meaning it […]

  • #13 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Small victories like that make a big difference, I think :) I like your yogurt compromise, too. Oh, and the fact that you keep ziploc baggies in your desk confirms to me that you are awesome.

  • #14 - Shelly

    I’m a southern girl so I love okra! Some people are put off by the texture of un-breaded okra (slimy) but I like it. When I make okra I leave it whole and just boil it with canned stewed tomatoes, a bay leaf and some red pepper. It’s wonderful with cornbread. :)

  • #15 - Elina

    Anne K + Shannon (the healthy beach bum) – you ladies both MUST see Rounders asap 😆

    Ttfn – I really love that cookbook!

    Lauren – have you tried organic oreos? I think Nature’s Path makes them. Still a sugary treat but at least there is no crazy junk in them.

    Katecooks – yes, definitely! 😀

    Mimi – I’m not IE expert just yet so I don’t know if I can give you too many helpful tips at this point. It is hard but I think I’m getting the hang of it. The important thing for me was to establish some rules, otherwise I just go nuts and binge. Good luck! Shoot me an email if you want to talk…

    Alison – mmm, I think I’d like pickled okra.

    Lara – you’re awesome! I already sent you an email on that front 😉

  • #16 - Dish Gal

    umm I think your tofu looks amazing!

  • #17 - Dealing with your feelings

    […] Saying no, and really meaning it […]

  • #18 - Elina

    Shelly – that sounds delicious :)