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Oops I did it again

August 5th, 2009 · 15 Comments · breakfast, dessert, salad, snacks

I ordered some Lululemon stuff from Rue La La the other day and the package arrived on Monday night. Somehow I completely forgot about it but the second I saw it yesterday morning I had to rip right into it. What I found was a perfectly fitting sports bra and a zip up jacket. I was psyched that everything fit and looked great! So psyched that I forgot to pack a shirt with my sports bra to bring for my lunch run. 😳 So what’s a girl to do? Skip a workout or rock that new pretty sports bra, shirtless? I chose the latter given my empowering experience on Sunday. It was a little odd this time because I had to walk nearly half-naked through a mall, and the entire time I was nervous I was going to run into my co-workers. Can you imagine seeing your boss with your stomach all exposed? Eek. Thank god I didn’t see anyone! Once I got to the river where almost every guy was running shirtless and many of the girls were in just sports bras, I felt much more comfy. I won’t repeat this again, though. Even on my lunch break I need to be somewhat professional.

Onto yesterday’s eats. A lot of random stuff that is pretty much self-explanatory.






Insert here a TJ’s 100 calorie dark chocolate bar that I had with this lunch. A little later I was also offered a piece of cake that I just couldn’t refuse.




Dinner was at my parents’ house. We had to say hello to a friend of theirs that is flying back to Israel on Friday so Adam and I went straight there after work. This is a chicken/mushroom cake (cutlet?) with buckwheat, grape tomatoes and half-sour pickles. So Russian! I had a second one of the chicken cakes.


Since I already had some cake earlier in the day, I stayed away from the chocolates they offered for dessert (well actually I had 1 unpictured chocolate covered almond) and had a bunch of sweet cherries and watermelon instead.


Oh and there was quite a bit of wine consumed. We were also celebrating my parents’ 30-year anniversary! Good stuff! :mrgreen:


Good day overall. I had a great 4-mile run (8:35 ave minute miles/no walking) and my Aunt is feeling a little better. Thanks again for all your well wishes!! :)

I’m going out to dinner tonight with some blogger friends. Can’t wait for this day to fly by so I can get to the fun stuff 😉

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  • #1 - Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    GO YOU on the rockin’ the sports bra! At least it was an adorable lululemon one 😉

  • #2 - Alison

    Oooh…Lululemon! I’d love to see a picture – either of you or pics from the website of what you bought. I really want to get Lululemon products, but so expensive :-(

  • #3 - Lauren

    Rock that sports bra!

    Looking forward to seeing you tonight :)

  • #4 - Eve

    I am obsessed with lululemon :) The clothing they make fits so perfectly! Sounds like you had another great eating day – if you didn’t check out my post yesterday on ‘normal’ eating – please do! I think you will like it.

  • #5 - Madison

    You were workin’, twerkin’ that sports bra! So proud of you! I am going to check out their website right now to look at all their goodies.

  • #6 - sister inna

    oh MAN!
    that simple “russian plate” just looks soo good to me i don’t know why.. must be the pickle/ buckwheat combo :)
    can’t wait for some yummy russian food this weekend!
    oh and — rue lala: i always get their emails so late in the day it’s all sold out by the time i look at the sales… i saw that lulu sale and was so disappointed i couldn’t get to it in time :(

  • #7 - Tiffany

    Omg, Rue La La: thank God I’m a budgeter, or I’d be in trouble!

    I’m glad you had the confidence to run in a sports bra again. Good for you! That’s really fantastic, and I’m sure you feel amazing when it’s all said and done :)

  • #8 - Dave Fannin

    Those blueberries look awesome

  • #9 - Anne K.

    That’s great you still did the workout in just the sports bra! Way to rock your confidence :)
    Mmm that cake looks fantastic! Uber chocolaty and I love the look of that frosting.

    Oooh sweet cherries. They are sooo yummy, especially the crop here right now!

  • #10 - Daria (Summer of the CSAs)

    Way to be confident! It takes guts to risk running into a coworker in workout gear, but getting the run in is definitely worth it. :)

  • #11 - Elina

    Alison, I’ll take a pic for you once the stuff gets washed. I wear Lululemon stuff almost exclusively – it’s the most comfortable and stylish workout gear in my opinion. I’ve been a fan for years! :)

    Lauren – me too 😀

    Innz – yeah, I hate that. I also got a really cute jacket stolen under my belt there. I hate that people can buy stuff that you already put in your shopping card. Kind of annoying. Glad I was able to at least buy some stuff. It was a really good deal :)

    Tiffany – yeah Rue La La and all those discount shopping websites totally get me in trouble. It just seems like a good deal and then I wonder why I have no $$ left in my account at the end of the month. Oops 😳

    Daria – definitely worth it!! :mrgreen:

  • #12 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Thanks for the link to Rue La La–I have never heard of it before so I just signed up.
    You did a great job with IE today! I wish I could say the same :(

  • #13 - Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    The Russian food looks great! I’m so intrigued by that cuisine – I need to take advantage of all the Russian restos in Brooklyn!

  • #14 - Paige

    Good for you for going on your run anyway! I’m not sure I would have had the courage.

  • #15 - Elina

    Diana – you definitely should! My sister and I used to love going to Brighton Beach when I lived in NY. There are some really great Russian restaurants in Brooklyn for sure :)

    Paige – I thought it was worth a little nervousness at first to get a great workout in. I was really happy I got the guts to do it 😀