Moderation and Bacci Chocolate Design

Moderation is such a loaded word in my opinion. They say “everything in moderation”, but what does that really mean? I was at the gym locker room the other day and overheard a conversation that slightly horrified me and inspired this post. The woman was complaining about her baby sitter that frequented Dunkin Donuts in the afternoons for a cup of coffee for herself and a donut or 2 for the kid. This woman was in a great shape, clearly very passionate about health and fitness, and was not happy about her kid consuming 1 or 2 donuts a day, everyday. The baby sitter argued that everything should be ok in moderation, to which the woman replied “Moderation is maybe once in 2 months, not everyday!” Now I’m not going to get into the topic of how to raise a kid with a healthy attitude towards food. I know it’s a hard subject, and I know that one day when Adam and I do have kids, this will be something I will have to deal with. I think that this story applies to all of us, though. I believe that telling yourself that you can have a donut in 2 months when you want one now is not realistic, healthy, or moderate behavior. You know from my recent posts that I started including a treat/day to prevent some bingeing behavior. I actually think that in general this is excessive but I need to do this right now as the middle ground between all or nothing, and I’ve been happier (and binge free!) since incorporating this strategy.  I can pass (most days) on a second serving of dessert if I know I can have it tomorrow (which is only 1 day away – not 2 months!).  Moderation is definitely key to a healthy and balanced diet, but how much is too much? What does moderation mean to you?

My meals yesterday were repeats of everything you’ve seen in the past, so instead today I thought I’d introduce to you one of my loves: Bacci Chocolate Design. This is a wholesale distributor of chocolates – I got this gourmet brownie below at the Atkin Farms Country Market on our trip to Amherst back in April. If you like what you see here – check out the Bacci Chocolate Design website for locations they distribute to.


‘Nuff said? :) Ok ok, I’ll give you a little more. I’m usually not a fan of pre-wrapped things. They seem less fresh to me. Give me a baked good fresh out of the oven any day over the pre-packaged variety! But on this particular day at the Atkin Farms the brownie spoke to me. Oh yeah, I also got a few other fresh baked goods that I knew would be consumed immediately, so the packaging actually ensured that I would have some self-restraint and wait at least a day to taste this. I didn’t know what to expect. I think it was kind of an impulse purchase, actually.

As soon as we got back from our trip, I dug in. Naked brownie:


I made some nice yogi tea and cut into this baby.  Oh man, there is actually a huge layer of peanut butter right inside!


Holy sh*t – this was mind blowing! The brownie was nice and dense, the peanut butter was not an afterthought, that’s for sure. This was a legit layer of creamy sweet peanut butter. And then to round this out, the whole thing was covered in a thick layer of the most amazing milk chocolate!

Accompanied by a cup of nice soothing tea, I have no words for how good this was.  Actually I can’t believe I kept this brownie secret from you since April. I HIGHLY recommend seeking these out!



Consume in moderation 😉 … and most importantly ENJOY it!

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15 comments to Moderation and Bacci Chocolate Design

  • I agree that consuming things in moderation is the key! Also, I think you need to ENJOY the things you eat. Years ago, when I was doing Weight Watchers to lose a few pounds, I would eat within my points but the foods were not satisfying. I didn’t enjoy the food I ate on the plan and it caused me to binge all the time. I was such a “failure” at WW. But then when I started eating “normally” I was more successful at losing weight because I enjoyed what I was eating and it satisfied me. I also didn’t feel like anything was “off limits.”

    Also, congrats on your 8 miles the other day!!!

  • I seriously want that brownie!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!

    I of course agree that enjoying treats in moderation is a great way of life. Restricting yourself isn’t any fun!

    It’s tough with kids, I will say! With my daughter, I am not sure how to handle that just yet!

  • Hm. I guess I agree with locker room mom that a donut a day isn’t moderation, but we have no idea what else the kid was eating. If she makes him subsist on carrot sticks and yogurt, then the daily donut probably isn’t a big deal. My guess is that’s not the case, though, so she may have a point. To me, a donut a week is “moderation” but I wouldn’t cut out other sweets and have that by the ONLY splurge.

    I like your plan of a treat per day, I do much the same thing! Even though I sometimes go with savory treats (giant burrito, anyone?) because my savory tooth is much bigger than my sweet tooth :)

  • sister inna

    im not sure what bothers me more: the babysitter’s idea of moderation being one to two donuts a day… or the mother’s being one donut every couple of months!!!
    oy vey
    makes me want a donut lol

  • Eve

    Moderation is such a loaded word and there really is no right definition of it! Moderation is definitely different for everyone – it’s when you are enjoying some treats, but also getting in all your proper nutrients: fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein, grains, and healthy fat. You are getting in all the proper vitamins & minerals. You are able to maintain a healthy weight and your energy levels are good. If you meet all this criteria and you eat one treat/day then that’s moderation for you. Someone else may say I can have one treat/week to stay healthy. Etc. For me, personally I like to have some completely clean eating days, so when I have some days that include more indulgent foods it works out. Everyone is different :)

  • I think a treat a day is a good approach, especially when the treats are “small” most of the time. It means that treats are still “treats”, but there’s no sense of deprivation. And after awhile, you start finding you don’t need a daily treat, and you just don’t have one,

  • Elina

    Betsy – I think enjoying your treats is the most important thing because then they become “worth it.” :)

    Mandy A – it’s definitely tough with kids. You have to draw the line somewhere, I just thought that woman’s approach was a bit too restrictive and may result in food related issues in this kid’s future.

    Adrienne – I agree that a donut a day is too much for a kid but kids also need to live a little. She actually ended up forbidding Dunkin Donuts all together, which I didn’t mention because that’s not the point I was trying to make. Quite an interesting subject, though, isn’t it?

    Inna – I know! Both of them are so extreme. Kinda crazy 😆

    Eve – you’re so right. It really is individualized. I just thought I’d get the discussion going. Definitely some food for thought here 😀

    Kate – that’s where I’m hoping to get to one day (not needing a treat); for now it’s not so bad 😉

  • hmm so many thoughts on this one.. I don’t think a donut a day is moderation but then again that’s just because I look down on the donut, I eat a cookie a day and call that moderation! So I think really it’s all about finding balance…you have to enjoy life, enjoy food and treat your body well all at the same time

  • I agree, moderation is such a loaded word. It means something different to everyone, and some people’s definitions seem impossilbe to achieve. I think true moderation is not planned or overly conscious.
    The brownies look amazing!

  • Pam

    Oh, could you pass me one of those PLEASE…lol!!

  • tough call on that conversation! and other peoples kids :) parenting is tough!

    holy heck, i want that brownie!!!!!!!

  • Moderation is definitely something I still struggle with.

    I, like you, like to have a treat every day but at the same time, I don’t want to have a treat just because I know I’m “allowed” to. I want to make sure my body really wants that treat and that it’s going to be a delicious experience to savor, not just something I stuff mindlessly in my mouth. When you think about it in those terms, I really put a lot of pressure on my one treat!

    For me, I guess moderation is eating treats and such when I really enjoy them and stopping when they’ve reached the point to not tasting as good…if that makes any sense? Have you read “Naturally Thin?” Because how I feel is similar to Bethenny’s rule of diminishing returns.

  • Elina

    RuntoFinish – amen to that! :)

    Angieinatlanta – it does sound like you’re putting a lot of pressure on your daily treat! I’ve haven’t read “Naturally Thin” – is that the one where the girl doesn’t eat anything? I think the rule of diminishing returns is true and being mindful when you eat helps with figuring out the point where the food is not longer desirable. Hopefully that means we can stop eating it at that point (easier said than done sometimes!). 😀

  • My sister and I were talking about this just last night. She stopped eating white flour and sugar for a month once and became a little obsessed with checking labels.This is another issue because, as I think I was telling you at the summit, she is ordinarily a very balanced and “healthy” person. When she decided to start eating them again” in moderation” it was tricky because white flour and sugar are in just about everything. Anyway, I think “in moderation” for me means enough that I am satisfied so that I am not obsessed with thinking about the “forbidden item” all the time. Does that make sense? On the other hand, I sometimes have to say no even if I want it because I don’t want to be eating those kinds of things all the time even if I have a craving. So I guess, it’s balancing the number of times I say yes with the number of times I say no to myself and also figuring out whether it’s a real craving or a boredom/emotional craving. I guess that goes to personal moderation, but I am not sure that answers moderation for a child. I mean the child doesn’t really decide to get a donut everyday. Someone else is doing the thinking for them … Lots of issues! Lots of issues!

  • Elina

    Heather – The attempt to eat in moderation after a deprivation period was covered in the Intuitive Eating book. I guess studies were done and after restriction of a certain food (even if you didn’t like it before) it was found that people were intensely craving it and binged on it (or other foods) after a while if they didn’t get it. So strange. Sounds like your sister got a little taste of it. I like your definition of moderation. Mine is different depending on the day you ask 😀


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