It got ugly

I worked until 1:30 am last night, and now right after closing on our condo I have to get back to work instead of packing. I started the day with absolutely beautiful, healthy and delicious food, and then it got ugly as the hours at the office continued. I basically had a pity party for myself and decided to eat to ease the pain. Pictures of the said ugly foods were not taken, but I will list them here anyway. I had some almonds, a 100 calorie dark chocolate bar, a cherry larabar, 1/4 cup of ricotta cheese, a twix bar, and some brazilian nuts. I think that’s it. That is way too much food after a full day of eats. Bleh. No exercise yesterday either.

I’m out the door now to close on our condo (yayyyyyyyyyyy!) so here is the rest of the food. At least that was pretty :)

See you (probably) after we move! 😀

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19 comments to It got ugly

  • KellyB

    Best of luck today and happy cleaning, painting and moving!! Make your dad help!!

  • Enjoy the closing. Hope your wrist is okay from all that paper signing LOL!


  • sister inna

    you are funny
    yes that is a lot of food but at least it’s good food (maybe with one exception)
    i would never feel bad about eating that stuff, especially since you needed more fuel to keep yourself going till so late in the night!!!
    congrats on the signing can’t wait to see the new place 😀

  • K

    Good luck with the closing!!

  • Good luck today! And dont’ be too hard on yourself, at least you didn’t indulge in six pints of ice cream or anything :)

  • megan

    Everyone has crap days like that – don’t be too hard on yourself and today is a new day! Good luck with the closing!

  • Hours like that make it tough. Take a deep breath. 😀

    For some reason the condo pictures are not coming up.

  • Kate G.

    what a long day! good luck with moving, those sushi pictures have me craving for some! yum!

  • I had an “ugly” night last night too. Know you are not alone! And know how beautiful and amazing we all think you are. I know that each “set back” is really just a test of your strength and I know you always come back with a vengeance! good luck with the move!

  • I think that if I had to power through until 1:30 in the morning I would be needing more food. It’s true that you were frustrated and tired when you snacked, but it’s also possible that your body needed that food. Not only was it a long day, but a stressful and emotional one (congratulations on the condo!). Stress and emotion burn calories too. Try not to be hard on yourself and enjoy the feeling of being a new home owner!

  • Good luck with the move and don’t work too hard, it’s too hot out!

  • lunch and dinner do look amazing! seriously, don’t beat yourself up about your snacks! hopefully they tasted delicious. remember a time when you could eat a twix bar and be so HAPPY about it? try to get that feeling and just go with it! you dont eat a twix every day, ya know?

  • Molly

    Congratulations on the closing!!

    I am crossing my fingers for cooler weather tomorrow…

  • Great job with the closing girly! That sushi looks amazing! Dont worry about those eats.. we all need a treat ( i just had a giantttt bowl of potato chips =[ ) and tmrw is a brand new day! Have a great weekend <3

  • Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love it when I get new readers!
    Love YOUR blog too! Nutrition is something I totally struggle with so it is great to get some sweet new ideas on things to eat!
    Keep up the great running! I read about your hip issue below. Make sure you listen to your boddy. I had a hip issue last year that migrated into an IT band injury. I actually went to a chiropractor who said my hips were out of alignment and suggested some strengthening exercises as well. The foam roller is awesome too!
    Run Happy!

  • yeah this stress eating thing is what I was mentioning on friday…becaues I’ve been doing way to many 2am nights. i think though after you recognize it, it becomes easier not to repeat the pattern if that makes any sense

    yeah for the condo!!!

  • Lots of yummy Asian food! Sorry you were stressed yesterday – we all have those times. At least you at yummy junk food.
    Good luck today!

  • Moving is tough! I’ve had many day like that when it starts out perfect and then something along the line happens that makes the end of the day ugly. I think once you get settled in the new place you’ll establish a routine again.
    Good luck with the move!

  • Elina

    All – thanks for you comments! I resumed my healthy eating habits and fit in a wonderful run on Saturday morning that made everything better. We’re in our new place and have internet so I’ll definitely post tonight. I missed you guys 😀


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