I’m a home owner!!!

We moved and it went so well. We had lots of friends and family come help us so the move on Sunday only took a little over 3 hours. It was awesome. We were just flying through it :) Of course the packing before that was crucial. Adam and I packed every single thing and labeled every box, so actually even un-packing has been fairly easy. It’s been fun figuring out where things fit in our new home 😀 So exciting! We’re home owners!!!!!!

I took today off to get everything sorted out in the house and to make our place look like our home instead of someone else’s apartment with our boxes in it. Work is going to be tough for the rest of the week as a result, but I feel so good about our place! I can’t wait until we’re totally done making it ours! Anyways, enough about moving, let’s get to some food pics. I’m going to make this a gallery because there is just too much to share. I tried to get creative with what we had left in the house, but there were also quite a few meals out which included Scoozi delivery, Berryline twice, UFood, Dunkin Donuts, PF Chang’s, JP Licks and B.good. I was very happy overall with my food choices. I ate mostly healthy foods in reasonable portions, but had a little wiggle room for some dessert too :) This is 3 days worth of food.

Tomorrow, August 25th, is Adam’s 27th birthday and I’m taking him out to a top secret restarant 😆 Please comment here to wish my husband a happy birthday so he can get some bloggie love too 😉

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