Hip pains + how I prevented my binge today

Hi lovely bloggies. How are you? I’m still very stressed out (sorry to keep complaining!) but I’m managing my stress with my favorite drug – exercise 😉 Work got really busy yesterday and I was unable to fit in my scheduled 4.5 mile run that I was super excited about. I’m at a point now where 4.5 miles seems short (yay!) and I picked out a fun route I haven’t run in a while. After work Adam picked me up and we drove to the paint store (can I just say how crazy it is that we’re closing on our condo tomorrow?!!!!!!!) and then rushed home to pack. Well on the way home I was kind of freaking out about everything I had to do and Adam said – you don’t have to cook dinner, you know? We live in the city and there are a million places where we could just buy dinner. It’s ok, you can free up some time this way. So what did I do? The second we got home I laced up my shoes and went for a run! It felt SO good!!

Here is a little problem, though. My right hip has been hurting. It’s usually a little tender after longer runs but after my 6 miler on Monday, which felt fantastic during the run, it’s been much much worse. Typically the next day I’m good to go, but on a Tuesday morning I woke up still in pain – even walking hurt. So I skipped my Tuesday run and took a spin class, which seemed to help a little, but it’s still tender. I took it easy on the run yesterday (ended up being right around 4.5 miles as planned) but the hip is definitely still tender. I found this Q&A on Runners World that I think described my pain well. They suggest some strengthening exercises, but I already do a lot of ST. Very strange. Someone at my gym suggested using a foam roller before and after my runs (I’ve been rolling out only after most runs). Not sure if it will help. I’m scared. I don’t want to get injured! I’m just taking a bootcamp class today at the gym, and then taking a rest day tomorrow in preparation of my 9 miler on Saturday morning. I really want to be able to do it. Any tips on what I should do for my hip? Ah.


Breakfast: TJ’s blueberry raspberry oat bran muffin + TJ’s nonfat yogurt with 1/2 banana + Dean’s Beans organi coffee with skim milk and agave nectar

Mid-morning snack (was supposed to be fuel for my run): 1/2 FFL english muffin + 1 Barney Butter packet + 1/2 banana

Lunch – since we went out the night before, I had no leftovers, so it was quite random but very delicious :)

1 slice of Ezekiel sprouted grain with 2T Sabra hummus and imitation crab meat + grape tomatoes, carrots and watermelon (didn’t end up drinking the V8 juice in the background)

This was surprisingly a creamy and yummy combo:

This individual sized watermelon from TJ’s rocks!

Mid afternoon snacks: Oh Nuts cashews from the Summit swag bag

+ TJ’s 100 calorie dark chocolate bar (unpictured)

+ Paradise Bakery cookie


This is where I started getting down on my self and the desire to binge peaked. I knew I haven’t done that much damage, and I knew that in theory I could have 1 treat per day, the problem is that I’ve been having too many treats lately and I really wanted to eat cleaner for the next few days. This was irrational. There was no reason to now throw in the towel and do even more damage, but when I get the urge to binge, I am irrational. I know I am. I decided that I was not going to give into this! I put a stick of gum into my mouth and decided to distract myself by reading a few blog posts from my favorite bloggers. Work was making me even more stressed out and was not helping to fight my bingeing urges (in fact in was definitely part of the problem!) so I took a moment for myself, despite being busy, and tuned out. Reading blogs for a few minutes from these sweet girls with healthy/positive attitudes put a smile on my face, calmed me down, and I was able to move on and do my work. Phew, crisis averted 😀 The run later in the evening helped even more :)

After my run I was still not hungry and it was getting late, so I skipped dinner. A little before going to bed I wanted a little something so I dug into some Crazy Camel peanut butter hummus. Yum! :mrgreen:

All right, I’m off to cook a quick lunch and get ready for work. Happy Thursday! We’re doing a final walk through of our condo tonight and then closing tomorrow. Wow. This is surreal. I’m SO excited!!!!! 😎

Have you ever experienced hip pains after running? Any tips? What are your tricks for preventing binges? I know I’ve talked quite a bit about this subject on the blog, but it’s always good to get fresh ideas or keep reiterating old ones.

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21 comments to Hip pains + how I prevented my binge today

  • Eve

    Elina – you should be so PROUD of yourself!!!! That was a huge step. You acknowledged that it was going to happen, and had the conversation with your head that it was not rational and that you could avoid it. Congrats! By doing something you like (reading blogs), and recognizing that work was stressing you out, you were able to get through it.

    Hip pain – I’m not a doctor, and think you should go to an orthopedist before the problem gets worse. In high school I was a track runner and developed bursitis in my hips. It was really bad, and ended up preventing me from running my senior year despite steroid injections and PT. I still suffer from the bursitis! As much as I love running, I know that I can’t push myself too much (speed or distance) I need to balance running with other activities, and I must listen to my body.

  • way to go this afternoon 😉 i’m sure it will be a huge confidence boost to keep you on the right track :)

    the hip pain? get it checked out… every body is different, and it’s better to make sure things are ok (or learn exercises to help) sooner rather than 1 week before the half!

  • First of all… Paradise Bakery make the. best. cookies. (Their brownies are also quite good too!)

    I’m sorry about your hip. I am in week 3 of no running after injuring my knee. I tried to run a short, slow run a few days ago because the pain was mostly gone, but it was too soon. No more running for me until I am 100%. Working out is my stress relief too, so it’s great if you can find some other activity for right now. Luckily, I can use the elliptical with no pain, so that’s what I’m sticking too.

    Congratulations on avoiding the binge. I know reading about the healthy decisions bloggers make, as well as the struggles, makes me feel much better… like the things I struggle with are not out of left field, but things that other normal women struggle with too. Good job!

  • Thanks for your honest post — despite all of the healthy changes I have made, and all the goals I have accomplished, I have to face down the binge monster ever day.

    My new plan? I am started a necklace, and every day that I don’t binge, I put a new bead on. If I binge, there’s no punishment — I just don’t get a new bead. I’m hoping it will help me fight through the temptations.

  • those dessert hummuses (is that how you spell it?) look AMAZING.
    Also, I love your honesty. Congrats on avoiding a binge today!

  • Wow, great job this afternoon! When I feel a binge coming on, I grab a PORTION size of whatever I’m craving and then literally LEAVE THE HOUSE and eat it on a walk. I’m sure you’ve heard something like this before, and I know its easier said than done, but trust me, it works! Congrats on the condo as well!

  • Katie D.

    Elina, I have been reading your blog for a while now and can really relate to your struggles with food while at the same time being a true “foodie” at heart and appreciating the beauty and taste of it all! Thanks so much for sharing with us on a daily basis. I find a lot of strength in reading other peoples’ struggles and successes with binge eating. Take care and keep up the good fight! :-)

  • Haha. I love the phrase “I’m just taking a boot camp class.”
    Have you tried doing some less intense non-running workouts? Maybe some yoga? It would still be strength work and would help stretch you out and de-stress you, but I think it sounds like you may be pushing yourself more than you need to with your sore hip even on your non-running days.

  • K

    Are you stretching your hip before and after runs? If the pain is on the outside of your hip these two stretches might help:



    I think stretching before and after (or foam rolling) may help because your muscles won’t be tight when you set out for a run. I always think of muscles as taffy – if it’s not warm it won’t move as well.

    Way to go with avoiding an all out binge – that’s a step in the right direction :)

  • go you on avoiding the binge!

    Sorry to hear you hav a sore hip ;(

  • Kate G.

    I love your blog so much! And the title is so appropriate too, i literally feel more SANE when i read your posts about stress eating, exercise pain, exercise routines, treating yourself… EVERYTHING. Thank you for sharing :)

    Usually when i feel like im going to binge (usually due to school stress) i ask myself WHY i am eating, is it because i am actually hungry? or am i avoiding stress by eating. Being rational with myself generally helps.

  • Elina

    All – I am definitely getting more and more nervous about this hip thing. I’ll see if I can schedule an appointment with an orthopedist… I know it sounds stupid but I’m afraid he’ll tell me to stop running. I can’t do that! Is this something that every runner eventually goes through? I thought I was so careful! Boo :(

    Eve – thank you so much! I really value your opinion so I’m glad you “approve” of how I handled the situation. I AM proud of myself!

    Shannon (tri2cook) – it was! Stopping bingeing urges and then going for a run just made everything better! I still have this experience even a day later… need to remember how great it feels to do the right thing! 😀

    Shannon (Lessons to Learn) – Yeah, I am definitely an addict of Paradise Bakery cookies. They are just so delicious (and way too accessible for me!) Sorry to hear about your injury. It makes me so sad hearing stories like this. I am so excited for the half marathon and it’s less than 2 months away. I really hope this thing is not a big deal!

    Katy – I absolutely LOVE this necklace idea. And I really like that you don’t punish yourself. I would probably let it loose and start over. Your approach is so much healthier. I hope your necklace will get out of control long soon 😉

    Morgan – I’m a big fan of the hummus (I think plural hummus is just hummus 😉 )!

    Valerie, I’ve never heard of actually eating what you crave but then leaving the house before you eat more of it. I like it because you still get to enjoy it, just in moderation.. instead of completely ignoring the craving. I’m sure it helps! Great idea!!! Can I leave my work if I get the urge to eat there? 😆

    Katie D. – you totally nailed the nail on the head. I just love food so much and that’s part of the “problem.” Finding new little tricks that work really helps. Thanks for your comment :)

    Shelly – ok, I guess I shouldn’t think of it as “just boot camp” because you are right, it’s a hard workout, I just meant it’s not running. But you made me rethink this (coupled with being crazy busy at work). I think if I am able to fit a workout in, I’ll just do upper body lifting today and rest tomorrow 😎

    Kate G. – You are SO sweet! Thank you so much for this comment; it really made me so happy. Being rational is the hardest part, but when you’re successful, it’s definitely worth it!

  • That’s what I do, Elina- if I have lower body pain, I just do an upper body workout (and visa versa). I think it helps to give yourself a total break. :)

  • I had horrible hip pain last year that I eventually determined to be sciatica or pereformis syndrome. A PT suggested that I work on strengthening my lower core.
    Lately, I’ve been having a nagging pain in my hip joint. One of the trainer at the gym suggest I work on strengthening my glutes.

  • I’m glad you did something nice for yourself (running) now if only your hip will cooperate! Good luck with closing on your condo and the move.

    By the way, I spotted Berryline near my apt in Cambridge last night. How have I missed it for this long???

  • I had some hip pain last year also and i think it was from running on uneven pavement through neighborhoods. Now i try to always run on a track and haven’t had the pain since. My bff is also a Pt and I had talked to her about the problem and there are some stretches you can google to help as well. But try the track idea they are much easier on your joints.

    overcoming binges is so hard and i struggle everyday with it. some days i can talk myself out of it but some days (more days then I would like to admit) i just give in. I need to get consistant and not give myself excuses to binge.

  • good girl stopping that binge in its tracks! it can be nearly impossible to talk yourself out of continuing to eat, so major probs for kicking that feeling to the curb!

  • ok, first I guess I haven’t really seen a post where you have truly binged…do you? Seems like maybe you are just being too hard on yourself for enjoying a treat.

    The hip…where does it actually hurt? I kept saying my hip, but the fact was it was coming from the muscles along my hip which was actually my psformis and IT band not my hip joint. so it depends on where you are feeling the pain, but if it’s a muscle thing the ortho wont’ help much and a sports doc will give you an anti-inflamatory which helps A LOT and then give you PT

  • Hey girl I think I have just the thing to help you with that hip pain… how about a new foam roller??? Because you just won my giveaway for the $100 to Dick’s Sporting Goods!!!!! Send me an email stat with your contact info and we’ll get it right over to you. I have a foam roller and started out with some nasty hip issues but it helped “iron” those issues right out. You probably have a tight ITB. While you’re at it you can pick up some new sports bra’s too! 😉

  • Elina

    K, thanks so much for those stretching suggestions. I don’t stretch before working out because I heard it actually weakens your muscles. It seems such a controversial topic. I’ll definitely make sure to do those stretches right after my run today 😀

    Alison – hmm. Isn’t this all so confusing?! 😕

    Nicole – I have a feeling you’ll become the new member of the Berryline addicts 😉 I just had some again last night and want it one more time before we move tonight. Can’t get enough of the stuff with so many toppings variations! 😀

    Lisa – I definitely have been running on very uneven pavement lately. I’ll see if I can stick to some flatter routes. Thanks for this tip! :) Bingeing is definitely a tough one. I still can’t believe how many of us have to fight this demon. Hopefully it gets easier the more times we are able to resist.

    RunToFinish – unfortunately I do have a real bingeing problem, but each day I’m able to fight it is a small victory in my book 😀 I feel like it’s the hip joint and maybe even the back… like a bit of my right butt cheek. So strange. Actually I gave myself (not necessarily on purpose) 2 days of full rest, and there is ZERO pain today. Yay. We’ll see how I feel after my 9 miles today. Fingers crossed! :mrgreen:

    Morgan, I am SO EXCITED!!!!! First purpose will definitely be the foam roller. It’s been on my to-buy list forever but it keeps getting pushed down the list. No more! OMG, still can’t get over it. Yay! 😎 :) 😀

  • I am so proud of you! That would be EXACTLY the point when I would want to binge, too..after a meal and a couple snacks that I worried about. I am impressed. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Oh, is that canned crab meat? It looks so good. I want.


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