Getting to Israel

I’m finally in Israel! I’m using dial-up internet (eek, blogger’s nightmare) and the time difference is making me slightly zombie-like, but I’m happy to be here. Even the flight was surprisingly easy, thanks to all the “entertainment” I brought with me:

The personal tv screen that was in front of me was pretty awesome too. I’ve never seen this kind before. You could start and pause movies, shows, music and even computer games any time. I watched Duplicity and The Soloist at some point, which killed over 4 hours right there. Sweet :)

What else was sweet? This crazy mullet on the guy we saw in line for check-in in Newark:

Why would anyone in their right mind want this haircut? Beats me 😉 I was trying to be all undercover taking this shot, so I snapped a photo of my sister and she did the same for me:

The food was the airplane special – kind of bluh, with a few edible items:

I never touched the dinner “entree” portion of this meal. The chicken did not look appetizing (and my sister bit the bullet and tasted it for us… it got 2 thumbs down), and the pasta around it was soggy and nasty. The salad was surprisingly yummy. Not sure what the grains in there where, but the peppers on top made everything super spicy and we both loved it. Combine that with a bread roll and a brownie, that was my Saturday night dinner. Nice, heh?

Mid-flight snacks included these babies (the KIND bar was from a personal stash, the granola bars were available on the flight):

And breakfast close to arrival was this fun combo:

This is actually all the “side dishes” that came with breakfast. The choices were “eggs or cereal” but I thought this was enough food as is. I ate all the fruit (+ a little more that I got from our neighbor) + croissant + 2/3 of the muffin. Everything was quite yummy. Could be the 9 hours in the air though 😕

Oh did I mention I ran 10 miles before the flight? No? Hehe. It was awesome! My sister and I ran to Brooklyn, got lost there for a bit, and then ran a little more on the lower east side. It was raining but we didn’t care. These long runs give me such a high for the rest of the day, I just can’t get enough of them!!! I hit a wall a little after 6 miles but my sister got me threw it. Since we got a little lost, there was also a bit more walking than usual (actually I never really walk during my runs) but my average was still 9:51 minute/miles and I’m cool with that. It’s not really about speed on those long runs. I’m just happy to finish strong, and that we did :mrgreen:

Post workout fuel: scooped out whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, lox, tomato and dill. Perfection!

This post by Eve inspired me to ask them to scoop out the inside of my bagel. I thought I was going to miss the insides but I was wrong. The crunchy/chewy top is the best part of the bagel and this way everything was well contained inside instead of spilling out. I’m definitely going to start doing it more often!

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Not sure how much downtime I’ll have here but I’ll definitely try to fit a few more posts in with my Israeli eats 😀

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