Eight no mountain I can’t climb

Ok, I am a complete cheeseball with the title of this post (yes I know that this is completely incorrect English), but whatever – I ran EIGHT miles yesterday!!!!!! It was a really fun run too. Just wonderful. I mentioned that I met Molly at Vinalia a few weeks ago, and that she was running the same 1/2 marathon race as me. Well we’ve been talking about maybe going for a run sometimes and yesterday was finally the day. What better way to get to know each other than go on a long run? We were chatting nonstop the entire time and the run just flew by. I was starting to get a bit tired when I realized that we had only 1/2 mile left, so instead we both picked up the pace.  It’s a lot harder to run and talk so our pace was slower than we’re used to (a little under a 10 minute mile… around 9:50 or so), but it made for a really pleasant run. I can’t wait to do it again!!! Thanks, Molly, for being so awesome 😀

So yeah, I pretty much felt like a million bucks for the rest of the day. Long runs on a late Sunday morning are becoming my favorite thing. They just make me feel like I’ve really accomplished something, and also give me an excuse to veg out for the rest of the day (with packing and whatnot I couldn’t fully take advantage of my right to veg, but I still did some serious R&R). Onto food…

I started the morning with a simple breakfast/snack – 1 organic spelt toast with Barney Butter, blueberries and coffee. I was out the door in about an hour. This was the perfect fuel for the run!


After the run and the shower, Adam and I decided to go grocery shopping. I knew I haven’t eaten enough at this point, so I created a little tasting plate of my new dessert hummus with some Kashi honey-wheat crackers.


These do not taste like hummus (thankfully since although delicious, hummus is not dessert 😉 ) but are called hummus because the base is chickpeas. The consistency is kind of of a drier hummus but the flavor is spot-on whatever it’s called – like pumpkin pie tastes like pumpkin pie, maple walnut is exactly that (and is awesome!), peanut butter has a strong pb flavor, etc. Check out the Crazy Camel website for all the flavors they offer. I love that it’s a small local company with a unique product – I mean who’s ever heard of dessert hummus?! I also love that a serving is about 60 calories (like regular hummus) but you can make some pretty indulging tasting desserts. For now I love every one except for the toasted almond – tastes like marzipan. Chuck sent me a list of tasting combo recommendationa so I can’t wait to experiment/get a little more creative with these guys. There will be apples, red grapes and maybe graham crackers involved 😀

After a trip to TJ’s, it was time for lunch. I got some sweet pea leaves at the farmers market last week and could not wait to make a salad with them. Have you ever tried sweet pea leaves? They have such a sweet flavor with just a hit of sweet pea taste. Very cool. This was my first time trying them and they made for a great salad base. I hear they are also great sauteed with some EVOO and garlic, so that’s what I’m trying next. I love discovering new veggies!


In the salad: sweet pea leaves, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, goat cheese and pecans. This was perfect drizzled with some strawberry balsamic vinegar – nice a summery.


After hours of packing I finally started to get a bit hungry. These guys were the stars of the (dinner) show. The colors and shapes of the veggies are just so cool!


I was craving a harcore vegetarian dish and found this recipe for eggplant stew over couscous from Cooking Light. I omitted the onions, added mushrooms, and doubled the amount of eggplant since the comments on the website mentioned that there wasn’t enough of it. The commenters were right, because even after doubling the eggplant I couldn’t taste it. It basically dissolved in this dish, which by the way was delicious!!! Adam kind of hates eggplant and zucchini but I thought with enough tomato sauce and cheese he could enjoy this, and he did. I loved it too. My only complain is that this picture sucks 😆


And then there was dessert. I love baking once in a while because then I have something to look forward to in the treats department and my stuff is much healthier than anything I’d buy. I found this recipe for fudgy mocha-toffee brownies in an old Cooking Light magazine, and after realizing it was their “best bar cookie of all time” I couldn’t wait to get to baking! I used peanut butter chips instead of toffee chips (all I had on hand) and added a few walnut crumbles to the top. Here is the result:


Mmm, definitely fudgy.


I had 1 piece (1/16 of the pan) after dinner.


Yum! A perfect healthier treat – definitely something to look forward to with a nice cup of tea. :mrgreen:

I also got a bit hungry towards the end of the day and had a few small handfuls of raw pecans (unpictured). For some reason on my long run days I’m not particularly hungry but I try to remember to still fuel myself. How was your weekend?

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18 comments to Eight no mountain I can’t climb

  • Wahoo, 8 miles! It was great to meet you on Friday, glad to read that you’ve gotten into the packing swing of things :)

  • Those brownies look absolutely delish. I love a little bit of peanut butter hiding in my brownies. I love your light breakfast too. That is a great idea and one more thing I can make to use up the sh*t ton of bloobs I have.

  • 1. Congrats on an awesome run!!

    2. The dessert hummus looks so tasty and I love the picture of your tasting platter.

    3. I’ve never had sweet pea leaves but your salad sounds absolutely lovely and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for these!

  • AWESOME run!!! I can’t even imagine running ONE mile! haha!! 8 is amazing!

    That hummus has me drooling here :)

  • 8 MILER–that is awesome! Congrats on that!

    Also, that hummus seems so neat and a good alternative to almond/peanut butter every now and then.

    YUM for those brownies–at first sight I thought those were butterscotch chips and I was thinking “ew” because that is the only sweet I do not like–butterscotch chips. BUT when I found out peanut butter chips–I squealed inside!

  • WOW! 8 miles… that is great. Way to go!
    Love all the food… esp the brownies. I have such a sweet tooth :)

  • K

    CONGRATS!!! That’s awesome!

    Not gonna lie, I am 110% jealous of that dessert hummus! Anything involving hummus and I’m there!

    Oh man! That dinner and dessert look delicious!!

  • Hooray for 8 miles!! Hopefully my first 8 miler will go as well this weekend. :) When is your 1/2 again?

    And OMG… those brownies look AMAZING. I am such a brownie fiend, and despite having already had one today – I’m positively drooling over your healthier take.

  • Aren’t long runs the best? I feel so energized afterward.

    All your food looks great! Especially the brownies.
    I tried pea shoots a few months ago. I liked them okay – the strings got to me a bit.

  • 8 miles! WOW! Great job!
    And no, I have never tried sweet pea leaves…though the flowers is my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works, lol!

  • Holy moly! (I never say that, but 8 miles deserves something holy, right?) Congrats! Reading that you felt like a million bucks all day makes me happy. Your eats are perfect in terms of balance, I bet you will be hungrier today. That’s always how it is for me (in my far less-superior runs)–hunger comes more the next day.
    Great job! You’ve inspired me to get back at it. I’ve had two days off with the cold as my excuse.

  • I have so much to comment on!

    First of all, 8 MILES!!!! Go girl. That is awesome! It sounds like you are progressing wonderfully well toward the 1/2 marathon.

    I am so intrigued by this dessert hummus. I went straight to the website and am considering buying a sample pack. What a clever idea to make a sweet dip with a chickpea base! I also love that you were sent tasting recommendations.

    I’ve never tried sweet pea leaves, but I totally agree that it’s fun to discover new veggies. The salad you put together looks awesome – there is no better combo than berries, goat cheese, and pecans. Perfect!

    Your dinner also looks yummy. John actually does like both eggplant and zucchini, so I’ll add this recipe to me list.

    Then the brownies! Yum, yum… these look soooo good. Also going on my list of recipe to make!

  • ooh, i meant to comment on that dessert hummus yesterday–how exciting!!! that sounds delicious :)

    CONGRATS on a great run! i’m so glad you had a chance to meet up with molly, it really does help :) maybe someday i’ll work up to more mileage and be able to join you 😉

    that salad looks gorgeous, and pb chips in those brownies!!!

  • Elina

    Adrienne – I already said it to you, but it was great meeting you too! Let’s get together again once things settle down for both of us :)

    Coco – I told you blueberries work in salads 😉

    Mandy A – I remember being unable to run a mile. You’ll be surprised at how much our bodies can achieve with a little practice 😀

    Haha, Madison – I think I can picture you squeeling inside at the discovery of pb chips… I would 😉

    She-Fit – I have a HUGE sweet tooth too. Usually gets me in trouble actually, but these babies are delicious and light(er). Can’t go wrong! :mrgreen:

    K – that hummus is pretty awesome. I can’t believe I have 6 tubs… I feel like one lucky blogger. Wanna come to Boston for a little tasting? 😆

    Elizabeth – my 1/2 is on October 11th (Columbus day weekend). Good luck on your 8 miler this weekend! Visualize the finish line and you’ll get there!! 😀

    Alison – hmm, I didn’t mind the strings. I sauteed some last night for dinner and my husband finished them before the meat (which he couldn’t stop talking about how good that was). Now that’s a small victory! 😎

    Sophia – I’ll be on the lookout for that scent at the Bath & Body Works. 😀

    Lara – thanks for the “holy moly” 😉 You are dead on the hunger thing. I couldn’t stop eating the next day! Weird that there is a delay like that. Get back into it slowly so you don’t get injured or burnt out, ok? :)

    Lara – you’re so lucky that John is a bigger veggie lover than Adam is. I feel like I always have to be extra careful with stuff like that and also expect to eat 3 servings of leftovers in case it doesn’t go over well (ha, I sound like I’m dealing with a child here). This recipe was definitely a good one… and the brownies… mmm. 😀 Oh and you’re invited for a little tasting of dessert hummus if you don’t mind boxes around you :) I really like it!

    Ttfn – same goes to you on the hummus tasting. I feel like I should spread some of that hummus love :mrgreen: I’m up for doing some shorter runs if you’d like, you speed demon 😉

  • Pam

    Gosh, that stew and brownies looks SO good!


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