Eating like an adult – responsibly

First of all, thank you all SO much on your comments on my previous post! It sounds like most of you have seen yourself at a lower weight and realized that in fact, it’s not “worth it” to stay there, so you eased up a bit. Very interesting. I’m definitely more accepting of my body lately but I’m not going to pretend that the fact that I’ve been working out hard has nothing to do with it. I’m more accepting of my body because I think it’s looking better but also I am starting to truly question whether this “fight to be thin” is actually a road to more happiness or a self-destructive journey. It’s not so dramatic, really, but you get the point 😉 I should also mention that you guys sure know how to flatter a girl. I was blushing reading most of the comments. 😳 It’s funny because I almost didn’t post that pic of myself, thinking that I looked terrible, but decided to go for it. I guess you liked it 😆 Thank you SO much! Perhaps everyone’s comments are starting to register too – maybe everyone is not wrong and I’m the one who’s setting expectations that are too high. I had a little story to tell you guys, but we’ll save it for another day – ok? :)

I ate really well today. By “well” I mean healthy AND delicious foods. I also made some choices I’m proud of. If you’ve been paying close attention, the last few days had more than 1 treat. I honestly was not beating myself up over it (hello, progress!) but I also would like to treat my body with respect and I think that 1 sugary/fatty treat a day is plenty.  So today I made a conscious choice to eat a lot cleaner. It was not about deprivation but rather moderation. I already bought a treat to enjoy tomorrow so I know it’s only a day away. I made a comment to my husband the other day that sometimes we need to stop eating like kids, who don’t think of consequences their food choices may have on their future bodies or health, and act like adults. Eating like an adult today to me meant that the chocolate chip cookie that I purchased at the farmers market will wait until tomorrow. I plan on fully enjoying it then with a nice cup of tea 😀

The day’s eats:

Breakfast – 1 egg + 1 egg white + 1 sl. of American cheese + 1.5 sl. bacon on a Food for Life english muffin


Pre-workout snack: local peach :)


Lunch: baby spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumber, 1/4 avocado, 1/3 giant sweet potato + 1T Annie’s organic goddess dressing


+ TJ’s 100 calorie dark chocolate bar (it was for the anti-oxidants 😉 )


Mid-afternoon snack: TJ’s ww low carb tortilla + 1 Barney Butter packet + 1/2 banana


Dinner was spectacular! I was craving salmon and we haven’t had it in a while, so I decided to go to my go-to salmon recipe I raved about previously here (check out #8 of top 8 meals in 2008). In case you didn’t link there, this is the sweet-spicy glazed salmon from Cooking Light (recipe is available online here). I kind of think my salmon pic looks better 😉


The green beans look unassuming in the back of that picture but they were beyond amazing too! I followed a recipe for skillet green beans with garlic and lemon from my current cookbook obsession 😆 The beans were a little spicy, saucy and so flavorful. I could eat a whole pound of them in one sitting – easy! :mrgreen:

And now we get to dessert. I haven’t caught the “raw food bug” but I was intrigued to taste the famous raw banana soft serve that’s been all over the blogosphere lately. I had 2 frozen bananas sitting in the freezer waiting to be used up for a green monster or banana bread, and this was the perfect opportunity to give them a new life :) After about 3 minutes in the food processor, the bananas became beautifully creamy and produced a delicious soft serve!


Wow, that’s just bananas? That’s it? Yep! Amazing!!! Adam and I shared this portion. I couldn’t help but add a few walnut crumbles to “spice it up.” What a perfect way to finish a great meal… the healthy way!


As you can see above, eating like an adult did not mean that there were no treats. The treats were just much healthier, so really it’s about balance.  That chocolate cookie definitely has my name on it tomorrow, though 😉

Hope you finish the work week strong and have some fun plans for the weekend! 😎

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12 comments to Eating like an adult – responsibly

  • Adam

    “maybe everyone is not wrong and I’m the one who’s setting expectations that are too high” – How long have I been saying this? :)

    BTW – we need to always have frozen bananas in our freezer, that soft serve was the greatest!

  • You are so inspirational! Thank you for being open and honest about your past and your current struggles. We all struggle with balancing weight–the first step is admitting it. :) You are awesome, keep it up!

  • Elina! Great eats today!!! I love that you are looking at it as eating like an adult. I like that you recognize and are considering whether the road to be thin will ultimately lead to a good one. I know from my own experience that one it becomes a habit it can become a not so happy one, and sometimes you can take it too far without even realizing. Balance and good health is key. I think that is the sole factor that a lot of people miss when they focus to hard on the goal to be thin rather than living healthy and happy. Balance is the answer! I love your egg sammie. I need to get some of those english muffins!

  • So glad you liked the soft serve :)

  • That’s a great way to frame it- eating like an adult. I do this and I think of it as “eating mindfully.”
    I generally eat with how the food is going to make me feel in mind. For example, I will often avoid a run of the mill piece of office cake or a can of soda b/c it will make me feel groggy and bloated- that unpleasant feeling doesn’t win over the fact that it tastes sweet.
    However, if it’s something I really like (ex: my boss brought in croissants filled with brie and prosciutto this morning- of course I had one) then I go for it b/c the gratification is worth feeling a little blah.
    Ultimately, I chose foods that make me feel awesome most of the time and I enjoy my treats all the more for it!

  • sister inna

    i had a verrryy similar breakfast to yours yesterday…. we must have ESP ( mine had turkey bacon though) 😛
    that “soft serve” looks sooo yummm although i have to say — i think this weekend i am finally going to go to jp licks… i’ve really missed that coconut almond awesomeness.
    and on that note i wanted to kinda mention smth about your previous post.
    i have been eating a LOT of frozen yogurt/ ice cream recently ( i think i’ve finally caught the bug lol). i didn’t feel guilty about it until i realized earlier this week this “extra” stuff i didn’t used to consume is what is making my running sessions tougher. i just for some reason feel out of shape, though i know i am not. so, i am noticing that i’m starting to have “dieting” aka deprivation thoughts about my eating habits. thanks to your post + many of the responses you received i am realizing… it is NOT worth obsessing over. i will continue to enjoy the treats, because they make me happy. i will continue to work out because it makes me happy. my body will catch on. or maybe i just need to start getting more serious about my running 😉
    either way, thanks!!!!
    see you tomorrow

  • This looks like a perfect day of eating to me–exactly what I would strive for. Is it hard to stop counting calories in the back of your head? Walnuts on top of the soft serve is a great idea!

  • that is so true! (eat like an adult). and, i meant to add on the last post… i thought you looked great the first time we met, very fit and gorgeous! i understand what goes on behind the scenes (in our heads), but you got nothing to lose girl 😉

  • I love your idea of ‘eating like an adult’. I have been at my goal weight (and under due to an eating disorder) and trust me. Though I put on a pair of shorts without worries, I was never happy. I didn’t eat what I wanted anywhere, at home, out with friends or fam and I was depressed by all that. In your pictures your beautiful and I have no idea why you would want to lose what sounds like 15 or more pounds… just my eating disorder awareness talking but please be careful! I want to also give your a pat on the back for all the work and changes thus far in your daily meals since you first started “dieting” sounds like you are eating healthy and allowing yourself to enjoy food, which is what life is partially all about!

  • Elina

    Adam – Yes, you’ve been saying it all along. I love you! :mrgreen:

    Madison – thank you for the sweet comment. The struggles are getting easier. Yay :)

    Coco – I SO agree with you – balance IS the answer!

    Gena – both me and my husband loved it. Actually the next day at work he told everyone about this brilliant recipe :)

    Shelly – that’s a really healthy attitude! I definitely often forget how my food choices make me feel AFTER I eat. It’s good to remember this kind of stuff before you overdo it… or just eat the wrong stuff.

    Hehe, Innz – we are sisters after all 😉 Glad my post and commenters helped you!

    Lara, actually I don’t count at all. I realized I was doing it for the first few days, so I just stopped. It’s amazing how easy the transition has been. I do like not counting anymore although I’m also happy that I did it in the past because it helped me learn portion sizes and definitely helped me loose some weight at first!

    Ttfn – Thanks!!! 😀

    Chelsey – thank you for your concern and sharing your struggles. I know I’m healthy and fit and I’m starting to appreciate my body more and more (you guys help a lot!). I think I’m going to start focusing more on dressing fashionably so I feel good about how I look instead of worrying about my hips and thighs.

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