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August 4th, 2009 · 13 Comments · beef, breakfast, man meals, product reviews, snacks, yogurt

Hi hi hi. How’s everyone doing? 😀 I’m a bit tired right so I apologize for this weird intro. I do have some questions to ask you, though, so let’s get to them!

1) I learned that I use food to deal with my emotions. I know many people that lose weight when going through a tough period in their life because food just doesn’t seem appealing to them. I’m the opposite – I reach for food. It’s comforting. It fills the void. I got some very scary news about my aunt yesterday morning (she was hospitalized, etc. can’t get into too many details) and every time I thought about it, I got the urge to eat. I fought this urge because I knew this wasn’t about food and that me eating would not make my aunt feel any better. But eventually I ate a cookie (which I planned on having later in the afternoon so that’s why I was ok with it) but I didn’t even taste it. It was almost robotic if that makes any sense. The same happened with lunch. Later in the afternoon I got the urge for more food. I wasn’t hungry. Again I knew it was about something else. This time it was work. I am stressed out and overwhelmed just thinking about everything I have to do. I fought the urge to eat again but eventually made a snack (yogurt – see below). I’m not upset about what I ate but don’t like this need to eat to deal with my feelings. Do you eat instead of dealing with your feelings sometime? How do you change this behavior when the instinct is to reach for a cookie or even a healthy snack? Knowing that I’m eating for the wrong reasons still doesn’t prevent me from doing it!

2) On a less “deep note” hehe – I need to buy some new lotions. I’m looking for a night cream, an eye cream and maybe some shampoo and conditioner. I like this website that tells you about all the toxins in many products. The problem is that many of the better products are from obscure brands so I don’t know if they are any good. This is why I’m coming to you. Do you have any natural/chemical free creams and shampoos that you love? Do share with us here! :mrgreen:

Yesterday’s eats…

Banana oats with Barney Butter, apple butter + cacao nibs. I’m still not really crazy about this cacao nibs. They’re a bit bitter for me. Gotta bake with them asap :)


Tom’s Mom’s chocolate chip cookie. This is the cookie referenced above (and the one I saved on Friday). I liked the chocolate part but the actual cookie dough was nothing special. I ate it anyway.


Lunch- random leftovers.


Italian side: Sunday’s dinner


Southern side: Friday’s dinner


Oikos with fresh blueberries, cantaloupe and 1 medjool date:


Dinner was fantastic! I watched Bobby’s Flays Throwdown on green chili burgers and was inspired to make my own simple version. This burger was made with grass fed lean ground beef with 1 slice of American cheese and some green chilis – on a Food for Life english muffin. On the side I had some super cool farmers market carrots. 😎 Adam said this was the best burger he’s ever had and apparently from now on we have to always have green chilis on all of our burgers 😀


The carrots are so pretty :)


Dessert was a sample I got at Whole Foods earlier in the night.


This was just ok. Very sweet. I guess I’m not really a kettle corn fan.  I ate it anyway (with some help from Adam) 😳


I also ate some roasted almonds and 2 cookie topped brownies. I definitely had more than 1 treat during the day but it was a rough day. I needed to just let go at the end of the night and it wasn’t in an abusive way either. I enjoyed those treats throughout the night while hanging out with my husband. The second brownie was honestly eaten because it was the last one in the container. Stupid reason but I’m being honest. I’ll try to eat a little cleaner today to balance things out. No sweat 😀

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

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  • #1 - katherine

    The carrots are absolutely beautiful!!

    As far as emotional eating goes, I definitely struggle with it, and I think many people do. I try to fight those urges by going for a walk, or calling a friend. Sometimes that’s all I need – a chance to clear my head a bit and refocus. Hope this helps!

  • #2 - Daria (Summer of the CSAs)

    I’ve gotten better at emotional eating. When I want to eat but I’m not hungry I chug a big glass of water and tell myself that if in 20 minutes I still want something I can have it. Usually that’s enough time to distract myself or think about why I want to eat (and the water helps me realize that I’m already full).

    On a different note, those carrots are beautiful! And I like the green chili burger idea. :)

  • #3 - Kelly

    My eating is genuinely because I love food and eating, not emotions. Still gets me into trouble though because if I’m not being intuitive I easily overeat and order things that are heavy and rich even though I know they will only make me feel terrible later. I definitely fall into the camp of people who don’t eat when something stressful happens. A couple of years ago I had a really awful boss and as a result got down to way too low a weight. It’s weird but in situations like that I’ve realized that not eating is my way of feeling like I can control something.

  • #4 - Madison

    I use Avocate skincare–which is natural. I really love how luxurious it makes me skin feel. I do not use a natural shampoo, so I am interested to see what you might be using!
    -Emotional eating: I am all over this one. I try to eat my feelings away when I am dealing with stuff too. However, it depends on what I am going through: if it is guy drama or family drama-I eat lots, if it is school stress-I do not eat.

  • #5 - Shelly

    I am one of those people who loses weight when things get rough, which really sucks actually, b/c it makes me physically weak when I need endurance and strength.
    As for work, when I am bored at work, I definitely get the urge to reach for a snack. I try to combat this by getting up and walking around for a few minutes or drinking some water.
    I will tell myself that if I’m still hungry in say, 15 minutes, then I can have my snack.
    But seriously, don’t beat yourself up for having a couple of extra snacks. It sounds like you’re dealing with enough already. I hope things get better!

  • #6 - Tiffany

    I have a love-hate relationship with food in times of stress. Usually when I’m feeling funky, I avoid food like the plague, but I don’t even realize I’m doing until hours or even days have gone by.

    Of course, when I’m happy, I eat all the really bad for you foods, and this in turn leads to the funky, down feelings that turn me off of food. Sometimes I feel like it’s a no-win situation; other I’m bummed and unintentionally borderline anorexic, or I’m happy and binging.

  • #7 - angieinatlanta

    Hi there,

    I never comment (just lurk :-)), but I had to comment on this post because I am a recovering binge eater who would eat uncontrollably during any time of high emotion – stress, happiness, despair, etc. This practice still happens occasionally but I’ve found a few strategies to prevent it.

    1. Go for an “angry run” – I run as fast as I can as far as I can until I’m too exhausted to think about anything else.
    2. Journal/blog – Letting my feelings out, even if I hit “delete” afterwards, always makes me feel better.
    3. Chew gum/drink tea or coffee/chug water – Anything that keeps my mouth busy usually helps until the urge passes.

    These strategies do help me but I definitely slip up still.


  • #8 - katecooks

    emotional eating is a rough one. a few times in my life, being emotional has made me NOT eat. most recently though, i had been going through a rough 6 months and eating all the time! sometimes when you are really upset and stressed out, you are going to overeat. i think if it helps and makes you feel better and you arent just sitting in a room alone eating all day and night, it’s okay to be indulgent when your mind is just craving that extra soothing. beating yourself up about it will only make the stress that much worse. on the other hand, if it’s something that goes on for a very long time, you should try to fill that down time with something other than eating by getting out of the house and focusing on something other than food. it can be hard though — i think you will know when you have it in you to avoid and when you dont!

  • #9 - Lauren

    I hope everything is okay with your Aunt, Elina. I think the first step to stopping emotional eating is to acknowledge the real reason you’re reaching for a snack; since you’re addressing that reason in this post, you’re on the right track! We all engage in emotional eating from time to time, and I personally find it helpful to go for a walk with my dog or call my mom or a friend when I’m feeling down.

    On a lighter note, those carrots are gorgeous! I saw rainbow carrots at the Copley Farmer’s Market today, and am now kicking myself for not picking up a bunch.

    I saw the same Throwdown episode – your green chile burger looks delish!

  • #10 - ttfn300

    wow we are two peas in a pod! i hope things are ok with your aunt, i’ll keep you guys in my thoughts.

    have you tried choc-covered cacao nibs? they’re better :) but i’ve been meaning to bake with mine as well! i need to get me some grass fed beef :)

  • #11 - Alison

    I used to be someone who lost their appetite when upset. And then after having an eating disorder, I switched – I think because food became the mainstay of my thoughts – I turned to it much more when I was upset.

    On the bright side, at least you’re aware of the problem – easier to deal with.

    I hope your aunt is okay soon.

  • #12 - Lara (Thinspired)

    I’m so sorry about your aunt–I hope she is on the mend and it’s nothing serious.
    As far as food, yes, it has taken me years to see it, but it’s definitely an emotional thing for me! I won’t write a novel but it’s a relief to see I am not the only one 😉
    Those carrots ARE beautiful. I’ve never seen carrots like that! Coooool.

  • #13 - Elina

    All – thank you for you well wishes for my Aunt!!! And thanks for your thoughts on emotional eating. It was very interesting reading everyone’s input on the subject. 😀

    Angieinatlanta – thanks for those tips! They’re very helpful. I’ve been doing better lately (7 binge free days already) but I’ll try to keep your tips in mind if I get the urge to binge!

    Lauren – that’s where I got those carrots. They are not only pretty but very delicious – extra carroty or something 😆

    Ttfn – I tried the choc covered cacao nibs and agree, they are better. I got the raw stuff when doing the CLC and now am trying to learn to love them. I think it may happen with enough practice 😉