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Will yourself a good day

July 22nd, 2009 · 15 Comments · bakeries and more, Boston, breakfast, dessert, sandwich

I decided that today will be a good day. I’m sick of waking up in the morning and dreading work, continuing the food fight and letting it take over my life. Nope, today will be a good day. I will make it a good day, just like that. Do you believe in the power of positive thinking? Let’s see if it works! :)

Here are yesterday’s eats. I was so busy that  most of my meals (except for breakfast) had to be purchased. A little more treats than usual, but they were all pretty much incredible so at least those calories were not a waste. Oh and dinner/drinks + the comedy show with Tina and Mal was fun. We had to bail out a little early (Adam had to work) but we’re already talking about future plans with those 2 😀

Egg & cheese on a FFL english muffin + fresh blueberries and coffee:



Iggy’s fresh mozzarella with organic tomatoes, basil and mustard vinaigrette on a baguette. The bread was so chewy – yum!


The Danish Pastry House apricot/cherry almond pie slice. It was so rich, I couldn’t even think about food for 5 hours!


The popeye salad: spinach, mushrooms, green apple slices + candied walnuts, goat cheese and shrimp at the Grendel’s Den. (*I made a whole bunch of subsitutions so the actual menu item looks quite different)



+ a pint of Magners cider (unpictured).

The salad did absolutely nothing to curb my hunger and my sweet tooth was screaming at me during the first half of the comedy show. Good thing there was the most adorable chocolatery right around the corner from the show. I snuck in to the L.A. Burdick during intermission and enjoyed this piece of heaven: 


That’s the harvard square: dense, rich chocolate cake with walnuts and vanilla, topped with dark chocolate ganache

This WAS dense and rich, and chocolaty and fudgy. Mmm. Best chocolate treat I’ve had in a while. Made me (and my sweet tooth) happy 😀

On that note, I’m signing off. How is your day going to be today? Will it into being a good one!! :mrgreen:

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  • #1 - Mandy A

    I am definitely trying to think positive today! It’s definitely one of those days for me!

    The harvard square looks amazing!!!

  • #2 - Jenny

    I DO believe in the power of our thoughts and the power to make our day GREAT by thinking it that way. We become what we think!! :) have you read The Secret? I am now, love it!

    How are you doing with IE this week? Would love to hear more about it…

    Yummy eats!!! That salad, yum yum! Im glad you had a great time with Tina and Mal!! 😀

  • #3 - Madison

    Girl, that day of eats looks dannng good! haha, especially that Harvard Square. It looks like fudge–but its cake! Now that is a sign of a gooooood, fudgy cake.

    Today will be a good day! For both you, me, and everyone!

  • #4 - Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    Chocolate treat looks delightful!

    I definitely believe in the effects of positive thinking. Here’s to your good day! 😉

  • #5 - Jenny

    i COMPLETELY believe in the power of positive thinking.. have you ever read “the secret” ?! it totally changed my whole outlook on life and how optimism can really change things for you! I definitely recommend :)

  • #6 - Elina

    Jenny, I’m doing ok, I think. Not great – still trying to figure it out but I think the struggles are worth it. I’ll try to post about it soon :)

    Madison, it was like a solid brownie/fudge thing. Mmmm 😀

    Both Jennies (hehe) – I just put The Secret on hold at my library. Hope someone returns their copy soon. :mrgreen:

  • #7 - Eve

    Wow – those treats totally look worth it! It’s all in the mindset. I love that you decided it would be a good day. Hope this one is too!

  • #8 - K

    Yum to EVERYTHING! That tart looks great! Glad you guys had a great time with Tina and Mal :)

    I 99.9% of the time look at the glass as being half full – I don’t know if that’s what makes my days good but I do know it makes me feel better! Hope you had a positive day!

  • #9 - RunToFinish

    I totally believe in the power of positive thinking! I don’t get out of bed until I have started thinking good things because it sets my day off right

  • #10 - Kelly

    That all looks great. I also believe in the power of positive thinking. I wouldn’t say I go as far as ‘The Secret’ but I do believe that having a positive outlook makes life better overall and makes people want good things for you. I too often change things up on the menu. I don’t like chicken very much so I am forever switching things up on the menu to accomidate seafood or tofu.

  • #11 - ttfn300

    hope today was a good day for you :)

  • #12 - Elina

    K – that’s so great that you can be such an optimist! I really do think it makes life better :)

    Amanda – that’s a great routine. I’m going to start doing that!! 😀

    Kelly – you read The Secret too? Seems like a controversial book. I’m kind of intrigued now 😉

  • #13 - MagnersPear

    Yum – that all looks really tasty! You might be interested in a fun competition running at the moment to win a case of magners pear cider. 1st round of winners will be chosen at random from the Magners twitter and also from the Magners facebook fan page – to be in the running follow and join! 2nd round of winners will be chosen based on the level of activity/engagment demonstrated by the contestant so its good to get involved. Winners will be selected on Thursday – winners will be drawn every week – yes, every week! (must be over 18 and UK based!)

  • #14 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Alright, I am doing this TODAY. I actually skimmed this post earlier in the week and was having a really hard time, so I was like, “I can’t will myself today!” But you are right. It’s all about attititude. Today will be a GREAY day. Thanks, Elina!

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