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Small bites

July 30th, 2009 · 17 Comments · breakfast, sandwich

Hi bloggies. Can you believe it’s Thursday already?!! This week is seriously flying by. I can’t believe it!

I went to a Registered Dietitian yesterday to talk about my bingeing problem. I wasn’t sure if talking to an RD would be the right thing to do. After all, I feel like I know quite a bit about balanced eating and nutrition in general, but what I really wanted to ask her if calorie counting is something that I should resume or give this “intuitive eating” more time. I feel like I’ve been really out of control lately. I basically ate non-stop all weekend, then had a major bingeing incident on Tuesday again. I keep yo-yoing between “happy” and “depressed” and the 2 have a direct correlation to whether I’ve been eating well or not. After stopping calorie counting I feel like all hell broke loose… and I don’t know how to stop this train wreck. On that note, I’m also hesitant to go back to calorie counting. I feel like I should be able to stop it and eat intuitively.  Anyways, the appointment with an RD was pretty much a waste of time (the answer to whether I should calorie count or not is “depends – it may make things worse or better”… yeah, thanks for that tidbit!). BUT, she did give me one advice that I thought I’d share here with you…

It was very much in line with what the Intuitive Eating book talks about – how it’s important to really taste your food and savor it. She recommended getting quality foods (like 1 gourmet cupcake instead of a package of grocery store bought ones) and dividing them into bite size pieces. She said that when we frantically stuff our faces, we don’t really taste the food (yup, definitely agree!) so dividing it into small bites and then counting them down, could help. For example, instead of shoving a cupcake down (I know, classy!) cut it into let’s say 8 small bites, then start counting down. Mmm, I have 8 bites left. The first one is so sweet and rich. Ok, now I have 7. Still delicious. Taste every bite and take your time. When you have 1 bite left, really take your time with it and know it’s your last. Hopefully the experience of eating this truly satisfied you, or you may realize that at bite 5, you’ve had enough. Small bites + slowing down. I know it makes complete sense but I don’t know if when the bingeing demon attacks, I can be this rational. Worth a try though 😀

Here are yesterday’s eats. It was a good day. No bingeing. Notice my dinner… small bites :)



Lunch was the langostino salad. The tortilla chips got slightly soggy but the flavor was really good. I’ll put them in a separate baggie next time, but I still enjoyed this salad. A lot. Adam did too. He couldn’t stop talking about his delicious lunch :)




I doubled up on my workouts yesterday because I missed my run on Tuesday. I felt like I started slacking off on my training a bit, so it’s good to be back on track. Check out my training progress here. 😀

Oh and before I go, check out Amanda’s gluten free giveaway. Looks delicious! :)

Happy Thursday!!

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  • #1 - sister inna

    ive been especially bad with “inhaling” my food recently, and you are right, those times i remember to slow down i enjoy what i eat much much more.
    what are those leaf shape cookies? they look so cute

  • #2 - katherine

    Great tips, even though the appointment was kind of a waste overall. I’ll definitely try to focus on savoring each bite today. Thanks!

  • #3 - KellyB

    i find when i don’t food journal, i binge eat. writing it down, keeps me in control. i think its great that you’re giving it a try, cause then you know what works for you.

  • #4 - RunToFinish

    learning to reallly TASTE my food was such a huge thing for me!

  • #5 - Mandy A


    Okay the leaf cookies are too cute!! Are they soft and chewy??

    The small bites is very interesting. Do you feel like it really made you sit back and enjoy the food a bit more?

    I definitely don’t count calories… too many numbers that I get obsessed with and in turn, feel like I’m being very restrictive. I don’t think i’ve counted anything for about three years now!

  • #6 - Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    love the RDs insight! let us know when you test out the small bite theory!

  • #7 - Foodie McBody

    I love the “small bites” idea and think it DEFINITELY works, especially with super high quality stuff. Excellent!

  • #8 - Elina

    Innz and Mandy A – Re: cookies – they are by the World of Grains company ( and they are crunchy. Not too sweet, just a touch of sweetness. I really love that they are in single serving packets and you actually get a lot of cookies/packet. Delicious! :) Oh, I buy them at WF.

  • #9 - lisa

    I’ve have had this debate recently too about calorie counting. I had a lot going on and was binging non stop so I just stopped about a week or so ago and have been eating what i want. The result for me has been little to no snacknig since i’ve been having bigger meals, and no urge to binge because i’ve been eating what i want. I also feel so much happier not binging which has helped not want to binge also. I’ve also avoided the scale for the first time ever. So I hope this keeps working for me! I know if I don’t binge I’ll lose weight. Oh and I’ve been eating one indulgent sweet a day and not feeling guilty. I think i’m just over the diet mentality. it’s too much work! i’m trying to just go with it.

  • #10 - Madison

    That’s a good idea to cut everything into small bites–it is so true that you will savor it! I tend to be much more satisfied when I eat slower and take smaller bites–chewying instead of just swallowing.

  • #11 - Lynn @ The Actors Diet

    I spent most of my life binge eating and have “had it under control” for the last six months or so. What I find helpful is to really pay attention to my emotions and stress triggers – address what am I’m really hungry for. Let myself have what I’m craving, but if it seems kinda out of control, stop and ask myself what’s really going on. Then address that.

  • #12 - Kelly

    Sorry to hear what a waste of time it was! I got your e-mail and will definitely respond. Sorry I’ve sucked so much. I know I owe you a response.

  • #13 - Jennifer

    Just read your post on Carrots n Cake when you mentioned boot camp and then running. Seriously, chill out! I know overexercising seems endemic in the blog world, but you don’t have to do it!

  • #14 - Elina

    Lisa, I’m glad you found something that’s working for you!! :)

    Lynn – great advice. Thanks!

    Jennifer – I think you misunderstood my comment on CNC. I planned on going for a run but since it was raining, chose to do a bootcamp class instead. I may still try to go for a run later tonight or just do a longer one tomorrow. I am training for a half marathon, so I have to cover a certain mileage per week in order to be ready for the race. No worries – I listen to my body when it tells me I need a break. That’s actually why I didn’t do my run right after bootcamp.

  • #15 - nicole h

    yummm love your dinner looks great! congrats on finding something that can work for you. I usd to binge eat all the time it was not fun. also i wanted you to know on one of your post you said you tell yourself ” i can eat this another time i don’t need to to eat it today it will be here tomorrow” or something along those lines. well i tell myself that all the time now and it WORKS ! thanks for such a simple (should be common sense) tactic

  • #16 - Elina

    Nicole – glad something clicked for you. We all need to find little ways to trick ourselves :)