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Relaxing Saturday

July 19th, 2009 · 10 Comments · breakfast, tofu

I decided to blow off work yesterday and just kick ass today 😀 I just needed the day off. The day started with a nice breakfast, blogging, running, lunching, relaxing and then a really fun night out with my husband. Yes, this is definitely what the doctor prescribed! I feel refreshed this morning and ready to tackle all the tasks at hand :)

Before I get to my eats, I wanted to mention my run yesterday. It was HARD. We’ve complained about cold rain and nasty weather here in Boston for so long, and now are greeted with a billion % humidity and 80* weather. Can we have a little middle ground here?! As you guys know, I love treadmill running but since signing up for my half (which unfortunately they won’t let me run on the treadmill while catching up on celebrity gossip on E 😉 ) I am trying to get my body used to all the outside elements and embrace them. So that meant a run outside at 85* yesterday. I nearly died, I think, and I really hope I can blame the weather because it’s easier than thinking that maybe I’m not fit to run after all. No, no negative thoughts here. I’ll get there. So yeah, my little trick of taking a 1 minute walking break at mile 3 (kind of mid-way of my 7 mile planned run) turned into a walk at miles 2.5, 4.5, 5.25 and eventually at 5.5 when I officially declared to myself that my run is over and just started walking. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Listening to Jillian didn’t even help. I just needed to walk. So I walked for another 1/2 mile and called it a day. My average pace with the 3 walking breaks was a 9 minute mile. Not great, but it was also quite hilly and it was seriously humid. I try not to concentrate on my pace during my long runs but just cover the distance. Unfortunately covering the distance is not always easy. I hope I am able to get there eventually. My mind tells me that I can do it but my body was telling me something very different during the run yesterday. I need to listen to it. It should come around. Btw, if you want to check out my training schedule, here it is again. I’ve been doing pretty well overall, and I have plenty of time, so there is nothing to worry about just yet :)

Now onto food. I find it much easier to eat intuitively during the weekend. There is no stress of work that’s making me want to reach for a cookie “to ease the pain” or “get away for a minute” and there is no rigid schedule to adhere to either. I really love it. I started the morning with exactly what I wanted: 1 Food for Life english muffin, 2 kinds of almond butter (Justin’s maple ab and Nuturaly Nutty white chocolate cherry ab) and blueberries and banana slices.


See the different almond butters on this half (Justin’s on the left, NN with cherry chunks on the right)?


I still don’t love either of these nut butters, and I’m running out of Barney – hope that shipment comes soon 😀

My pre-run snack was a few walnut halves ans a banana bud. I don’t know if I needed a snack but I always get a bit nervous before my runs and it’s hard to distinguish between butterflies in the stomach and hunger. I decided to just eat a little somthin’somthin’ 😉


About an hour later I ran (see above) and ended up at my parents house. I hung out with them for a bit and had 2 pieces of eel/avocado maki that they were having for lunch:

Sushi 001

Then my dad drove me home and I started making lunch, which for a minute I thought was going to turn into a disaster but somehow I saved the day :) So lunch was based on Kelly’s farmers market strudel recipe. I made a few very minor modifications – omitted the green onions, substituted greek yogurt for fromage blanc, used silken tofu and a blend of parmesan cheese and gruyere. The filling tasted great, but when I was about the assemble the strudel this is where things turned. I’ve never cooked with phyllo dough and couldn’t for the life of me separate the dough sheets. I tried and tried and then reached for the package in the freezer to see if there was some kind of secret to it. Do you want to know the secret? Use phyllo dough instead of puff pastry! Yup, I by mistake defrosted some puff pastry instead of phyllo dough. Oops 😳 Btw, I’ve never cooked anything with puff pastry either, so I didn’t really know what to do. I decided to just “wing it” and it worked out really great! I cut the dough in thirds (length wise) and then layered it, lasagna style. One layer of dough went on the bottom, then 1/2 of the filling went on, covered with another piece of dough, more filling and finally topped it with the last dough strip. I then pinched all the ends and baked it at 400* for about 15 minutes (until the dough looked nice and crispy). Puff pastry cooks much quicker than phyllo dough, so that was pretty cool. Here is my slice:


Oh man, this was so good! The puff pastry was so buttery and the filling was really delicious. This felt like an indulgent lunch for sure. I ate 1/2 of this, gave the rest to Adam… and then went back for a little more after a while :) My near disaster definitely turned out a great success, although I’m wondering if phyllo dough was a healthier option. I guess moderation is key with this stuff and my satisfaction factor was definitely high, which I think is the key to being healthy and sane 😀 You guys should definitely try this recipe – my version or Kelly’s. Delicious!!

At some point I munched on 2 dates:


And then attemped to have some leftover blueberry coffee cake with green yogi tea



… but the coffee cake tasted weird. I picked the almonds off the top and tossed the rest. In the past I would have eaten it anyway, but part of eating intuitively means really tasting food and being selective. Why bother eating something when at the end you won’t be satisfied anyway and will want something else? I instead enjoyed my yogi tea and left extra room in my belly for an awesome dinner! That works too 😛


Dinner will be covered in my next post, so stay tuned :)

Oh and I keep forgetting – check out Kelly’s Artisana giveaway. Man, I want to win it!!

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  • #1 - Daria (Summer of the CSAs)

    I’d say it was definitely the heat/humidity that made your run tough – it almost killed me on mine!

  • #2 - ttfn300

    i’m so glad you took a day to yourself!! definitely needed :) and heck yeah with the intuitive eating!

    don’t worry about the run, it’ll take a few runs to get acclimated to the temps. yesterday’s humidity got to me too, all i wanted to do was stay in my air conditioned bedroom :) in the heat of the summer i try to get out early for my long runs– it’s also good since that’s when the race will be!

  • #3 - Jenny

    girl you are a star! congrats on the pushing yourself through the difficult run and intuitive eats! I’m glad you decided to treat yourself to a day off, you deserve it! xo

  • #4 - Kate

    That is a very fast for a long run on the hills on a hot day! If you slowed down a little, you wouldn’t need the walk breaks.

  • #5 - Anne K.

    I’m glad you had a refreshing day off! Sorry about the rough run. High temps coupled with humidity makes runs SO much harder, so I think you can blame the weather on this one. No worries :)

    I’m glad IE went well!

  • #6 - Elina

    Kate, it’s really weird but I purposely try to slow myself down and this is as slow as I can go. Seriously. When it gets tough I tell myself that I can do it super slow if I have to as long as I finish but sometimes walking is the only thing I can handle. Something to work on for sure.

  • #7 - Lele

    Your strudel is BEAUTIFUL!

  • #8 - Shelly

    Haha! Be glad you don’t live in New Orleans. 85 degrees is actually ideal weather for my runs (I have exercise induced asthma and hot, humid weather actually really reduces my chances of having an attack after a run).
    But I think it’s all about what you are used to.

    New Orleans had a heat wave for about 3 weeks in June and it was around 100 degrees every day. I tried to run outside (because I hate treadmills) and it was the hardest thing in the world.
    I got really stressed b/c I had a race coming up (it was this Sunday), but I eventually had to listen to my body and just find other workouts until it cooled down a bit!

    My suggestion for dealing with the heat is to break your run up. Run to the nearest water fountain, gulp, stand around until your heart rate goes down, and repeat. Or run a mile, stop and do some lunges, then run some more. I run in a part that has workout stations along the track loop, so I stop and do the workouts (as well as stopping at each of the water fountains). The workouts are situps and push ups and stuff like that, so it gives me a chance to get my heart rate back down and to cool down a bit.

    I think you can adjust to the heat but don’t press yourself to run without stopping like you would in nice weather and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

  • #9 - Lara (Thinspired)

    From your last three posts it really seems like you doing well with IE. How do you feel it is going? I’m sure you’ll do a recap soon 😉

  • #10 - Elina

    Wow, Shelly – 100 degrees. I’m pretty sure I would have died. You’re right – it’s all about our bodies adjusting to our environment. Thanks for the suggestion on the interval type training. I bet it would be a great way to mix it up! 😀

    Lara, I was doing quite well until last night, but I’m back at it. I think I will really get it. It’s so much more freeing that calorie counting (never thought I’d say that!!).