No bad attitudes here

Thank you all for your comments on my previous post. It’s hard for me to write posts like that but I’m glad that my honestly is appreciated. I just want to get to a place where I can eat delicious healthy foods in moderation and give you guys advice about how to keep up with life and food and stay healthy and sane 😉 One day!

Hope your week started on the rights foot. I saw a funny post yesterday in a doctor’s office that said: “Bad attitude is like a flat tire – you can’t go anywhere until you fix it!” There was a silly picture of a cat on a bike with a flat tire that went with it. Funny stuff. Anyways, I thought that was good message to share. We all need to be good to ourselves and leave the bad attitude behind. :)

I don’t have much to say this morning, so here are yesterday’s eats (scroll over for descriptions).







Dinner was a little special and featured a beautiful piece of local and grass fed filet mignon we bought at the Tendercrop Farm on Saturday. I followed this recipe from Cooking Light for filet mignon with cabernet sauce and the haricots verts and wild mushrooms with hazelnuts recipe from the same The Best of Cooking Light 9 issue for the green beans (the recipe does not appear to be online, I substituted almonds for hazelnuts and omitted the mushrooms).


I got impatient and didn’t let the sauce reduce enough but the flavor was excellent. This is also the first time I had beef in ages. I was really craving beef so it really hit the spot! I had a splash of red with it 😉


+ ww wrap with nutella for dessert.


We ended the evening by watching lots of home improvement shows. I can’t believe we’re moving into our new condo in 3.5 weeks. Exciting and scary!! Enjoy your Tuesday… and be good to yourself! No bad attitudes, ok? :)

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