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My wedding cake is sabotaging me

July 8th, 2009 · 12 Comments · fish, snacks, yogurt

I’m so glad you guys enjoyed my wedding recaps (please see the 3 previous posts if you missed them). I really enjoyed posting them 😀 Now, my leftover wedding cake is driving me crazy. CLC, shmiLC, I can’t get it off my mind. Every day I say that’s the last piece I’ll have, and then night time comes and I open the fridge for a little slice… which turns into 2 slices. *Sigh* You see normally the way I am able to turn things down (if in fact I’m successful) is by telling myself I can have it any other day. There is no reason to have it now. But with this wedding cake – there won’t be another day. I only plan on having 1 wedding and this is the last wedding day cake I’ll ever have. So that’s how I justify it. Does it make sense to anyone? I plan on feeding it to our friends tonight and then it will be gone. That’s a good thing. This way the internal battles in my head will stop :) It is one good cake though! 😉

I have lots of catching up to do on this past weekend. We had such a great time celebrating our first wedding anniversary and my dad’s birthday. But I kind of miss straight up food blogging, so today I’ll post about my food from yesterday. It was all clean good food + some cake at the end of the day to help me sleep better 😉


Lots of goodies in here – TJ’s european style nonfat yogurt, mango, sweet cherries, pb puffins, almonds + cacao nibs. The cacao nibs are a new purchase (they are 100% cacao – no sugar added). I’m still learning to love them, but they’re not bad. Just not chocolate the way I’m used to it (obviously since there is no butter and sugar like in reg chocolate). The breakfast was super delicious – so many flavors, so many textures. Yum! :)




Can’t get enough of these AK MAKS. They’ve basically become an everyday part of my pre-workout snack. Not heavy on the stomach but nice and hearty. Love them! The cherries were super sweet too. Too bad they’re not local… our local cherries are kind of sour :(


Simple – leftover chicken from Monday’s dinner at the Hamersley’s Bistro (separate post to come) + roasted turnips (tiny bit of EVOO + S&P, roasted at 400* for 50 minutes). The chicken the next day was just ok. A little greasy for my taste, even though I removed the skin. The turnips were yummy 😀


And for dessert I munched on the mango core. Can’t let it go to waste 😉



So many snacks in the afternoon! I really tried to listen to my body and not overeat, but I was hungry all afternoon. What’s up with that? Have you tried this kind of Larabar? I think it’s new. I liked it :)


Lots of walnut and sour cherry pieces. Love them both!



100 calorie almonds pack

I still wanted more even after all those snacks, but I held off. I knew dinner would involve cake (my friend Katy was specifically coming over to have some, so I knew I’d have some too!).


I got home almost at 8pm and was starving. I had this awesome dinner planned starring the bok choy I picked up at the farmers market last week, but it went bad :( It made me quite sad and threw me off a little. No worries, plan B turned out great, despite the ugly pictures. I pan fried some tilapia (1.5 tsp EVOO for 3 pieces + S&P and garlic), made some cauliflower following this simple cauliflower recipe from 101 cookbooks, and boiled some brown rice on the side. This was simple but quite perfect actually.


The cauliflower recipe is excellent. The melty parmesan cheese made this dish extra special :)


And of course there was cake! You can go ahead and double this picture. Yes, I had seconds.


Can you believe it’s Wednesday already? Times flies by when you’re having fun, huh? See you later! :mrgreen:

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  • #1 - Kelly

    Is the cake outta the freezer or did you have the bakery send you a new topper for your aniversary? I completely understand your dilemma. I get the same way when I’m on vacation…”Oh who knows when I’ll be in The Russian River Valley again so I might as well have another glass.” They talk about this a lot in “Intuitive Eating” and I think part of what helps is to take the “for a limited time only” nature out of it. Afterall, we always want what’s scarce, it’s part of how we evolved as humans. If the bakery does smaller orders you could always order a small version of the cake every once and awhile to enjoy or a few cupcakes or try to replicate it at home.

  • #2 - Kelly

    I think the Jocolat bars have been around for awhile but they are a little harder to find than the regular Lara bars. They are absolutely my favorite. Chocolate mint and chocolate orange are two of my favorites. No chocolate banana available (yet) so I think I’m going to try to recreate it in my own kitchen.

  • #3 - sister inna

    i am not even lying here — last night D and i were doing some grocery shopping and i said this ” i think elina’s wedding cake got me on to a chocolate cake frenzy. can we get some chocolate cake please”. the answer was no. but i think there is crack or something in that cake i can’t stop thinking about it. i want more more more

  • #4 - Elina

    Kelly, we froze the top of our cake so that’s why I can’t freeze the rest of it. Today is the cake’s last day in the house, so this problem will take care of itself :) I also think it’s time to pick up a copy of Intuitive Eating. Thanks for making a reference to the book. Oh and yes, I’m sure the bakery does smaller cakes. It’s just won’t be “my cake”… yeah, messed up thinking. I know.

    Innz, I think the “crack” is butter. Chocolate butter. Mmm 😀 Have a piece of chocolate for me today, will ya?

  • #5 - Bridget

    I totally understand teh cake thing! Esp since it’s still tasting delicious…most people I’ve heard from say the cake just isnt good 1 year later! Awesome that yours was! Yum…I’ve been to Hamersley’s before, didnt get teh chicken but I’ve heard thats what they’re famous for!

  • #6 - Alison

    Your breakfast looks fabulous! I’m odd in that I dno’t like cake that much. So we didn’t even have a cake at our wedding. Instead, people had a choice of cheesecake, chocolate cake, and something else. I had the cheesecake.

  • #7 - Anne K.

    I know what you mean about that cake thing. That “now or never, limited time only” mentality can be tough to ignore. Your plan to share it with friends sounds good :)

    Your breakfast looks fabulous! I love the variety of ingredients.

  • #8 - Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write

    lol. We didn’t save any wedding cake to eat for our 1 year and now I’m glad lol. It was too much of a problem the first time around. Our cake was so delish. What a beautiful bride you made.

  • #9 - Jenny

    i completely relate to the temptation but i’m glad tonight it will be gone and you won’t feel the stress anymore! but i’m glad you’re treating yourself to it– like you said, you’ll never have your wedding cake again so might as well enjoy it while you can, right?!

  • #10 - Heather

    I’m sorry you are struggling with the cake! I think picking up Intuitive Eating (saw your comment) is an awesome idea. It’ll help you get rid of the food police & making food illegal too. I do that myself & actually had to toss some ice cream last night because of it.

    I’d NEVER toss the cake though 😉 But I understand where your head is. I think making things no longer “off-limits” will really help!

    Hang in there!

  • #11 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Elina! What would you tell me if this were a post about my wedding cake?! I know you would tell me to enjoy it!
    You are exactly right…you get ONE wedding cake and this is it! The good news is, it won’t be around to tempt you next week 😉 Just enjoy it and know that you can get back on your CLC as soon as it’s all gone :)

  • #12 - Elina

    Alison – I’ll take some cheesecake too 😉

    Mrs. Myers – I think this may have been a wise idea :) I have to say, though, I am really enjoying this cake, despite crazy amounts of calories.

    Jenny – I’m with you on this one!

    Heather – I’m definitely going to pick up a copy asap!

    Lara – I would totally tell you this exact thing! I actually feel no guilt over eating this cake. I almost feel like I should, but I don’t. I’ve been consuming way more cake than a normal person should (let alone one that is *trying* to lose weight) but for some reason I’m ok with it. Maybe because this cake is not only delicious but also represents super happy memories. Yeah I’ll go with that one :)