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July 17th, 2009 · 22 Comments · breakfast, salad, snacks

You guys, I think I’m making true progress with Intuitive Eating! Yesterday was a really great food day. I didn’t feel deprived for 1 second (truly) and I ate 100% healthy. The idea of another cookie “because I could have one” didn’t even seem appealing. I’ve had a cookie (or 2) nearly every every day this week so I think I’ve proven to myself that I really CAN have it any day. Yesterday I gave myself permission to have it again, but I just didn’t want any! There is a huge difference between not having a cookie because “I shouldn’t” since I’ve had some every day, or because I “really don’t feel like 1” because I’ve satisfied my sweet tooth the past few days and now it’s tamed. That’s definitely progress! I think I’m finally starting to get this 😀 Very happy about that. On that note, let’s see what I did it…

I was craving Barney Butter again (shocker!) so breakfast was 2 lovely Kashi Heart to Heart waffles with BB and (farmers market) raspberries and (giant Costco container) blueberries :) These waffles are my favorite frozen variety but they’re not whole grain. I may have to search for another kind that will be to my liking to, but I won’t compromise on taste. If there aren’t any whole wheat waffles out there that I like as much, then Heart to Heart waffles it is. A little white flour once in a while won’t kill anyone :)


Melty BB, mmm



Since I went to bed on a full stomach the night before, this breakfast really filled me up (more than usual for sure) so I was very satisfied for about 4 hours. At this point I was still a little full but also getting hungry at the same time. Kind of a weird sensation. Have you ever experienced this? I was getting ready to go to the gym and really didn’t want to crash there, so I looked for a snack that was not too voluminous but still had energy. 3 sweet dates? Perfect! 😀


Lunch: sort of leftovers from the day before, recreated on an Ezekiel sprouted grain bread + carrots and snap peas. Messy but good again :)



My mid-afternoon snack was awesome. On Monday morning I went crazy packing up all sorts of snacks to bring to work. I literally packed anything I could think I could ever crave. This way I was going to eat what I felt like vs. what I had on hand. Yesterday I was on my way to the fridge to have a banana + Barney Butter, but when I saw 1/2 of TJ’s pb granola bar, I knew I had to concoct this little combo. I love it when the voices inside me tell me what I want so I’m extra satisfied :)



For dinner all I wanted was a big salad (Adam was hanging out with his buddies, which meant I could really have anything I want!) so that’s what I had. In this monster: mixed greens, summer squash, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, black lentils, herbed goat cheese, reduced fat cottage cheese and TJ’s baba ghanush. I think that’s it 😉



Oh and on the side I had a small chunk of reduced fat smoked gouda. I saw it at TJ’s and it called my name. It was AWESOME!!! Made me crazy happy!


And then I tried not to fall asleep. It was like 8:30 and I was ready to crash. I continued reading the Intuitive Eating book, while struggling to keep my eyes open. At 9:15 (yup!!) I called it a night. I was just too exhausted! Grandma Elina went to bed :)

At around 11pm I woke up absolutely starving and had a small handful of chocolate covered edamame (unpictured) and went back to bed. And now I’m about to get ready for work. It’s Friday!!!!!!!!! I’m meeting Kath and Tina and about 20 of their fans for cocktails tonight. Adam is coming with me so I’m pretty excited :mrgreen: Do you have any plans for my favorite night of the week?

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  • #1 - Lori

    Congratulations on the intuitive eating! Glad it is working for you.

    I get that hungry/full feeling sometimes and it is weird. It’s like the tipping point before I really do get hungry.

  • #2 - ttfn300

    glad things are evolving! i think i did pretty well yesterday myself, especially after being ravenous following an early am spin :)

    is that a stem on the gooseberries? do you eat it? see you tonight!! :)

  • #3 - Betsy

    Fun!! I wish I was in town this weekend to hang out…but I am going away!

    I am going to look for that Gouda. YUM.

  • #4 - Melissa (Nibbles and Wiggles)

    Kudos to you on your breakthroughs yesterday!

    Have you thought about making your own waffles and freezing them? It works really well.

  • #5 - Heather

    Hurray for the excellent progress! That is EXACTLY what should happen too! Have so much fun tonight!

    I suspect we’ll end up downtown in our little city here eating on a patio somewhere since it’s soooo nice out!

    And I do get that full/hungry feeling so I’ll usually have some water & a bit of something small to tie me over a bit longer.

  • #6 - Anne K.

    I’m glad you’re making good progress on IE. That’s awesome! Your eats look delicious too, especially that salad!

  • #7 - Elina

    Lori – good to know I’m not the only one :)

    Good job, Shannon, honoring your hunger (hehe, I sound like those women now). I don’t think they’re stemps… just part of the gooseberries. Yes, I ate them! :) See you tonight!

    Betsy, too bad. I wanted to meet you! Look for that gouda for sure – it was delicious!! 😀

    Melissa, I am dying for a waffle maker but our kitchen is already overstuffed with appliances. Maybe in our new kitchen. We’ll see :)

    Heather, have fun tonight! Enjoying beautiful weather on the patio sounds awesome 😀

    Anne K – thanks! :mrgreen:

  • #8 - K

    YAY for making progress!! You’ll get the hang of IE down, I have no doubts!

    Those Kashi waffles are my favorite! I actually just picked up a box of them the other day. That hunk of Gouda looks amazing!

    I always get a weird hunger/full sensation between breakfast and lunch. It’s weird but every day I just start to get hungry but I’m still stuffed. Crazy.

  • #9 - Lauren

    Have you tried the Kashi Go Lean waffles? They aren’t 100% whole wheat, but they do have whole wheat flour in them. Tasty!

    Your salad looks amazing – I’ve been eating tons of loaded salads lately. I tried that gouda and found it to be very salty… maybe it was just the specific one that I bought? I’ll give it another try b/c I LOVE gouda.

    Have a blast tonight, and tell everyone I wish I could be there. I’ll be away for the weekend at a friend’s wedding.

  • #10 - Jenny

    yay congrats on progressing with your IE! sounds and looks like you had a delicious and healthy day of eats!

  • #11 - Jenny

    I am SOOO happy to hear of your progress with IE!!! It has been SO inspiring for me, so please continue to share your daily journeys if you will :)

    Yummy eats! and yes Ive had that feeling of full/hunger in my belly! weird eh?!?!

    Enjoy tonight with all the fabulous ladies!!! :) :) :)

  • #12 - Eve

    Sounds like you had a really great eating day and you are following IE really well. I sometimes secretly like it when my husband is not home for dinner so I can make something that he would not want for dinner (veggie burger, dinner salad, omelet, etc) Have fun at dinner tonight!

  • #13 - Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    Nice work, Elina! So good to hear how happy you are with everything 😉

  • #14 - RunToFinish

    wow tonight sounds like a blast, very jealous!!

    way to go on listening to your body. I think I have good days and better days with that..hehe see no bad food no bad days!!

  • #15 - Alison

    Great job on IE. I’ve been eating chocoalte covered espresso beans the last few days for a snack. They satisfy my chocolate craving but are so strong that my body forces me to limit myself. Quite effective.

  • #16 - sister inna

    i have yet to overstuff myself on those chips i’ve been digging into every night after 10:30 pm! i need to do SOMETHING to make myself stop :)
    one day i ate almost the full bag and was so nauseated with even the thought of them i thought i was rid of the curse for a long long time.
    it lasted about a week
    i have no self control
    friday night = bootcamp in the park for me 😛 gotta work off those chips 😀

  • #17 - Chelsea

    SO glad you are loving the IE talk and doing so well!! I am a newbie with the blogworld, so what this talk about Kath and Tina, i dont know about them? Anyways, my friday is spent packing for our 8 hour drive to Canada tomorrow! I have never been and we are doing the wineries (mom and daughter style) along with the Falls, shopping, etc!
    Have fun tonight!!

  • #18 - Elina

    Lauren, yeah – I’m not much of a fan of those GoLean waffles. Love the cereal but not the waffles. We’ll miss you tonight! Have fun though :)

    Jenny – glad to hear you’re enjoying reading about my journey. I hope to get rid of food issues for good one day, and it would be pretty cool to be able to do that as a result of 1 book. Everything I’ve been reading so far sounds SO much like me, but I’m already starting to see the progress in my thinking. Pretty cool.

    Eve, I definitely know what you mean. I was going to make something fancy and “funky” – something he would have hated but salad was easy and exactly what I wanted. Worked out :)

    Amanda – good girl! No more bad food days on this blog 😀

    Alison, I totally get the choc covered espresso reference. We used to have some and they lasted me forever. Just a few did the trick. Chocolate covered edamame are just as intense but I like them more, so for some reason I can eat them in way more quantities than needed. Maybe listening to my body now will help me with that :)

    Chelsey, I liked to Kath and Tina’s blogs (click on their names) – they are big shot bloggers, not newbies like me. lol. Your weekend sounds amazing!!!!! Wineries + shopping, yup just about perfect 😀

  • #19 - Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    HUZZAH! That’s so great that intuitive eating seems to be working for you. It’s so liberating!

    Have a great weekend… :)

  • #20 - Elizabeth

    Hi Elina! I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday.

    I’ll be interested to read about your intuitive eating experiences… because it’s something I’m working on now too. :)

  • #21 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Are those gooseberries on the Oikos? I have never tried them but they’re big in Britain for some reason!
    Yup, I have had that weird sensation. I think it happens most often when I have a lot of high volume, low calorie foods.

  • #22 - Elina

    Lara, yes these are gooseberries. They are a little sour but I like them. They’re kind of fun :)