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Major IE setback + Tendercrop farm and Newburyport

July 27th, 2009 · 20 Comments · bakeries and more, Boston, breakfast, dessert

Hi all. Sorry I took a few days off blogging. I had some rough time with intuitive eating. Not sure what happened; I just snapped and binged for what seemed like 2 days straight. I’m learning that Intuitive Eating is in a sense like dieting – you need to be careful and not only be aware of how you feel (i.e. whether you’re hungry, eating out of emotion, etc.) but also make the decision to “do the right thing” (i.e. stop eating if you’re eating for all the wrong reasons). It’s the last part that I was having major problems with this weekend. I knew I was just stuffing my face and not even enjoying it; yet I couldn’t stop the train wreck. Clearly I have issues. I’m working on figuring out what the triggers were and why I keep doing this to myself. Anyways, I’m writing this not because I want you to feel sorry for me; neither because I feel like you guys can “figure it out for me.” I’m even embarrased to admit that this madness was going on this weekend, but at the end I want to be honest and share this journey to Intuitive Eating without editing. Know that it is hard but I think the end justifies the means. I’ll keep you posted on how everything goes. Today has been going great so far. :)

Before the stupidity began, I actually had an amazing time with Adam. Breakfast was another apple cranberry muffin with crunchy Barney Butter (new shipment – oh how I missed crunchy BB!)


Then we decided to go to Tendercrop Farm to buy some local/grass fed meat. Since we were in the area, we decided to stop by Adam’s hometown, Newburyport, pretended to be tourists (window shopped and took lots of pictures) and had lunch at the famous Michael’s Harborside. The weather was gorgeous! I really felt like we were on vacation 😀

Oh on the way to Newburyport I busted into this passion fruit/macadamia nut KIND bar. I actually had a few bites from it at a time throughout the weekend. This was when I was still trying to eat intuitively and tried to balance not ruining my appetite with not letting myself starve and trigger overeating.


Some pics in Newburyport…




This duck was so cute! It was just chilling by its little “Inn” :)


Newburyport is right on the water and is known for their fresh seafood so of course I got seafood for lunch.  Before our main course arrived, we were served some fresh rolls with butter


… but after having a bite of it I realized it tasted like regular bread and just “wasn’t worth it.” The appeal of warm bread kind of dissapears when it’s sweaty mid-80’s. For my entree I got the grilled swordfish in citrus ponzu glaze, with asparagus and rice on the side.


The asparagus was drenched in butter. I was so disguisted. Thankfully they had some steamed asparagus in the kitchen (waiting to be buttered) that the waitress was able to snag for me. It made this meal a little better. The citrus ponzu I thought was too intense and actually masked the flavor of what otherwise was a nicely grilled fresh piece of fish. It’s a little sad that this is what most people want – butter on asparagus and thick sauce on their fish. Most food was fried of course, so I guess this was still one of the healthier meals.


After lunch we finally drove to Tendercrop farms. We were both happy to find out (especially me!!!) that we could pick our own blueberries. Yay!! My outfit doesn’t exactly scream “ready to blueberry pick” but it was actually really easy (i.e. no crawling required) and sort of therapeutic. The best part – a whole pound of blueberries was $2 (if you picked them yourself). We got 2 pints for $3. Sweet! I was really happy at this moment.


At Tendercrop farms we got some local meat, fruits and veggies and these 2 baked goods that I had to dig into in the car (ate the rest later that night). First up: whoopie pie – tasted like chocolate cake with frosting. Yum!


And a rocky road bar. OMG SO good! I want more now (actually that’s a lie… after a weekend of serious overeating all I want it salad and fruit to cleanse my body but this brownie thing really was amazing!) :)


Dinner that night was a whole bunch of (unpictured) walnuts and probably more than 1/2 a box of these Russian chocolates (they have some kind of peanut paste in them that doesn’t taste like peanut butter). 



Addictive stuff. I basically finished this box on Sunday morning. Yeah, good times. Anyway, that’s Saturday’s eats. The first half of the day was so amazing, I just had to share it with you. Hope your weekend was good. I’m back at work today with a reignited fire to eat healthy. What else is new?! 😕

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  • #1 - Shannon, The Healthy Beach Bum

    It looks like you had such a great time and you look gorgeous! I think I could live off of whoopie pies and rocky road bars just from the site of them lol. <3

  • #2 - Julie

    I love crunchy barney butter…I might have to order some.

  • #3 - Jenny

    Looks like a nice time!!! Thank you for being honest with IE. Very admirable! I too am learning with IE and agree that every step is worth it. Even in the book it reminds us that at times we will eat and eat until the food no longer appeals to us… letting ourselves eat this takes away the guilt. This is just a required step. You are doing great!!

  • #4 - Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    looks like a great time and good to hear you are being honest with all thie IE stuff! It’s refreshing to hear an honest perspective.

    p.s. you looked fab (and very fit!) in your dress 😉

  • #5 - Kelly

    I love Newburyport. Usually when I go there I eat at the Purple Onion because I love their sandwiches. Hang in there. IE isn’t easy and I’m pretty sure it mentions somewhere in the book that you likely will have slipups and that’s all apart of the process. I also find going to a therapist helps. I know a lot of people don’t want to admit they go but I love mine. She always helps me work through whatever I’m going through.

  • #6 - sister inna

    1) your arms + shoulders look super fit
    2) how did you get this tan? you look fantastic
    3) looks like you guys had so much fun i’m jealous i’ve still never picked my own blueberries
    4) gimme that whoopie pie thingie i want i want

  • #7 - K

    Oh crunchy BB, how I miss thee! Glad you’ve got some :) That whoopie pie and Russian chocolate look fantastic!!

    Sorry you’re having a few IE issues – you’ll be back on the horse in no time. You can do this!

  • #8 - Tiffany

    I’ve never really been a fan of Michael’s Harborside; of course, that might be because I grew up frequenting that restaurant all the time as a kid. I prefer Starboard Galley, but that might just be because it feels more homey and laid back to me (and the food is way more of a comfort quality, too).

    I love Tendercrop Farm! That’s where I would always go for fruits and veggies; they’re so delicious! My grandfather used to be friends with the owners, and once upon a time we helped them plant those blueberry bushes. You might have picked from one I planted ;P

  • #9 - Elina

    Shannon, thanks! :)

    Kelly, that could definitely be a good idea!

    Innz, you crack me up! 1) Thanks! I started doing hardcore lifting once a week – glad you notice the difference :); 2) Running outside + on Sat during lunch!; 3) We should go next time you’re here and then make pie or muffins or something; 4) It’s all gone 😉

    Tiffany – yeah, not a fan for Michael’s Harborside either. That’s so cool about Tendercrop Farm! 😀

  • #10 - Mandy A

    Okay, you look absolutely gorgeous and seriously FIT in your pictures girl! LOVE the dress!!!

    I actually posted about my own eating troubles tonight… was kind of funny to read yours right after. I can relate with you 100% right now! I’m struggling myself. I think you always handle this very well and pick right back up where you left off!

    I so want one of those rocky road bars! :)

  • #11 - ttfn300

    sorry to hear about the setback hun :( you are rockin that dress in newburyport!! and blueberry picking?? FUN :) one day at a time, right? There will be slipups along the way, but soon they’ll be less frequent. your body is already on the right track craving fruits and veggies!

  • #12 - dish gal

    omg i had the SAME type of weekend!! i bet mine was wayyyy worse than yours 😉 lots of food PLUS about one million drinks (beers, margaritas, etc) on saturday night which led to a rather disgusting hangover on sunday. blahh. i think the key is to move on and not dwell on it. i’m trying to follow that advice myself, but i just helped myself to some leftover chocolate cake soooo i guess tomorrow will have to be good day :)

  • #13 - Daria (Summer of the CSAs)

    I just went blueberry picking too! Loved it. :)

  • #14 - Alison

    Thanks so much for being honest with your IE. It’s nice to hear real struggles with eating – like we all have.
    The desserts look great. You know, I’ve never had a whoopie pie. It looks tasty.

  • #15 - Madison

    Aw, don’t be too hard on yourself, girly! Believe me, we all have those days where we feel we went overboard. I struggle with intuitive eating as well–but the awesome thing about my blog and your blog, is that we realize our weaknesses. By reading about others healthy eating habits, we realize where our emotional and social eating goes haywire. So, today is a new day…just eat normal and healthy and I promise you will feel cleansed and better in 2 days MAX. :)

    Also, you look so gorgeous in all of those pictures. Oh my gosh–and your arms are so toned, girl! Beautiful beautiful!

  • #16 - Lara (Thinspired)

    So sorry you’ve had a rough couple of days, but I think it’s good that you “talked” about it, I know I appreciate knowing about how it is going. It sounds like you are thinking about it the right way so hopefully it will get easier with time.
    The Newburyport photos are so cute!

  • #17 - No bad attitudes here

    […] Major IE setback + Tendercrop farm and Newburyport […]

  • #18 - Elina

    Mandy A – I read your post, and I can really relate (sorry for some reason I can’t comment on your site at work… it keeps freezing on me). I hate when somehow things don’t just click and everything takes extra effort. And I know how gaining a little weight can make you feel helpless and guilty and you don’t like the reflection in that mirror. But the good news is that you ARE making a change. Hating yourself is not productive; doing something about it is. Good luck! I know you’ll do great! You lost 100 lbs; you can lose that 13 again. Just take it slow and don’t let other people’s expectations overwhelm you. Your family and co-workers won’t really think of you any differently whether you’re 13 lbs heavier or lighter.

    Dish Gal – sounds like you at least enjoyed yourself on Saturday. I’m sure those drinks were not consumed alone :) Mmm, chocolate cake 😀

    Daria – I think it’s such a fun activity, and you get blueberries at the end as a reward 😎

    Alison – I think whoopie pies are a New England thing. I’m usually not a huge fan but this one was calling my name at the store and it was really yummy :)

    Madison – thanks!!! I’m blushing 😳

  • #19 - Courtney

    However you’re eating, you’re looking bangin’ in that strapless dress! Don’t beat yourself up too much – C’est La Vie, Carpe Diem!


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