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I have a confession

July 8th, 2009 · 12 Comments · Cleaner Life, pork, sandwich

I have a confession – I am totally “over” the Cleaner Life Challenge (or CLC, as I’ve been lovingly referring to it lately :) ). Although the reasons for doing the challenge made a lot of sense when I originally decided to do it, I’m tired of meticulously looking through labels to find a CLC compliant item. I realized that I eat a lot of chocolate/chocolate related stuff, but I already knew that. That was partially the reason for doing the challenge. But I also realized that I try to eat clean most of the time anyway, so despite being fun at the beginning, now the challenge is a huge chore. Today, for example, I planned on making some sandwiches for dinner (see below) but I couldn’t use the Ezekiel sprouted grain bread we have in the freezer because it has soy lechitin. So I had to go to Whole Foods to buy some CLC compliant bread. Guess what? Every single loaf of bread (except for 1 which I finally found at the end after a loooong search) has either sugar, some not whole wheat flour or soy in some form. Yup, even organic sprouted grain breads. Does that mean that every single bread (except for the 1 I picked up) is unhealthy or “unclean?” I think the answer is no. Now my sugar addiction is a whole other story, but that’s a whole different post. And you’ve kind of heard a lot about it already so I’ll spare you 😀

With that said, I AM sticking to the challenge as planned until July 15th (right after the cake is gone!). It continues to be a learning experience and I appreciate that part of the challenge. I just wish I could continue learning while eating chocolate 😉 Anyways, onto…


I was short on time this morning and wanted something warm and sweet. I reached into the freezer for a Food for Life sprouted grain english muffin (which I planned on having with some melty Barney Butter) but then I saw 3 boxes of Holey Donuts in the freezer. Mmm, yum! :) I went this morning with the jumbo blueberry cinnamon bun. I’ll refer to it as heaven going forward :) Made my fingers nice and sticky, but tasted oh so good with a huge mug of coffee.


[388 calories, incl. coffee]

Sun-maid, I think I love you 😆


[130 calories]

Leftover summer squash gratin:


[389 calories]


[160 calories]


[60 calories]

Dinner was the above referenced sandwich. We had some ham in the fridge that needed to be used up, so I made a croque monsier by following Kath’s recipe.



[389 calories]

The sandwich was pretty good. A little too much egg, so it got slightly soggy. It was also NOTHING like the Croque Madame from Shiller’s. That’s pretty much the best thing ever. Not healthy though, so you know, I’m not about to pour a bag of shredded cheese over my fried sandwich to replicate that beau. :)

And then there was MORE WEDDING CAKE! I honestly don’t even feel guilty over it. I feel like I should be, but I don’t. I promise this is the last time you’re seeing it though. The boys we are hosting at our house tonight did not finish it, so I’m bringing the rest to work tomorrow. Say good bye to the best wedding cake ever. Oh I’m going to miss you, cake, but my hips won’t 😉


Total calories consumed today: 1711 (includes unpictured sweet cherries and AK MAK crackers) + CAKE

How was your Wednesday? I’m in a fantastic mood despite work being crazy. I “blame” some exercise endorphins for this… gotta love ’em! :mrgreen:

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  • #1 - ttfn300

    yeah for endorphins :) crazy indeed, but i’m glad tomorrow’s thursday!!

  • #2 - Hangry Pants

    I think the sugar and honey in most bread is incidental anyway – it’s to get the yeast going. Personally, my increased awareness was good, but like you, I was totally sick of looking at labels, etc.

  • #3 - Anne K.

    Wow, that holey donut cinnamon bun looks incredible! Ooh, the exercise endorphin rush is one of my favorite feelings :)

  • #4 - Lara (Thinspired)

    I think it’s admirable that you’re mentally done with it but still seeing it thorugh to the intended date. I cant’ wait for you to do a full recap noting all of your lessons, etc. :)

  • #5 - Lauren

    Sounds like you picked up some valuable insights from the challenge! I also have quite an appetite for sweets – I’ve been attempting to satisfy it with ripe fresh fruit. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t ;).

    I LOVE croque monsieurs and madames. It might be time to make one!

    I’m already looking forward to breaking open the top layer of our wedding cake… 11 1/2 months to go!

  • #6 - sister inna

    that croque monsieur sandwich just got me salivating…. and i love that little message on the raisins box. do they all have the same one or is this the non yogi – yogi tea inspiration substitute? hehe

  • #7 - Kelly

    I honestly think that with anything you have to do those kinds of things on your own terms. It sounds like you definitely learned a lot and became mindful but I think it makes sense to stop at the point that it becomes obsessive. What’s the point of reaping the health benefits if you’re less balanced mentally and in your approach to life? (Not trying to imply you are mental but you know what I mean. :-) ) I honestly think as with everything that balance is key. From reading your meals I think it is clear that you mostly eat clean but no one is perfect and a perfect life can get boring and calculated FAST!

  • #8 - Elina

    Innz, they have different message on every box – and they’re always pretty fun. I try to take pics of the best ones :)

    Kelly, you are SO right! I still can’t decide if I should just stop or complete the challenge. It’s less than a week at this point… 😕

  • #9 - KellyB

    After rock climbing last night we tried L’Andana . Yummy and loved the atmosphere. Thanks for the recommendation. My hubby had the molten chocolate cake for dessert, I stole a bite. MNNN.

  • #10 - RunToFinish

    I was thinking to myself the other day that even when I eat “bad” now truly I am a very good eater. I decided that I will continue to improve my eating forever, but I agree I don’t want it to be a horrible chore…just slowly decreasing certain things and enhancing others.

  • #11 - Heather

    I think if the challenge just made you more aware of ingredients put in food then it’s a win! Too often, for me anyway, when I’m all “can’t have this & can’t have that” then I tend to become all or nothing which is no fun at all!

    Kudos for seeing it through to the end & boo for making me soooo want that sandwich & holey donuts! hehehe

  • #12 - Jenny

    glad you made the executive decision to go off the CLC — it’s really tough putting ourselves under such rigid meal habits.. it’s enough to drive a girl mad and definitely can take the enjoyment out of eating!