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Friday nights are my favorite

July 12th, 2009 · 7 Comments · Asian, Boston, restaurant reviews, sushi

So I know it’s already Sunday, but the last couple of days have been so good I just can’t not blog about them. So yes, I’m going back in time a bit… let’s pretend it’s Friday night, shall we? It’s better than Sunday night anyway. 😆

Friday nights are my absolute favorite. I had to work this weekend, but I still wanted to pretend I was going to have a full weekend of fun ahead of me. We also happened to have a gorgeous day here in Boston, which has not been the case for the most part of this “summer.” Every nice day we end up having just makes everything better! That, combined with my new decision to live a little more and stop calorie counting and sugar and flour restriction + the fact that it was a Friday night made for a wonderful night out!

Around 7 pm Adam picked me up from work and we decided to find a spot for dinner. Neither one of us had a craving for anything specific, until I mentioned sushi. The second that word came out of my mouth, there was no turning back. I haven’t had sushi in ages (white rice, sugar in the rice, soy sauce = non CLC compliant) and I needed it NOW 😉 Haru happened to be just around the corner of where we were, and it’s definitely one of our favorite sushi restaurants in Boston. Definitely a little pricey but the atmosphere (clean + modern) + quality of fish + creativity of dishes make it a worthy splurge once in a while. I was SO excited for my meal, I could hardly contain myself :)

I started with a glass of Smoking Lagoon Cabernet Savignon. It was the cheapest cab by the glass but I still enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure I paid more for that glass than the whole bottle was worth, but I also enjoyed it with amazing sushi and that’s something I can’t recreate at home!


While sipping on my vino, I browsed through the menu. Everything sounded good! It was hard to decide what to get, but the second Adam pointed out the Strawberry Fin special roll, I knew it was a winner! I always get one “special roll” and then get a few other basics. This time I ordered 2 salmon sushi + 1 shrimp sushi, and at the last moment decided to also get the tuna tataki with avocado. I haven’t had good tuna tataki in forever, and was really excited to try Haru’s version when I saw it on the menu. So here’s the loot…


The sushi was so fresh! I think you can tell how buttery the fish is from these pics…


And the Strawberry Fin (crunchy spicy yellowtail, jalapeno peppers and mango, topped with scallops, wasabi tobiko and fresh strawberries) was probably the coolest (and best) maki roll I’ve ever had. Well, I guess I also really love the hawaii maki at Fin’s. We’ll call it a draw. 😆 The flavors were so complex! I loved the spiciness of the jalapenos, mixed with the sweet mango and strawberries. I dipped every bite in the strawberry sauce it came with (no need for soy sauce here!). SO good!


Aren’t these guys so cute? The tuna tataki (seared tuna with avocado salad and spicy soy vinaigrette) was also excellent! I didn’t eat all the avocado, but the tuna was definitely gone by the end of the night 😉


The meal was superb! I was so happy with my selections, and was very satisfied. So I said no to dessert. Wow, that’s a first! :) In my attempt to be more mindful of how I feel and not eating things on “auto-pilot” this was a great decision. Of course my sweet tooth kicked in later, but we’ll get there in a bit 😀

We decided to have another drink at one of the bars in the area, and stumbled upon a newly renovated Champions in the Marriot Hotel at Copley. Champions is a sports bar and used to be a bit divey, but literally 3 days ago the place was reopened with a brand new super stylish decor. We were pretty impressed, especially since we’ll be living like 2 minutes away from it in less than 2 months! I would love to become a “regular” at this swanky bar :) My drink of choice was the Estancia Cabernet Savignon. The bartender gave me a really generous pour (this picture was taken after I drank probably half of it!). I liked this wine a lot!


We chatted while drinking for a while and then decided to head home to watch some Entourage dvds. But not before stopping by the Fenway Berryline. Tart frozen yogurt, you are the best guilt free dessert ever!

They had 3 flavors: original, banana and blueberry. All were amazing so I got a small of all 3 + mochi (regular and strawberry) + fresh mango.


This picture isn’t great – I waited to come home to snap this photo so the yogurt melted a bit, but it tasted so good. The mochi was a bit of an indulgence. They were soft and yummy but of course are still candy. I’ll stick to fruit and nuts next time for a beter-for-me dessert. If you haven’t tried tart yogurt yet, you must go out and get some asap (Inna, I’m talking to you! 😉 ).

And this ends my Friday night recap. What’s your favorite night of the week? Do you have a Friday night routine? Do you prefer to stay at home and relax after a long work week or go out and party your heart out?

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  • #1 - Jenny

    what a fun night! I’ll take friday over sunday anyday :)

  • #2 - Lauren

    How did I not know about the Fenway Berryline?! I’m going this week ;).

    The Strawberry Fin looks AWESOME! I’ve never had strawberries with sushi, but I do love mango sushi… in fact, I just had the Hawaii Maki at Fin’s on Friday. Soooo good. Must have been a sushi kind-of-night.

    You guys must be getting so psyched for the big move! Do I hear plans for a house-warming party?


  • #3 - ttfn300

    ooh, i saw it was coming (berryline!) did you know that ufood has tart yogurt too? YUM. and all that sushi, fabulous, i need to try more! hope you had a great weekend!! we will run soon 😉

  • #4 - Anne K.

    Wow, the sushi looks delicious, and the presentation is so beautiful! The frozen yogurt looks amazing too. I love the toppings!

  • #5 - Elina

    Lauren, they only opened last week so you’re not too much out of the loop :) Berryline is definitely my favorite tart frozen yogurt! I’ll come meet you there if you want a buddy 😀 House warming party? Hell yeah! :)

    Shannon, Ufood has nothing on Berryline. Check it out when you have a chance. I’ll be your Berryline buddy too… let me know if you want to meet up! 😀

  • #6 - Lara (Thinspired)

    That tuna just looks heavenly.
    I think Friday night is my favorite, too, but I like Saturday mornings better :) You are rested from Friday night and still have the whole weekend ahead of you. I love it :)

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