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First real day of intuitive eating

July 12th, 2009 · 12 Comments · 40 minute meals, breakfast, chicken, Cooking Light, oats, salad, snacks

Yesterday was my first real day of intuitive eating. I actually tried to intuitively eat on Friday as well (recaps can be found here and here) but because the night ended with a meal + drinks out, I had no way of counting calories anyway. In the past, if I went out to a restaurant that did not provide nutritional info, I didn’t count calories that day. What’s the point of estimating? I’m sure I would be way off anyway. A meal out is always a bit of an indulgence anyway, so the best one can do is make good choices and the final calorie content will be what it will be. By the way, this statement may sound contradictory to this post, but it’s not. I still believe that restaurants should provide us with nutritional info so we can make informed decisions but if this info is not available and you believe the experience of a meal out may still be worth “the unknown” then make the choices you’ll be happy with at the end of the night and enjoy it! That’s my approach to eating out :)

By anyway, I digress… yesterday all of my meals + snacks were prepared by me, so it would have been very easy to calculate exactly how many calories were consumed. But in line with my recent decision to stop calorie counting and attempt to eat intuitively, I resisted the urge to weigh my food and plug it all into Sparkpeople and just went with my gut. Let me tell you… this is going to be hard! I felt hungry a lot, and I didn’t know if I was hungry because I didn’t eat enough or because I just like eating all day long 😉 It was so strange not to have the reasurance of “math” telling me how I really feel. I had a bunch of snacks throughout the day and tried to make healthy choices. At the end I was happy with how the day went. I have no clue how many calories were consumed, but I know I ate well and treated my body with respect. That’s all I can ask of myself at the end of the day 😀

So here are my eats… how do you think I did?

Breakfast starred this new almond butter (for me) that my friend Katie swears by:


I made 1/2 cup of oats with 1/2 cup of organic skim milk, 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 banana + a handful of golden raisins… and topped it with 1/2 of the packet you see above.



The almond butter was slightly grainy (not necessary a bad thing) with a clear maple flavor. It was nice but I’m not in love. I think flavored nut butters are just not for me. What can I say, I’m a nut butter purist and a Barney Butter junkie 😉

Oh and this sweet giant date jumped into my mouth too :)


Then I went to work and packed up a huge salad to go… farmers market mixed greens, strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries + herbed goat cheese and a few pecan pieces. I dressed it with 1T of Annie’s balsamic vinaigrette when lunch time arrived.


So many fun goodies in there!


I ate it with 1/2 of Food for Life 7-grain english muffin to add some complex carbs to the mix. The other half of the english muffin was consumed later as a snack with remainder of hummus (I didn’t end up needing the laughing cow cheese):


More snacks! Eaten over 7 hours or so…dinner was late!



KIND bars are one of my favorite kind of bars, and the yogurt coating is so good. It’s quite sweet though (especially since I haven’t had much white sugar lately) so I decided it was my dessert for the day. I think that’s a good compromise – having things with white sugar just once a day. The huge chunks of almonds in the bar (you can’t see them here, but trust me, there are WHOLE almonds in there… yum!) were awesome! Love KIND bars!


sprouted grain bread with Barney Butter

Dinner came out really well. I was starving when we finally came home after our Costco + shopping trip, but was determined to make a home cooked meal. On the menu: bbq chicken, red skin potatoes + sauteed spinach. All 3 came out so well!


For the chicken, I followed this recipe from the Cooking Light magazine for barbecue chicken with mustard glaze. I used boneless chicken breasts instead of bone-in chicken thighs since that’s what we had on hand (and I like leaner cuts of meat anyways) but otherwise followed it to the T (we use organic ketchup btw, regular ketchup contains HFCS – yuck!). I loved how a few ingredients made real bbq sauce! So cool :) Look at that juicy sauce… mmm.


The red skin potatoes I stabbed with a fork a few times and microwaved for 3 minutes. Then I cut them into little pieces and sauteed them with garlic and fresh rosemary. Hearty, healthy and delicious!


Lastly for a side of veggies, I sauteed some baby spinach with EVOO and garlic. My husband requested fresh cucumbers as his side dish but I like warm sides with warm entrees. This perfectly rounded out the meal :)


I didn’t eat all the chicken (trying to listen to my body!) so as a result, soon after dinner (despite being super full right after) I was hungry again. I waited about an hour (we were watching a movie) and finally grabbed a peach chobani (unpictured) to calm my stomach. Ok, now I was done 😆 By the way, the movie we watched was Milk. A little graphic at times, but very good (I can’t believe it was a real story… crazy!). Have you seen any good movies lately?

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  • #1 - Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    I’ve never seen the yogurt KIND bars! I’ll have to keep my eye out for them!!! looks like you did a great job with intuitive eating 😉

  • #2 - Anne K.

    Your eats look yummy! Intuitive eating is tricky, but it sounds like you did a good job. That salad looks delicious! love the toppings :)

  • #3 - shelly

    Your post was full of my favorite snacks! I have only recently discovered the Kind bars and I love them. I also love the Justin Almond Butter packets. I’ve also tried their plain almond butter, peanut butter, and honey peanut butter packets. I love to keep them in my purse for an emergency snack, especially when I”m traveling!

  • #4 - Lara (Thinspired)

    I think you did wonderful!!! Really. It looks like you ate just like you normally would.
    One thing that kind of helped me phase it out (not sure if this interests you at all), is to write down what I ate like I normally would if I was going to count, but then “forget” to add the numbers and deliberately not finish it. That way I still had an idea of what I was eating by my old standards but I wasn’t adding anything up.
    But it looks like you are going to do fine with this. I forget, have you actually read the IE book? I actually haven’t even finished it yet!

  • #5 - Lauren

    I’d say that was a very successful day of intuitive eating!

    I love Justin’s almond butter & Kind bars – so good.

    Your lunch salad looks lovely! I adore nut/goat cheese/fruit combos; especially this time of year.

    I also sometimes have my daily “dessert” in the afternoon instead of after dinner. If I do indulge in a sweet treat earlier in the day, I’ll reach for fruit after dinner.

    On the topic of dinner, yours looks great – very summery!

  • #6 - K

    I’m glad there’s another Barney lover on the blogs! A lot of bloggers said they didn’t like it – crazy talk, am I right?!

    LOVE Kind bars!! They are my favorite brand :)

    I think you did a great job of IE!

  • #7 - Dish Gal

    that salad looks amazing!!

  • #8 - Kelly

    Good luck with the intuitive eating. It definitely is a challenge to start, particularly if you’ve been doing a lot of calorie counting in the past but over time it is so nice to get back to listening to your body and likes and dislikes.

  • #9 - ttfn300

    great job for sure! and everythign looks delicious :) justin’s is good, and i am a fan of the single serving packs. now if only costco carried THOSE!

  • #10 - Johanna B

    Learning to eat intuitively is not easy nor is it linear. I am so used to using external cues telling me what/when to eat that I don’t know when I’m actually hungy and not responding to a cue. I am learning though and it is getting easier. I had a great weekend and feel very good today. Happy Monday!

  • #11 - Jenny

    I think you did an amazing job at IE and listening to your body!!! SO inspirational to me! Someday I WILL be able to do the same, Im working at it :)

    Your salad and dinner look so yummy!

  • #12 - Elina

    Shannon, the yogurt KIND bars are the best! Definitely worth searching for :)

    Lara, I just bought the book… reading it right now! 😀

    K, that’s definitely crazy talk! Love love love Barney Butter!!! :mrgreen:

    Kelly, yeah – I’m scared but I hope it works. I’ve had the diet mentality for probably 15 years, so it will be a hard habit to break. I’m really really crossing my fingers that this book will “figure me out!”

    Ttfn300- I wish Costco and BJ’s carried Barney Butter. Man, then I’d have a field day. Haha 😆

    Johanna, congrats on a good weekend. I understand (from reading the book so far) that it definitely has it’s ups and downs but at the end everything becomes just second nature. I hope it gets easier!

    Thank you, Jenny! :)