Drinks at Cafeteria and dinner at Kashmir

After a busy work week, there was nothing better than finally spending some quality time with my husband on a beautiful night out. It finally cooled down to about mid 70’s and we decided to walk to Newbury Street for a few drinks and dinner. Our only requirement was outdoor dining and apparently everyone else in Boston had the same idea :) It was happening on Newbury Street!

I was torn between what I wanted. A really fresh big salad sounded great or Indian food. Weird, right? Well the choice was made for us. We tried Stephanie’s, which had a 1 hour wait (at 8pm) and Atlantic Fish Company, which had a 1.5 hour wait. I fueled myself sufficiently throughout the day and didn’t mind waiting but Adam was ready to eat NOW. Luckily we’ve heard great things about Kashmir and the wait there for an outside table was only 20 minutes. Much better! :)

Kashmir didn’t have a bar we could wait at, so we headed to Cafeteria next door for a beverage. Cafeteria is a super modern, Mediterranean restaurant with what appears to be nearly 100% European clientele. I’m Eastern European so I’m counting myself when I say that 😉 I’ve eaten there before (got a salad) and don’t remember to be blown away, but their pizzas looked delicious and the bartender was very friendly, which is what we really cared about last night. We sat at the bar and nibbled on an Asian cracker/nut mix while our drinks were being concocted. I picked out the almonds out of the mix and enjoyed my pineapple cosmopolitan: house infused pineapple vodka, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice, cointreau, when it finally arrived (probably drank 1/2 – Adam was more than happy to help me with it).

IMG_5688 IMG_5689

About 25 minutes later, we made it back to Kashmir and our table was waiting for us. Yay! Just the (unmistakable) smell of Indian food got me excited about what was to come.


I started with a glass of Big Tattoo Red – a blend of cabernet savignon, syrah and merlot. This was a nice glass of wine with a great story. The vineyard management is ecologically friendly and part of the profit proceeds go to various charities, with over $1.3 million raised already. Great wine with a great cause. What else can you ask for?


Oh yes, you can ask for great food too! Yes, yes, we had that too! We started with our favorite appetizer – vegetable samosasspicy turnovers stuffed with potatoes and green peas.


I love all the different sauces too. My favorite is the plum/date sauce (?) – it adds such a great sweet contrast to the spicy food!


My samosa… crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Perfection!


Cross section:


After a little while our entrees arrived. I liked that we weren’t bombarded with food right away and were able to enjoy some conversation and digest the appetizers first, because let’s just say that for a little while after the entrees arrived it got a little quiet 😉 SO GOOD!

Chicken (murg) tikka masala is our absolute favorite Indian dish and we always get when we go out for Indian. For those of you who have not been daring lucky enough to taste tikka masala, it’s a tomato cream sauce and is basically amazing. That’s all you need to know. Try it!


We also tried a new dish – mutter paneer – fresh green peas cooked with homemade cheese chunks, herbs and fresh spices.


And of course an Indian meal is not complete without some garlic naan. Who can let all that amazing sauce go to waste? 😉


+ basmati rice for good measure:


Let’s start with the garlic naan – it was the best naan both Adam and I have ever had in our lives!!!!!! It was so warm, soft and doughy, with just the perfect amount of garlic. I wonder if you could make a sandwich with that. Oh man, now that would be mind blowing! :)

The chicken tikka masala also did not disappoint. Our favorite so far was at the Kebab Factory in Sommerville but it’s kind of a pain to get to and Kashmir’s was equally as good. A little different – creamier, more tomatoey, but just as satisfying and really quite amazing. My only complaint is that it could definitely use more chicken – there were 9 little pieces in the dish, but lots of sauce to go around. That’s definitely a plus. Adam (I’m not even joking) at the end grabbed a serving spoon and started eating the sauce straight out of it. You may be a little grossed out but this definitely is proof of how good the stuff is. 😀

The mutter panner was quite nice too. I liked that it was mostly peas and not cheese, so it felt like a lighter dish compared to everything else. We rarely get vegetable when dining out at Indian restaurants so this was a welcome change. Very nice, although the naan and chicken tikka masala definitely stole the show. Here is my first round. I probably ate double that.


This was a fantastic meal!! Next time you’re in the mood for Indian (in Boston) and want a slightly more upscale atmosphere or outdoor seating, check out Kashmir. You won’t be dissapointed :mrgreen:

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21 comments to Drinks at Cafeteria and dinner at Kashmir

  • that looks delish! [note to self: kashmir]

  • ah that meal looks like heaven — glad to hear you and the hubs were able to enjoy a nice night out :)! xo

  • Tiffany

    Oh, man, I love tikka masala. I’m a big fan of Rani but Kashmir has been on my list to try ever since I became an Indian cuisine convert.

  • Yummyyyyyyy dinner!!!!!

  • Molly

    Great review! I have been wanting to go there forever, this might have put me over the top to actually go!

  • Elina

    Tiffany, we love Rani too but Kashmir is definitely better. Try it soon! :)

    Molly, I’ve wanted to go there forever too. So glad we finally made it there. It was a flawless dinner. 😀

  • I don’t know a lot about Indian food, but that samosa & naan look delicious!! Thanks for getting me thinking about something new! :)

  • If you’re a flavored naan fan then you definitely have to try the COCONUT NAAN (!) at Kashmir.
    It is more like a dessert than a bread, really, but it is one of the yummiest things I have ever tasted!

  • I had Indian this weekend as well, but you seem much more knowledgeable than me. 😀 I had vegetable samosas, roti and chana sag. Yum.

  • Is it sad that the pineapple drink you got is making me want to jump into the computer screen? haha–that sounds so good to me!

    YUM–I have never had Indian food, scared of spices and tummy aches, but I am willing to try it now because of you. Thank you, doll!

  • Eve

    It’s been too long since I’ve had Indian, everything looks amazing! I agree Chicken Tikka Masala is the best, glad you enjoyed your meal!

  • Your Indian place looks so cool! The FL bloggers went to a yummy place here in central Florida and now I’m hooked on Indian!

  • looks awesome! I haven’t had Indian in quite some time ;(

  • Elina

    Elizabeth, definitely give Indian a try! It’s good to expand our food horizons :)

    Lele, that sounds delicious! Adam hates coconut so it’s going to be just me on this one. Sounds good to me 😉

    HangryPants, I almost got chana sag too but Adam vetoed it at the last moment :) Isn’t Indian food awesome?!

    Madison, haha – nothing wrong with that. I was definitely persuaded by the huge chunks of pineapple sitting in a jug of vodka. And definitely try Indian food. It’s very different and your body may react strangely to it the first time around (mine didn’t but my mom mentioned something when she tried it the first time, but now she’s an addict too :) ), but it’s definitely “testing it” 😀

    Healthy Ashley, aren’t all the spices just so complex and flavorful?! I LOVE Indian food!

  • Looks like you had quite the fun weekend. That is the one thing I hate about Boston in the summer is how long the waits can be if you don’t have a reservation! It sure puts a damper on spontaneous eating out. I am not sure if I have been to Kashmir but I do absolutely love Diva in Davis Square for Indian. Their brunch buffet on the weekends is a weakness of mine.

  • sister inna

    mm i know what we’re having for dinner tonight 😛
    I always make Derek order chicken tikka masala (he hasn’t complained yet) and steal half of his sauce.
    i’m sneaky like that 😉

  • what an awesome dinner! i totally need to have some indian food asap!

  • If I liked Indian food I am sure I would love this post. Unfortunately it is pretty much the only food I don’t like, so I don’t have much to say on this one 😉

  • Mmmm Kashmir has been on my list for a while now. I just need to convince John to give Indian food another try!

    I’ve been known to dump the leftover sauce over rice and chow down ;).

  • Elina

    Kelly, we’ll have to check out that place sometime. Thanks for the recommendation! :)

    Innz, did you have Indian last night? Mmm, Indian food. 😆

    Lara, it’s cool. You don’t have to like every food. Have you tried the masala sauce though? I feel like even a non-Indian lover would like it.

    Lauren, oh yeah – there was plenty of that going on! 😉

  • […] We’ve actually been to Kashmir at least once and loved it (you can find my previous review here) so when I saw a Groupon for the restaurant a few months back, I had to buy it. I think we paid $15 […]


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