Don’t slash your tires

So I was listening to Jillian Michael’s podcasts on my way to work yesterday and she was talking to a guy that had the “I already had a slice a pizza, might as well eat the whole pie and restart my diet tomorrow” kind of attitude. So many of us know this all-or-nothing mentality, don’t we? And Jillian said something quite brilliant that I wanted to share with you. She said: “If you pop your tire, what are you going to do? You’re not going to get out of your car and slash the rest of them, would you? No. You will go out, change it to a spare, and keep driving.” Yup, that’s a pretty darn good metaphor for life, I think. I had my own little “tire incident” yesterday, also known as the chocolate covered edamame.


I think I’m growing though, because I feel no guilt. I am sad that this happened. That I ate beyond my fullness point, knowing that I was doing nothing good for my body by eating handful after handful of these and chose to keep going anyway. But I don’t feel guilty, I’m just trying to figure out why I felt the need to do this. I’m not slashing the rest of my tires though, and I’m back to eating intuitively today. Don’t slash your tires, people… repair them and keep driving! 😀

The rest of my eats were quite simple. Looks like my body wanted chocolate in a bad way 😉

TJ’s nonfat european style yogurt, kiwi, blueberries, Turkish dried apricots (so sweet!!), roasted almonds + cacao nibs + coffee:



Chocolate banana bread (slice out of freezer) + decaf tea.



Leftover vegetable strudel:





Dinner was a random plate of Mediterranean fixins: ww pitas, reduced fat feta, TJ’s baba ghanush, kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, roasted chickpeas. Adam and I shared this dish.



Holey Donuts Boston cream donut. 40 seconds in the microwave is the way to get it warm and gooey. Yum!


Have a great Tuesday! Adam and I are meeting Tina and Mal for a comedy show tonight. Should be fun! :mrgreen:

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18 comments to Don’t slash your tires

  • Great metaphor! I’ll have to remember that. And that chocolate banana bread looks goooood! :)

  • Gosh those Holey Donuts look so good! I am seeing them everywhere these days–they are haunting me! haha

    The tire metaphor is spot-on. I do that though–I slash the rest of my tires which is very dumb. Maybe now that I am have the tire metaphor, I will stop slashing and start changing the flat tire. :)

  • That Jillian analogy really had an impact on me, too. I still suffer from the “all or nothing” mentality to a degree, but I always try to think of Jillian’s words when I start in. The one that I added to it after thinking about it for a while is if we go out shopping and spent $100 on something we didn’t really need. Do we then go out and spend $500 more?! It just doesn’t even make sense with any other example, so why do I do it with food?! Crazy.
    Love the presentation on that dinner!

  • I understand completely about slashing the other 3 tires. That was me for most of my dieting life. I’m getting much better at stopping eating when I’m on a roll. I still can’t eat out of the container. Ihave to measure out a portion, close the container, put it away and then get out of the kitchen to eat my portion.

  • sister inna

    that is a great metaphor — just wrote it on a post it + put it on my computer. i hope you share more of these gems with us here ( i do not own a radio lol).
    your yogurt concoction looks so pretty + colorful. i like how you always make your food presentable (eat with your eyes right) before you dig in

  • Elina

    Madison, I hope that it will help in the future! I am usually that kind of person too but I’m working on it. It totally is silly to do that.

    Lara, that’s another great analogy. You’re right, it doesn’t make sense in other aspects of our lives, then why do we do it with food? Thanks for sharing!

    Johanna, I can’t seem to be able to just eat a serving of that stuff. I usually pre-package it into little baggies but I didn’t do it this time, thus the overeating episode. I need to make sure to take the time to pre-measure. It’s worth it! I KNOW I would have been satisfied with just 1 serving.

    Innz, you are silly. I listen to the podcasts on my ipod. You can just find them through itunes. :)

  • K

    What a great metaphor! I’m glad you’re not feeling any guilt – guilty and eating should be like oil and water. No mixing 😉

    That Holey Donut looks fantastic! Hope you guys have a great double date!!

  • Wow, I love that metaphor! Thanks for sharing. Jillian always has some great things to say. I’m glad you don’t feel any guilt :)

    The holey donut looks amazing! Yum 😀

  • awesome way of thinking!!! I absolutely agree! I have had a VERY indulgent week… and I was really upset with myself because I had already put some extra weight back on and this added to it… but I know it’s in the past, I need to move on and get back to my normal much more balanced routine!

    I think you seem to be doing an incredible job with your intuitive eating :) I admire you so much for taking that stand! It’s not easy to do!

  • Ilove that DONT SLASH YOUR TIRES motto!!!! so awesome!!!!

    Im happy to hear no guilt over the chocolate ! You are doing such an AMAZING and can I say VERY INSPIRING job at IE!! I am just starting down this road myself.

  • Eve

    That is a huge step to not feel guilt! Keep up the hard work. Definitely a healthy relationship with food is so hard, but one of the most rewarding things ever! I actually just wrote a post on eating without guilt.

  • oh i just had my tire incident… i have to work late and everyone agreed on Cheesecake factory…well I ordered a salad but couldn’t pass the cheesecake cake… I was only going to have a bite then i had half and MADE myself stop because I knew it would make me sick…took me a bit to decide what the heck, I really enjoyed every bite. and hopefully this injury is gone so I’ll be running tomorrow!!

  • Great analogy!

    Those chocolate covered edamame are DANGEROUS! When I first ate one, I thought it tasted weird. Then I tried another. Still a bit odd. And another. And another. Soon I was happily gobbling them up.

  • what a great analogy, i’ll have to keep that in mind 😉

  • Pam

    OMG, great food porn! I almost bought these also (chocolate covered edamame) on Saturday at TJ’s. I settled for the Dark Choc. Pomegrante’s. They were good, but don’t think I would buy them again!

    Great blog BTW!

  • Elina

    K – I like that water and oil analogy :)

    Mandy A – thank you! I’m really trying but it’s definitely not easy. I think negative thoughts never help anyone (and in fact only make things worse) so I really try to remember that, and hope you do too! Balanced eating will get you back on track. I hope your indulgences were delicious :)

    Jenny, good luck!! Let us know how it goes 😀

    Amanda, I think it’s great that you remembered that eating the whole thing would make you feel sick later. I still struggle with that – remembering during eating that I’m overdoing it and that it not only is not helping me “calorie-wise” but is more importantly just not going to make me feel good. I’m glad you enjoyed the 1/2 and knew when to stop! :)

    Alison – dangerous is right! I need to preportion them. ‘Nuff said 😉

    Pam, yeah- those chocolate edamames are definitely awesome. Give them a try next time, but beware, like Alison said, the stuff is dangerous (but man, SO good! 😀 )

  • If you figure out why we do that to ourselves (edamame) please let me know…. I’ve been struggling with some of that myself lately. :-/


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