Do you feel beautiful today?

Operation Beautiful has swept the world one post-it note at a time, and I’m happy to be a small part of it. If you’ve been living under a rock (or gasp, haven’t been reading food blogs lately), then let me brief you on the rules – leave a positive note somewhere random and make someone’s day. Go ahead, tell a stranger they’re beautiful! 😀

I left this note on Monday on a mirror in my gym. I wrote it a while ago for this purpose but didn’t bring tape with me. It’s been sitting in my purse, getting all wrinkled up, but on Monday as I was straightening my hair and getting all pretty post workout, I noticed a tape dispenser right in front of me! Is that a sign or what?! I grabbed my purse, and discretely taped this note on the mirror right in front of me!

IMG_5427 IMG_5426

A few weeks ago, I also left this one:


I was really nervous to post it, but after making sure no one was around, I taped it really quickly to the biggest mirror in the gym. I KNOW it got some exposure and I really hope it motivated at least 1 person! I signed it “Kind Stranger” so people would know it was actually a stranger that wrote this note and not a hyper gym employee. :)

Fun side effect? It works on you too! The 2 little notes I left made me happier, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I plan on leaving more notes all over Boston. Spread the word… make someone’s day! Make a stranger feel more beautiful :mrgreen:

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12 comments to Do you feel beautiful today?

  • I think that’s so cool. I had a yoga instructor who would give out these self care cards at the end of each class with a positive message on them. They always made my day. I will admit that 99% of the time I don’t feel beautiful and it’s something I am working toward. I find it so sad because I know some day when I’m older I’ll look back and realize that I was beautiful and didn’t appreciate it at the time. I think that’s one reason I am actually looking forward to aging. Older women seem much more confident and sure and accepting of who they are.

  • How was the CFA? And what do you do now? My company is offering discounts for the CFA (I think, either that or the CMA), but a coworker took the CFA as well as the CPA. I thought about getting the CFA once I pass the CPA!

    Fingers crossed!

  • love that sly little smile in the second photo :) i have been meaning to do this!

  • sister inna

    thats so nice 😀
    im gonna try to do this too

  • Tiffany

    Love it! I might have to do something similar for my coworkers after such a butt-kicking and demoralizing week. Thanks for the idea :)

  • yay for the operation beautiful love!! it’s addicting, no?!

  • Woot! Operation Beautiful! It’s so cool so many people from so many places are participating.

  • LOVE THIS!!! Still need to post mine – I’m thinking TOMORROW!! 😉

  • Aww, yay for Operation Beautiful! Your notes are so sweet.

  • I like your notes. They are unique from many of the others I have seen, especially the second one :)

  • Elina

    Kelly, that’s such a sweet idea your yoga instructor had. You ARE beautiful! I really know that because I met you :)

    Haha, Shannon – Adam said the same exact thing!


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