Celebrating all over Boston

Last Friday, we signed a Purchase and Sale Agreement on a condo in Boston!!! We made an offer on it nearly a month ago, but the negotiating process has been so painful (and slow!) that I didn’t want to jinx it by mentioning it on the blog. Anyways, on Friday we sealed the deal and decided to go out to celebrate!

It was Friday and it was nice out (we’ve had the worst weather in Boston so nice days have been a special treat) so we met with a few friends after work for some drinks and appetizers. Beehive had a great table for us outside – perfect!

I started with a glass of 14 Hands Winery 06 Cabernet Savignon:


And had a second glass after that :) Adam got a mini-champagne bottle… so cute!


My stomach needed a little food in it, so I sampled a few CLC approved apps. Jumbo Shrimp cocktail:


Mussels with lager, tomato and old bay:


Beehive frites with sage and sea salt (I didn’t make this choice):


Here is my little sampler plate (I had 2 more muscles and stole a few fries as well)…


Everything was spectacular! So fresh and delicious. The sauce the mussels were in was amazing, and I bet that giant shrimp would have been even better with the cocktail sauce it came with but I knew it had sugar in it so I had to pass on it. No ketchup on those fries either (HFCS and sugar – no thanks).

After a few hours at the Beehive, I wanted dinner, but first we stopped by Clery’s for 1 one more drink. I had about 1/2 glass of Cabernet Savignon. Yum :)


Finally I dragged Adam out of the bar and we went searching for dinner. Literally the first place we saw was Bouchee, and I was about to chew my arm off at this point, so in we went. It was probably 11pm and the place was hopping. I forget sometimes that Boston is fun :)

I had enough drinks at this point (with not nearly enough food, so I was definitely feeling them!) so I concentrated on food. The waiter came with a huge basket of bread and let us choose between a baguette, whole wheat or sourdough (I think). Of course I chose the whole wheat slice. I liked it a lot but it was a bit sweet. I’m hoping it was sweetened with honey or else I accidently broke the CLC rules. I’m not sweating it 😉


For my entrees the choice was tough. Everything was either buttery, fried or came on some kind of white bread (like a burger or a sandwich). I went with a simple tuna nicoise salade, which sounded delicious but unfortunately was kind of boring tasting…. 😕 Dashimi style sushi with romaine, frisee, egg, cracked olives, hericots verts, fingerling potatoes, and blistered tomato:


I ate the whole thing, and was now ready for bed. It was like midnight by then. I’m such a grandma sometimes 😆 Oh and Adam got the onion soup at Bouchee and Katy got a burger. Both of them enjoyed their meals, so I’m going to say I’m willing to give them another go despite a disappointing salade (fancy spelling doesn’t make it fancy tasting). Hopefully this salad wasn’t over 1,500 calories. Eek.

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