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Blogger meetup at Vinalia

July 18th, 2009 · 9 Comments · Boston

Yesterday was quite uneventful (work really sucked and prevented me from going on a run and I ate a bunch of leftovers) until the blogger meetup at Vinalia.



I’m not going to lie – I was NOT in the mood to meet people at all. I was in a crappy mood (just soooo burnt out from work), Adam ended up canceling on me (the poor guy had to work until midnight), and all I wanted was to go home and just relax. But you know what, things like that actually end up being exactly what you need sometimes! Of course I couldn’t be a downer so I ended up chatting the night away and enjoying some vino while I was at it :mrgreen:


I split this bottle with Megan, one of the girls. It was a cab recommended by the bartender and it went down real easy after a few sips, if you know what I mean 😉 Kath and and her husband Matt tasted some too (Megan didn’t drink her 1/2 of the bottle so I tried to share it with people) and seemed to enjoy it. Kath said it kind of reminded her of roasted almond butter. Sounds good to me :)

There were also complementary apps…



There were lots of other pizzas and some nachos (which I hear had onions – eww). I had my standard southwestern chicken salad from b.good before coming, so throughout the night I only nibbled on 1 large calamari with tentacles +2 small slices of pizza (second one was with chicken + broccoli – unpictured).



Vinalia munchies:


I actually wasn’t crazy about the food at Vinalia. I took a bite of each thing at the beginning of the night and decided it was not worthy, but after a few glasses of wine I ended up polishing this plate (+ another little slice) off. It was cold pizza at this point, and at least I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular, which it wasn’t. I guess it’s all about expectations.

The girls were really nice. Two of the girls (Molly and Lauren) are even running the same 1/2 marathon as I am! I’m really excited to know someone that’s going to be doing it too. Molly said she may want to meet up for a run at some point. Sweet -you know I’ve been searching for a running buddy! :) Oh and after we move, we’ll be next door neighbors to Lauren (I mean literally she lives across the street from the condo we bought). Is this a small world or what?!! 😀 Here is a group photo. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to chat with everyone but it was nice to catch up with Tina, Shannon and Kath again and meet a few new friends :)


How was your Friday night? I’m off to get ready for a 7-miler. Eek.

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