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One Lucky Duck – clean eater’s dream

June 18th, 2009 · 14 Comments · NYC, product reviews, restaurant reviews

As promised, here is a short review of One Lucky Duck products. I’ve been seeing the macaroons all over the blog world and made sure to add a trip to the restaurant to my NY trip agenda. I swear my traveling is sometimes too food centered. I dragged our crew all over NYC to stock up on brownies and baked goods :) They didn’t complain one bit though – such good sports! :) Anyways, this trip was SO worth it! One Lucky Duck products are a clean eater’s dream! Everything is vegan and raw (and 100% organic I believe), and although I am neither – everything is also VERY delicious and sugar and white flour free! That means I can enjoy a macaroon, a chocolate chip cookie, or both, guilt free on my Cleaner Life Challenge. Now that’s what I’m talking about! 😉

OLD sign

One Lucky Duck products are sold at the Juice + Takeaway restaurant on 17th Street, near Union Square. The place is tiny (maybe 5 little tables there tops) but everything looked awesome. They have pre-packaged stuff, like the cookies I bought, some raw granolas (that I am SO kicking myself for not getting), ground cocoa powders, chia seeds, etc – basically all the specialty stuff for raw eaters. They also sell (obviously) juices and lots of delicious looking desserts. These desserts were behind the glass, looking absolutely fabulous. I even asked the girl if they were raw because they just looked like fancy french pastries… and yes, they were all raw. I didn’t try those but something tells me I’ll be back there next time I’m in NY 😀

Now let’s get to what I did get – chocolate macaroons and chocolate chip cookies!

OLD chocolate macaroons + choc chip cookies

Here is a picture of each. How cute are these little guys?!

OLD choc macarooon + choc chip cookie

Closeup of the chocolate macaroon:

closeup of the macaroon

They’re quite small, but pack in lots of flavor! The macaroons are very coconuty and very chocolaty. They are soft and chewy and so rich tasting and really are just heaven on earth :) I can’t believe there is no sugar involved in such an indulgent tasting treat!

size of the macaroon

And the ingredient list is absolutely stellar! Yay for delicious healthy eats 😀

chocolate macaroon ingredients

The chocolate chip cookie was recommended to me by one of the employees at the restaurant. I wanted to get the chocolate/macadamia kind but she said the macadamia nuts were a little weird in them but the chocolate chip cookies with almonds were delicious. I personally just really loved that they were heart shaped! Adorable!!

OLD choc chip cookie closeup

Again, simple ingredients list! Love.

choc chip cookie ingredients list

Now these cookies do not taste like the indulgent “real” chocolate chip cookies I’m used to. In fact, after the first bite I was kind of disappointed. It’s like a cross between a cookie and cookie dough, but they’re not particalarly sweet and kind of strangely chewy. After I kept savoring the cookie though, the flavor kind of started to make sense. By the end I was really tasting the almond chunks, which I really liked. Overall, I’d say they would not satisfy a chocolate chip cookie craving, but they do make for a fun, sugar free dessert. Now the macaroons on the other hand – they are pure indulgence! I think I’m going to go grab one right now. Ok it’s only 7:58am, maybe I’ll wait ’till lunch time 😉

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14 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Alison

    Great reviews! Too bad the cute cookie didn’t taste as good. The macaroon looks really good.

  • #2 - sister inna

    that macaroon was deeeeleeeecious. i’m going to get some for us this weekend 😛

  • #3 - K

    Those cookies look almost doughy – yum! Thanks for the review!!

  • #4 - Jenny

    chocolate coconut macaroon… i’m speechless! That place looks out of this world – thanks for sharing the review and yummy pis =)

  • #5 - Melissa (Nibbles and Wiggles)

    The macaroons do look so good.

    I think the problem is expectations. I mean, they call it a chocolate chip cookie it should taste like that. Perhaps a different name would have led to a more immediate positive reaction?

  • #6 - Johanna B

    Do they have mail order? I would love to try the macaroons. I love coconut and I love that they are raw.

  • #7 - Elina

    Melissa, I think you’re 100% right! It’s about expectations :)

    Johanna – they do mail orders. Check out their website! They have many great things on it. I’m definitely considering placing an order myself when I run out of my stash :) I REALLY want to try the grawnola and of course I’ll need more of those choc macaroons. Yum 😀

  • #8 - Johanna B

    Never mind, I looked them up and they do mail order. I think I’ll order the Raw Food Starter package.

  • #9 - Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    OMG those macaroons are DIVINE. I work just across the park from One Lucky Duck and STILL have not managed to get food from there yet, apart from sampling some of their snacks at a blogger get-together. I’m dying to try basically everything on their menu, and yet I’m afraid it’ll be a slippery slope. :)

  • #10 - Lee

    I’m going to NYC tomorrow. I totally want to go to this place. I just google mapped it from our hotel – 2.4 miles.

  • #11 - ttfn300

    wow, i so want to try some of their goods!!!

  • #12 - Lara (Thinspired)

    I appreciate the honest analysis of the raw chocoalte chip cookie. I can see it being the kind of thing that is a little odd at first and then gets better. I would love to go to One Lucky Duck! Someday, someday!

  • #13 - kirwin

    These looks SO good!
    Now, I’m off to read about this Cleaner Life Challenge that you’ve got going on — it sounds fabulous!

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