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NYC June 2009 trip – lots of exercise, food and fun

June 16th, 2009 · 13 Comments · NYC, product reviews

How is everyone’s Tuesday going? I am so busy at work that time just flies by. I love it! :) I’m also finally recovered from this weekend. It was so much fun, but also exhausting! You know when you need vacation from vacation? Yeah, it was like that 😀 Why was it so exhausting you ask? That’s because my lovely sister dragged invited me to workout with her on both Saturday and Sunday and I got only 5.5 hours of sleep on average each night. Saturday was particularly tough because we went out to a club on Friday night and didn’t get home past 4am. I don’t think I’m been up this late in years, especially given that I went to work that morning! (Adam took the day off in preparation and slept in – lucky duck :) ). Anyways, let’s step back… weekend highlights:

  • Dinner at Rouge Tomate – separate post to come
  • Gareth Emery show at Cielo
  • Kickboxing class on Saturday morning (after a night out and 4.5 hours of sleep!).  The class moved very fast but I did ok. There is actually a video the instructor took at the end and posted it on Facebook. I may post it here at some point if I figure out how to do that 😉
  • Brunch at Clinton St. Baking Company – separate post to come
  • Chelsey Market -the place is so cute. I just love it there. There are also about a dozen bakeries in this small space so you know I could live there 😉 I bought some yummy brownies at the Fat Witch Bakery (see below).
  • High Line park – SO cool! It’s an old above-ground rail line that was converted into a new modern park. The views of the city were gorgeous, and I loved how unique it was. They just unveiled it this weekend so I felt like we were in the know :) A few pics from the park…



The park goes through the buildings!



The chairs have old rail wheels. Love it :)


  • Walk around Union Square and a special trip to Pure Juice and Takeaway to pick up some One Lucky Duck goodies (review to come).
  • Dinner at the Little Giant. I kind of ordered the wrong thing there (many onions were involved) but the place is great, so I won’t do a full on post but I will say I tried the best mac & cheese of my life there! I’d recommend Little Giant :)
  • Bootcamp class in Central Park on Sunday (got 6.5 hours of sleep this time – woohoo!). The class began with about a 3.5 mile run, then we stopped to do some random exercises with a resistance band and did lots of push-ups. Our break was running (at least for me that was kind of a break) to our next stop when we did hardcore ab work. A little more running (probably another mile) led us to a sandbox. This is where it got a whole lot less fun. He made us crawl on our forearms and feet (like a plank on forearms but we were moving) to the other end of the sandbox and back. The sand was literally cutting up my arms and I wanted to stop so bad but it just wasn’t an option. He said if your stomach or face touched the sand, you had to go back to the start line. I was really annoyed with this exercise and was cursing the whole thing in my head. I was the last one to finish. Everyone was cheering me on. I wasn’t embarrassed though. Honestly I know I’m fit enough – I just don’t like being cut up for no reason. But that’s just me. My sister says you get used to it. We did a little more abs in the sand (during which point my eyes were sweaty and full of sand – yeah, imagine that… fun stuff … NOT) and then we ran back to the start line. I burnt 670 calories in 75 minutes. I think I’ll stick to indoor bootcamp and separate running next time. My sister is a true addict, though, so if you’re in NY – check it out. Maybe you’ll fall in love too 😀

In between all of this, I tried 3 new yummies that are worth mentioning.

1) For pre-workout breakfast on Saturday I made myself a caffeinated yogurt parfait. has a new line of enhancers to add to your customized granola mixes. You can pick your enhancers, just like you pick the rest of your mix-ins – they have pretty funky stuff there like chlorella powder, ginkgo leaf powder, gotu kola powder and much much more. I have no idea what those things are by the way 😉 Their website, however, describes key properties of the powders so you know what you’re getting – I think I may just learn something from here!. My little sample they sent me had organic granola, cranberries, dried blueberries, roasted almonds and caffeine and lucuma enhancers. We all know what caffeine is and lucuma is a source of fiber and carotene. I added the mix on top of plain chobani, fresh blueberries and 1/4 giant banana:

enhanced yogurt

mix closeup

The mix was great! I loved the whole almonds and a subtle sweetness of the dried fruit and granola – was it enhanced by lucuma (lucuma is also used as a low sugar sweetener)? This breakfast fueled me very well for my kickboxing class! I was full of energy despite only having 4.5 hours of sleep. Not sure if it was the caffeine shot in the granola or just plain adrenaline but I went all day without a nap :) I highly recommend mixmygranola! The new enhancers are just another fun way your mix can be perfectly customized to your needs and likes 😀

2) I tried the Synergy Kombucha! I’ve seen this stuff around the blog world and was intrigued. I honestly didn’t remember what people thought of it, but I recognized it in the store when I was looking for a beverage and decided to give it a go. Here is what $4 gets you in NY!


Um, yeah – not the best $4 I’ve ever spent. The stuff is WEIRD. It tasted kind of sour/salty which is not surprising after I found out the stuff is fermented tea! AND it was carbonated! Seriously strange stuff. I wouldn’t say it was compeletely horrible tasting (Adam would though). I drank it because well, I spent $4 on it, and because it’s supposed to be good for me. BUT I would not buy it again! Nope, not for this gal :)

3) Fat Witch Bakery brownies!!! Brownies are my all time favorite dessert. I just love them. And I’m quite the brownies snob if I do say so myself. I’ve been to Chelsey Market and saw this cute little bakery before but for some reason I never tried the brownies (there is a high chance I was already munching on something from a different bakery on previous occasions and that’s why a Fat Witch brownie purchase never happened until this past weekend). Here are a few pics of the cute place. The ladies working there were so curious about my picture taking 😉



I’d normally get one of each, but given a sugar free challenge that was coming up just in one day (and these brownies last only up to 1 week in the fridge) I had to cut myself at just 1 regular sized Red Witch and 1 baby sized Walnut Baby.

walnut baby brownie





Sorry these pictures are so horrible. The pics in the bakery were taken very fast (the place is tiny and was packed!) and I ate the brownies in the car on the way home on Sunday. I just couldn’t wait until we got back and I could take better pics before digging in. However, despite atrocious pics, these brownies were amazing!!! Very fudgy and buttery. The walnuts and cherries (in respective brownies) were also perfectly distributed and added some fun to the already delicious base. Not health food but omg so delicious. If you’re ever in NYC, check out Chelsea Market (in the meatpacking district) and be sure to stop by the Fat Witch Bakery for a yummy brownie of your choice (or several 😉 )!

On this note, I’m going to end this little recap. Separate posts on Rouge Tomate, Clinton St Baking Company and One Lucky Duck are coming up, so check back here soon. Ok? :mrgreen:

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