Holey Donuts giveaway winner

Hi lovelies,

I just got back from an amazing weekend in NY (isn’t it always? :) ) so I’ll do some longer posts next week but for now I wanted to announce the winner of the Holey Donuts giveaway! What a great turnout this was… the donuts truly are worth all the hype in my opinion. I in fact ordered some more for myself and paying for it with my hard earned money.

Without further adieu, the giveaway winner is commenter #26… Anne K!

Anne had a great reason for wanting to try a low fat donut…

I want to try these donuts sooo much! I’d love a low-fat donut, because I’d love to be able to treat myself without nasty ingredients, like trans fat! They look so delicious too, and I love that you can freeze them for later!

I really want to share them with my family, too. My dad eats a lot of bad-for-you junk food, and I want to show him that there are treats out there that taste great, but aren’t bad for your body. My mom is also trying to lose weight, and has a big sweet tooth. I think these would be a great treat for her, so she’s satisfied and not tempted to reach for my dad’s cookies :D

You’re on my blogroll!

Congrats, Anne (and her parents!) !! I’m super excited for you 😀 Here is a little eye candy…. maybe you’ll get one of these :mrgreen:

Holey Donuts donut

For the rest of you, I’m sorry you didn’t win, but it sounds like you all really wanted to try these and many of you haven’t had a donut in years! I recommend hitting up the Holey Donuts online store or treat yourself to the real thing once in a while. It won’t kill you in moderation… I promise 😉

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