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Clinton St baking company – best pancakes ever

June 18th, 2009 · 17 Comments · breakfast, NYC, restaurant reviews

Today marks day 4 of the CLC (yes, I’ve finally abbreviated this thing… Cleaner Life Challenge takes a while to type on daily basis 😉 ) and I’m still going strong. It just makes me so happy. I’ve learned that with enough focus, I can achieve anything. Yes, even clean eating with my sweet tooth! But anyway, tonight’s post is going to be short and sweet. Wow, I didn’t even mean it as a pun, but we’ll roll with it…

After seeing Bobby’s Flay’s blueberry pancakes throwdown with Clinton St. Baking Company‘s blueberry pancake masters in NYC, I knew at our next visit we HAD TO go there! I’ve actually been to Clinton St. Baking Company before and enjoyed their brunch but with so many amazing places in NY, I find it hard to justify going back to the same place twice. Maybe I’m missing something even better…

BUT, Bobby gave me no choice. Those blueberry pancakes were calling my name. After our kickboxing class on Saturday, my sister and I went down to the restaurant to put our names down (there is always a wait!). I was so nervous we were too late, but after being super nice to the guy, he promised me we’d get a table for 6 by brunch closing (4pm). Oh, blueberry pancakes… I couldn’t wait!

Guess what? I didn’t get blueberry pancakes! I got distracted. The menu looked so good. I wanted everything! I tried not to read it, but somehow at the last moment I went with the banana walnut pancakes with warm maple butter. Hey, at least I got pancakes! 😀

banana walnut pancakes

These were definitely the best pancakes I’ve ever had! They were very light and fluffy, despite being plain pancakes (no banana in the dough). If you asked me before this experience whether a plain pancake would be something I’d order, I’d tell you it sounds boring.  But, I made sure to cut a tiny piece of banana with every pancake bite (there were more bananas hidden under each pancakes), top it with a walnut crumb, and definitely dip it in the very decadent warm maple butter syrup. Oh my!

I also tasted Adam’s biscuit egg&cheese sandwich, which was awesome and had a bite of my sister’s po’ boy fish sandwich (also yummy but I’m not a huge fan of fried food so I wouldn’t order that). And there was also some nasty coffee involved…


… but we won’t talk about that 😉

All 6 of us were very satisfied with our meals. Now I have to come back for the blueberry pancakes! :mrgreen:

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