CLC – making healthier choices by default

It’s been 8 days since my last CLC update and I’m happy to report that I’m doing great! Really really great!! This challenge is exactly what the doctor prescribed because I’ve been 100% binge free and 500% happy. I have not felt deprived one bit. Yes there were/are (daily) moments when I crave/want something that’s “not allowed” but I instantly dismiss it and move on to a healthier alternative. In these past 8 days, I’ve also eaten out more than on any consecutive 8 days in recent history (holidays excluded) and the challenge has helped me make healthier choices by default. It’s made dessert not even an option, and unnecessary free bread an easy pass. This naturally saved me hundreds of calories and allowed me to have more dates out with my husband (that we both fully enjoy) without worrying about how it will affect my waistline.  What’s been even more remarkable is how much more aware I’ve become of the reasons I eat and crave certain foods. It (as suspected) most often was driven by emotion: stress, boredom, happiness. Not reaching for things out of habit has made me really think about what I’m doing. I have grabbed an orange, some baby carrots, or an AK MAK cracker on a few occasions to fill the void – sometimes you just need to eat something to calm the nerves. But I stayed away from the usual suspects (read: chocolate + cookies) or even other fattier “allowed” foods like nuts, because I knew the eating was not due to hunger, but rather for the action of eating. In that case, a lower calorie nutritius food was a better choice all the way. So yes, if you’re still reading… I just wanted to give you this little update. Today marks the end of day 9 of the challenge and I’m looking forward to the next 9! 😀

Oh you wanted pictures too? Here is a lot of the food I’ve eaten over these past 8 days. As mentioned there were also a few meals out I’d like to dedicate separate posts to (more restaurant reviews coming up) and a special blogger potluck dinner I hosted, which was a great success and will also become an entry of it’s own. I’ve labeled all the pictures. Let me know if you have any questions/comments about any of them. See you tomorrow with a sweet post :)

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