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The gym is my drug

May 27th, 2009 · 15 Comments · breakfast, chicken, comfort foods, dessert, salmon, sandwich, snacks

I had my drugs today – a.k.a. I went to the gym during lunch 😀 It felt SO good! Seriously the difference in my mood is just day and night when I exercise and when I don’t. I guess it’s good that my drug of choice is good for me 😉 Food was good today too. I kind of overdid it in the food department over the last few days, so actually before lunch it was almost hard to eat. My stomach felt like it was going to explode. I tried to listen and kept it light, knowing that my hunger level will come back to normal with a little more activity. I was right :) Let’s see what I had…


I decided to make another smoothie today, using this little packet of YouShake.

YouShake packet

This was a strawberry/banana breakfast blend, I believe. I blended 1/2 of it with 1/2 c vanilla soy milk, 1/2 c water, some ice cubes, 1/2 banana and a bunch of frozen berries. Yum yum yum.

berry/banana smoothie

[222 calories]


I topped my favorite Food For Life english muffin with a little salmon salad (1/4 can of pink salmon, 1T dijon mustard, 1T light mayo + chopped water chestnuts) and pickles + some baby carrots and grape tomatoes on the side. This was very satisfying. Great little salmon combo and I just can’t get enough of those english muffins. I’m pretty sure I’ve had one a day for the last week… they’re so versatile :)

salmon salad on FFL english muffin + veggies

sammie closeup

[404 calories]


dates stuffed with light laughing cow cheese

1/2 Zoe's chocolate bar

[dates + 1/2 bar + coffee (unpictured) = 190 calories]

strawberry chobs + fresh strawberries

[160 calories]


I was craving oven “fried” chicken so I made just that. This chicken was based on the recipe from The Best Light Recipe (a Cook’s Illustrated cookbook I got for my birthday – thanks, Katy!!! I LOVE it!). I used about 1/2 cup (a little less) of panko crumbs for breadcrumbs mixed with 1T canola oil, dried thyme, garlic powder and cayenne pepper, and the egg wash was made of egg whites and mustard just like the book suggested. 3 very large chicken breasts (you see 1/2 of one here) were baked at 30 minutes. It wasn’t crazy flavorful (although nice and crunchy) so I decided to dip it in some spicy bbq sauce. I felt like a kid eating this. So fun! 😀 The veggies bulked it all up… I dipped them in the bbq sauce too :)

"fried" chicken with bbq sauce and veggies

Baked to perfection!

chicken closeup

And of course I had to have some dessert – TJ’s chocolate covered espresso beans. I don’t love these so I can actually have a reasonable amount and be satisfied. I guess that’s not a bad thing :mrgreen:

choc covered espresso beans

[dinner, incl. dessert = 317 calories]

Lastly, while watching The Office my sweet tooth kicked in again. Ok, I kind of just wanted Barney Butter 😉

chocolate banana bread + Barney Butter shmear

[213 calories]

Total calories for the day: 1536. I’m happy :)


I haven’t worked out since last Thursday when I went for a run from hell (I think I need to post about that soon). I didn’t feel like running still, the bruise on my butt from the fall on Sunday got bigger so that ruled spinning out for today… so I took a Balls to the Wall class instead (crazy bootcamp class), did some jump rope before and after the class, and finished off with 19 minutes on the elliptical. It was a great workout. It felt so good to sweat. I really was smiling the entire time I was at the gym. The gym is seriously my drug! Workout stats:

  • Duration: 1:00
  • Calories burnt: 530 (40% fat)
  • Ave HR: 149 (77%); Max HR: 168 (87%)


  • Did you hear about the new food documentary “Food Inc.” that’s coming out this June? It’s from the same producers as “The inconvenient truth” and I have a feeling we’ll see a lot of inconvenient truth about our food systems here too. I can’t wait to watch the movie when it hits the theaters!
  • Shannon is having an Annie Chun’s products giveaway. I want to try their pad thai sauce :)
  • Shannon also hosts Fashion Fridays every Friday. Check out her blog this week for the outfit I submitted to her 😀
  • Should you have a V8? Check out what e-brands says.

This week is half way over and the weekend is right around the corner. Sweeeet 😀

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  • #1 - Lara (Thinspired)

    I think it’s awesome that the gym is your drug. I am definitely a gym bunny these days, but I’m not sure I’d say that I’m addicted to it. It’s definitely somewhat forced and habituary if I am being honest with myself! But the important part is that we’re there, right?!
    Can’t wait to see your outfits on Shannon’s blog. Glad you had a great Wednesday!

  • #2 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Ok, just watched the preview for Food, Inc. Thanks so much for linking to it! Wow..that looks like a must-see. I saw Michael Pollan in there. It really is scary to think about the things many people are eating. Even for those of us who try to play it safe with “whole” foods…do we still know what we’re getting and where it’s been? Yikes. Cant’ wait to see it.

  • #3 - Melissa S.

    That smoothie looks insanely good!!!

  • #4 - Alison

    Your salmon salad looks really good. A good substitute for tuna. Love your oven fried chicken too. My version is something I can only make rarely b/c it’s loaded with butter. But very tasty.
    I haven’t tried TJ’s choc. espresso beans. I bought their choc. edamame recently. I thought it had an odd aftertaste, but they became very addicting as I ate them.

  • #5 - Juli (Peanut Butter and Juli)

    Let me just say that I looked over your about me and I adore that you allow a pastry a week. SWOON! I may incorporate that to my weightloss program! So fab!

  • #6 - K

    Ooooh LC and dates? That’s another reason I need to pick up some dates!! Congrats on making it to the gym! Gotta love the endorphins :)

  • #7 - sister inna

    hey i can’t wait to take you to my bootcamp class when you’re here!!! you’re gonna looove it… i went last night and i think inhaled about a half pound of sand in the process (bear crawls in the “sandbox”), but it’s soooo worth it yay

  • #8 - Anne K.

    I totally agree with you on the gym thing! I feel SO much better and more like myself when I workout. I’m glad you had such a great workout!

    Your eats look great, and I love that salmon lunch. Yum!

  • #9 - Elina

    Lara, I really think it’s about finding a workout that you really LOVE. I can’t get enough of those bootcamp classes so I actually am excited when I’m able to sneak out of the office to attend them. Running and other workouts I’m also often in the mood for, but not always. Sometimes I do have to get my butt to the gym (or out to the streets) but I always always feel better on a day when I work out. Always. Can’t wait for the Food Inc. movie either!! :)

    Alison, I LOVE the chocolate covered edamame. They are definitely on my grocery list this week. It’s been a while since I’ve had some (the choc covered espresso beans are lasting way more in the cupboard than the edamame ever did). They are truly addictive! 😀

    Juli, I’ve been having a little more than a pastry a week lately… gotta cut back to just one again. That makes weight loss a lot easier.

    Innz, I can’t wait either! So excited!!

  • #10 - Brooke (HomegirlCanEat)

    ENDORPHINS are my drug of choice! It doesn’t matter if it’s a 2 mile run or a 7 mile run.. I just crave those endorphins and they make me such a happier person!

    I love your oven baked chicken idea! So creative my darling!

  • #11 - ttfn300

    i’m with you on the gym :) i’ve just started getting back into workouts after being sick for a week and it feels great to be moving!

  • #12 - Annabel

    Your eats look so yummy! Out of curiosity — have you tried Oikos Greek yogurt? I see you and a lot of other foodies eating Chobani (which I’ve yet to try. is it your fave?). Also, I see you have protein powder from YouBar. Have you tried their Honey Cashew bar? OMG it is to die for!!! Oh! And I want to try your “fried” chicken!

  • #13 - not sister inna

    You picked a good drug :) I love the idea of a LC + dates combo- can’t wait to try it!

  • #14 - Elina

    Annabel, I LOVE oikos. It’s actually my favorite plain (greek) yogurt but I don’t buy it often because it’s so much more expensive than others. I typically buy TJ’s organic european style yogurt (not greek, but I still really love it) or chobani when it’s on sale for $1/container. Oikos is definitely the fluffiest one of the bunch :) As far as the YouBar, I’ve only tried 2 protein powders (received them through a giveaway). I’d love to try the honey cashew bar (I LOVE cashews!) – do you have any extras? 😉

  • #15 - Back to back food journaling

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